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  1. 2 hours ago, russtopherb said:

    2-0 start baby!! Let's see if I can keep this train rolling.

    Based on my history of terrible managerial decisions, it'll probably be derailed by week 3. 

    Oh we are all bound to make some good blunders throughout the season. Pretty sure I started out 2-0 last year and quickly feell to 2-8 before starting to claw my way back to 500

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  2. 14 hours ago, blackngold_blood said:

    @Apolloshowl I sent you a couple different trades. Let me know if anything sparks an interest.



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    Sorry been flat out! Will take a look at something this evening. Between 4 club challenge and stroke lab testing/stage 2 and life not much time!

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  3. Despite my best efforts to top my first round of the 4 club challenge no luck!

    Played 36 today and both 80. Can't help but feel there was a lot left out there.



    Lost Creek Golf Club


    Gross 79

    2 iron, 6 iron, 9 iron, 54.

    Probably the most fun golfing I've had in a while and some stupid mental mistakes cost some brilliant rounds. But that's golf!

    Thanks again John it was a blast and thanks to mgs as well.


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  4. A few days delayed, but here is a round update. 

    Long and short of it was things have been turning around and I have noticed a significant different is putting with the stroke lab when on slower greens compared to faster greens.

    Here are a few screen shots from the last two rounds. Screenshot_20190713-173744.thumb.png.c28a8e23185d08cf004574d30e5c2946.pngScreenshot_20190713-173551.thumb.png.e849c9a23649958b11ac3b690f4d11e3.png

    Both rounds were okay, not amazing and my tee shots leave a lot to be desired which I would mark as the main cause for scoring woes. That's 3 more new courses for the season which brings me to 13 rounds at 12 different courses! 

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