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    I am an Ice Technician for Curling clubs so I make ice in the winter and golf all summer.
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  1. Agreed, although I have seen lots of FABB questions previously so fingers crossed they have seen or asked if they are confused.
  2. Think there are two sides to it. Hopefully they know it's for the season. But something to be said about paying a premium early for someone you want and can help you rest of season. Like a Mike Davis who will get a lot of touches with Mccafferty out. I don't mind paying 32 for freeman, hopefully he ends up being a starter for NYG, but could be the other guys. I have one solid RB and 4 flyers and just hoping one of them hits in time for playoffs.
  3. Saw a few FABB if 35 plus! One 70 for Mike davis. Nice to see ppl going all in making it tough!
  4. Congrats all and can't wait to see the fetch review! Defintely one of my favorite newer putter head designs.
  5. Some BIG bids! Happy to get Freeman even if it mean missing out on a few others I had put bids in on.
  6. @GB13 On the app its as shows below. On the website it is far right tab. Hope that helps! I will admit it took a little while to get use to the site and at first wasn't the biggest fan, but as I search through it and look around a little more I have learned it does have a ton of information and is pretty darn good, however it uses another site for a lot of its stats and such. Takes a bit, but overall starting to really enjoy it.
  7. Also @PMookie looks like you'll be getting both Golladay and Godwin back this week which will be huge. Now if you can pawn Rodgers off on someone you may be able to scoop up a good RB.
  8. It sucks because your team got hit with injuries before the season even started. It was bound to happen with some teams and no preseason, hopefully a good few waiver wire pick ups and can hope for the best. Even though Barkley is likely out for the year having him on IR opens up a spot and maybe by some luck he comes back for playoffs? I feel for you, truly do and it sucks, but have my fingers crossed some good can still come of your season.
  9. Review to drop Friday! Compiling all the data and getting some good figures for everyone.
  10. Review to drop Friday! Compiling all the data and getting some good figures for everyone.
  11. With all the injuries this week and last I am sure there are some teams that are going to be pretty devastated. That being said there are a ton of good options on the waiver wire. Could be a good FABB tip is spend more this week then normal, good to get someone who will play another 10+ weeks then saving big for one person 6 weeks from now who will only get you a few weeks. Other point is don't hesitate to make trade offers, worst someone can say is no. Obviously try to make offers fair, but especially if you've had a down first two weeks take a few of those big assets and turn them into a few solid performers for you.
  12. It's Rodgers... I love brees but with Thomas injured and the saints having kamara and murray being great on the ground I would be starting Rodgers all day. Sadly I think Brees is getting a bit long in the tooth and that will show a bit more this season then previous. Of course now that I've said it he'll go off anytime I'm matched up against him.
  13. Sounds like he's still active for this weekend.
  14. Witt 2 Games a week it's not bad and waiver wire is often where it's all won and lost. So many good options there, but what to do when you like your team. Few big injuries that are going to have a big effect on the season (mack, thomas and more)
  15. Well solid first week. Think it will end up with 2 wins to start and looks like at least 1 or 2 of my 4 rookie rbs will hit big in the coming weeks. Outside of that love how the team is shaping up and should be a contender each week. Although may put hurst on block for those who need a TE with potential. Not having @blackngold_blood in my division is going to make trading a bit more difficult!
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