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  1. As much as I love getting W it seems hollow when there isn't a full roster. Always good to have close matches each week.
  2. @TSauer I've seen injuries before but nothing like this! Yes I know the final roster hasn't been set but still! That's a lot of red flags.
  3. I've been fortunate enough to test irons and a putter. I can't say I know of anyone directly who purchased the i210s but I also believe those wouldn't necessarily for everyone. For a brief time working at a golf shop I did sell a few sets based off the fact I owned them and loved them. Putter was a different story, I know I half a dozen ppl who have bought strokelabs after trying or looking at the one which I tested for MGS.
  4. I like your thinking. I will add though in the two years I've been part of fantasy here this is the first set of I'll just call it messy messages I've seen. It seems to police itself fairly well for the most part. Differing opinions are bound to happen, but in the end we are all doing this for the enjoyment of it (especially is circus guys) and with a hope of a golden ticket!
  5. I have (what I consider) to be some depth at WR. Anyone looking for some depth for a topish receiver let me know. Send over some offers and at worst we can counter and see what we can find.
  6. Took the first loss in regular. Well done @Undershooter and in a weak week had to hope for one win. However first win in Circus!!
  7. Bit of a odd week so far. Definitely left a good few points on the bench, but hoping Connors doesn't go off for tonight and should be okay... I hope. As for the circus league I hope we get a bunch of guys for this. It's so difficult it's fun. Hard having a guy suck so much he pulls a hammy in practice and goes inactive. Thought he'd be a stud...in a bad way. Onto Monday night!
  8. Good luck to all! Putter testing is definitely not the easiest. Looking forward to seeing how everyone does.
  9. Circus league is killing me. Feel so close breaking through. It also may be the most fun I've had picking bad players
  10. Not sure many will be interested and currently love my team, but if there are any smaller swaps ppl are interested in Sanu and more role players are up for grabs.
  11. I saw this come through my email and had hard time believing it! Wow what a flip.
  12. I thought we were still redrafting and didn't know we had started! Also figure it will be a bit of a crap shoot... But thought I had fielded a really good/bad team. Also honestly thought lower points would have won. But good to see I'm on the right track haha
  13. Oh we are all bound to make some good blunders throughout the season. Pretty sure I started out 2-0 last year and quickly feell to 2-8 before starting to claw my way back to 500
  14. AB is giving me grey hair and really a lot not stressing then it would be.
  15. Sorry for my ignorance in this and I did look through most the thread as well as the league rules. With the bidding does it reset each week? Or is that it for the season? Is there a brief refresher I can get? Not that my team needs changing yet... I'm sure im due for some solid injuries haha
  16. I mentioned it before but I would love to attempt at trying my sigma tyne putter head with the shaft. As for stability I think it's different then the stroke lab and has a different target as to what it is trying to achieve.
  17. Happy to get back on a course? I asked this in our PM but to anyone out there what is the one main thing you would change regarding the stroke lab?
  18. Can we confirm draft order in the room now is the one that stands? If so trades welcome!
  19. I'll set my preferences for the draft. I'm in aus/NZ for the next month. If timing works that I can join great! If not I'll be sure to set it to auto to help speed things along.... Plus I didn't draft overly well last year haha
  20. It will definitely be joining me! Currently debating the section of the set.
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