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  1. 1. Gregg -- Texas 2. Handicap: 6 Driver swing speed: 90-95 3. Cobra Fly-Z is current driver 4. G410 Plus is the driver I'd like to test. Time to look for another driver and test against what I already have in a fitted driver. Currently testing wedge shafts.
  2. Your first name and home state-- Gregg, Texas - Your current handicap -- 6 - Your current golf ball -- Cally ChromeSoft Tru-vis - Are you looking for more ball speed or more of a soft feeling, only choose one. -- Softer feel
  3. Gregg/DeSoto Current wedges: Hopkins 60 deg, Mizuno S-5 56 deg, Cobra Fly-Z gap wedge 52 deg. Short game is my all-around strength. Can get up and down from almost anywhere. The only weakness is getting a flippy on some tense, touchy shots. Current handicap: 5 I could give these a good test because I spend about 85% of my practice/teaching time on short game.
  4. Gregg Texas Hdcp: 5 Currently play Cobra Fly-Z SS 95 Like to test the G400 Thank you for the opportunity. g
  5. Gregg DeSoto, TX resident Hdcp 6 Dream bag in the Cleveland family: TFI 2135 1.0 putter CBX wedges (my strength) 52, 56, 60 deg Launcher HB hybrids 4 & 5 Srixon Z765 irons 6-PW (I've hit them so I know what's up) 3 and 5 fairway woods Launcher driver Q-Star Tour balls (love this ball) If fit correctly, I can only blame the archer.
  6. Gregg, Texas Cobra FlyZ 3-4 hyb adjustable with stock shaft, reg Big Bertha 5 hyb adjustable, play at 25 deg Kuro Kage stiff shaft (aftermarket) The 5 hyb is money at 172 yards, the 3-4 is a little iffy with the regular shaft although I can play decently with it. I customize my own equipment and can change out to test any shaft and maintain the integrity of the sleeve. I need a new money shaft.
  7. Gregg TX Hdcp 8 Cobra FlyZ Looking for a new gamer set. Time to park the game improvement clubs. I've hit them, now I really want to play them.
  8. MacJazz, Texas hdcp: 8 wedges: KZG 52 deg, Titliest Vokey 56 deg, Cleveland RTG 60 deg
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