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Been playing for some time. Love the game, love the constant swing adaptions, some of the new equipment as I get older and can't bomb it like I was in my 30's. 

Live in California, 4 kids & wife. Work in Education so summers are terrific for playing. 

Worked in golf stores going through college and developed a solid knowledge of golf equipment knowledge, e.g shaft profiles, mechanics, etc. Went through the long drive equipment/component deal, putting everything together, includ. 5 degree heads, XX shafts. haha. Now, I enjoy getting spec'd out via launch monitors, etc. to fit myself. I definitely know what I want in a club, and like to make sure I find the right shafts, lies, soles, etc. Love the data now available to us to make decisions on clubs based on our skills at the given time.

Love talking golf. 

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