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  1. Last 1.5 years, Srixon Z-Star XV. However, I’m finding that theses balls spin to much for me on short irons; especially wedges. I’m currently playing Pro Vs, and will be loading up on Snell MTB Black. I like the Pro Vs, but 1) I’ve hit the Snell so well, 2) they feel really good at impact, 3) they performed as well ad the Z-Star & Pro V, and 4) the value is crazy good. Honestly, if the Pro V was $35/dz I would still be debating which to buy: Pro V or Snell MTB Black. I don’t have any allegiance to a particular ball.

     I think we’ll all have are own nuances and preferences, as far as ball choice goes, so go with what you think, and feel (sensory wise), fits you best. 

  2. Definitely worth it, regardless of your ability. Even a beginner can be set up correctly. 

    As a “player” needs to be fitted to have accurate yardages, etc. we often forget that beginners through 10 handicaps can develop poor swing habits from ill-fitted clubs. The body appropriately reacts to these maladjustments in clubs. Too upright? Pulls, shut-face hits, heel digs. Too flat? Unprovoked fades, pushes, toe hits in the turf, etc. 

    I’ve personally had forged clubs bend over time: bent with incorrect lofts, lies…. No one likes hitting a 7 and 8 iron with an eight yard spread!

    Over time, it’s worth the effort and money to have your clubs spec’d when fitted.

    My two cents

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  3. YES on Pebble #8. No other better test of golf when its breezy or windy. #14 at Spanish Bay, for me, is one that puts a smile on my face. 

    #8 is a test off the tee, and to the green when there's wind in play. The 1st shot seems benign from the tee box, until you get to your ball and then the "cheek squeezing" begins. 🙂 Club selection and being able to flight the ball are critical. 

    I'd love to play any hole at Pine Valley. However, having played all the Pebble Beach courses, aside from Cypress, I feel fairly content. 

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  4. Hope your son gets well soon. Stay safe.


    Miz MP-32’s DGS300
    Miz MP 52, 56
    Wilson FG 62
    Callaway 2H tipped stiff
    Miz F-15 3w 13.5 deg. Exsar stiff
    Cobra F6+, Matriz Ozik Xstiff
    TM SLDR FUJI speeder TS
  5. Okay, I feel compelled to update, as my giddiness from the 921 HMPs is ridiculous (cue inner child giggles).

    As stated earlier, I’ve played “players” clubs for years and wanted/needed to get some distance back. Well, distance is not a worry any longer. These are hot. Yet, I don’t feel like anything is extraordinarily extreme in feel, sound, or ball flight.

    I do feel a slight “trampoline” effect, but it’s negligible and was easy to get used to. Look, center hits on most clubs feel sweet anyhow, so that’s not something I feel is a major issue.

    As said before, I wasn’t looking for forgiveness, but adding some distance and having some decent distance dispersion was important. As said, distance and distance control are a non-issue. Long and I hit my distances.

    What’s been the most impactful effect is the left-right dispersion. These are straight. Really straight. I feel like, somehow, I’m cheating because they are so straight. I’ve routinely laced 4 & 5 irons, straight as anything I’ve ever hit. Dead straight. My rounds, since 9/22 have been the best all year. I credit that to the “yuge” benefits from these sticks.

    As I’m getting older I really don’t care (any longer) what the club category they fall into, as long as I get what I need.

    However, these are so fun to hit and I swear it feels like I’m getting away with a crime bc they are so easy to hit. :) They are a very pretty club.

    Side note, I went to adjust the lies and found out that they were 1deg upright out of the box. Bad form Mizuno. They are easy to bend for fitting, so that was good to hear. FYI- the gap wedge is made of different metal than the Chromoloy. Miz website says X30 steel.

    Also, I do like the looks of the HMP. If all Mizuno had were the HMs I probably wouldn’t have bought them. I like the lack of offset, and smallish head (comparatively). The thicker topline was a turn off, but didn’t sway my decision.

    Overall, I could’ve gone with a combo set (esp for the short irons), but I’m happy with the set as is.

    I look forward to when a thorough review and opinions from MGS comes out.

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  6. Love that deal!! The value is there. Been playing with the Z-Star XVs since March. Enjoy them a lot. Spin well on wedges/approach shots, and is long enough on the driver.

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  7. Just finished my first round with the JPX 921 HMP. Enjoyed getting some distance back, and was able to get a feel for the ball flight on a course. I picked them up last Friday and hit 25 balls at the range. However, I was hitting off mats into a 15 mph headwind, so not much to consider other than feel (with range balls). 

    Today, they felt solid. They flew really straight. Really straight. I picked up a lot of the distance I've lost this year. I was able to hit the ball, for the most part, where I wanted. I typically play 2 deg flat on Mizs, so a pulls were attributed to "toe up" strikes. Oh yeah, before I forget, they fly really straight! Definitely a different tool if you want to bend it both ways. I was expecting high launchers, but that wasn't my experience. I typically play a lower ball, and was able to keep the ball flighted just how I wanted. 

    As for feel, I really liked them. I wasn't expecting super harsh, such as an old set of cast irons, or the buttery MP feel, but I was happy with the feedback to my hands. I can confidently state they felt better than i210s or i500s, which I was considering. 

    My favorite shot was on a par 3. 202 to a back pin, and wanted to play about 196. I grabbed the 4 iron, slightly flighted the ball and hit it exactly where I wanted. I was left about a 20 foot putt, what was more than can be expected on that particular hole. 

    Some background: I turned 52 this summer, I have an artificial disc in my S1-L5, and my left knee has needed knee replacement for several years, but I've been just gutting it out and putting off the inevitable. Well this year was great, as far as the amount of time I was able to play (thanks COVID), but was absolutely the most drastic, and difficult period asy far as physical limitations go. I was comfortably playing specific distances, and throughout the Spring to Summer, lost about 15-20 yards per club. My knees were a wreck and really took a toll on my swing. 

    I've played forged irons for a long time: MP 14s  (10 years)  then MP 32s (12 years), then Wilson FG V6/C300 forged set two years ago. This year has been rough on my distance (loss), so picking up a lot of lost yardage that was lost was fantastic. I get there's a trade off, feel vs distance etc. I don't need the left/right correction aspect of the HMP, but need the distance. As I'm only getting older (yes, it really does suck!), I find this new type of club (distance with smaller profile) is perfect for what I need. 

    One round in the bag - super happy. 

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    • Tim, Roseville, CA. USA
    • Taylormade Spider X copper
    • I’d be interested in the Tyne 3. I moved to the Spider X a few months ago and my long putts are significantly more stable; hence, more “on-line” and better distance control . I’d like to try the Tyne 3 for the same reasons. I putted with it at a local shop and was really impressed with the stability on 15 footers.
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