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  1. Even with the change that was made the Mavrik was clearly a standout driver throughout the whole bracket. It produced some crazy good numbers early and often. The Cobra was more consistent in that it was always at the 320ish mark. The Mavrik had higher numbers and was just better... I was rooting for the Cobra but alas it didn't pan out and managed to take out the g410 so over a TON of fun to watch and glad to see how it all panned out in this golfless time.

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  2. My condolences and sorry for you loss

    The way you describe her, she sounded like such an amazing person. It's never easy loosing a loved one, regardless of age or sickness. 

    thank you for sharing her story and trusting the MGS community by posting here. 

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  3. So much of this bag I like. Nice setup for sure!

    I have a 2 iron crossover as well and love it. I actually used it as part of the 4 club challenge and had some amazing rounds just using it off the tee. 

    How do you like the shape of the putter? Definitely agree with it being soft. Just a great feel overall!

  4. All our courses are going to open but not have any locker room access or restaurants. 

    Many are doing online booking and pay only so the pro shop only has to check in groups. 

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  5. Is golf one of the few sports that could actually do well during all of this? I realize this is not something to take lightly at all and it is very serious to take all the proper precautions the make sure everyone is safe and to not potentially pass this along to anyone. 

    However being outside and not having to be in close contact with ppl golf could do well (at least in those areas that can still golf... Get snow)

    May help ppl leave the pin in!? Hehe

    In Halifax things are just coming to a head in that things are only now shutting down or closing and asking ppl to take all the appropriate precautions. It's taken a little longer, but now we are starting to see some of those effects where as before it was all a little distant from us. 

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  6. I still use the Cobra F7 and it was very comparable to the f9. SIM will be top of my list along with speedzone to try. Still believe Cobra did something magical with the f7 that makes it a world beater.

    Making a point to get out a try and maybe fit into new 3 wood and driver this year.  

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  7. One not mentioned yet but is a great ball to start with us the project (a) by tm. Was well priced and I often find last year's model at a very discounted price. 

    Have to second the magna as well. Not one I would love to use but has some secondary benefits. Think it may even have triple track on it.

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  8. 50 minutes ago, Lacassem said:

    That’s interesting I like the thought process on travel clubs. What’s your favorite course you’ve played in your travels?

    Lots but arrowtown in New Zealand may be number 1. Waimari is another great course in NZ. Can't forget Templeton in Christchurch and finally the rise in Vernon BC. So many great courses and so many more to explore. Scotland trip is up next. 

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  9. I think a lot depends on the individual. 

    For me I am looking at this year's line up and might grab one after a fit. I didn't love the lineup from last season for a few reasons. They worked well enough but nothing out did what I already had so now we will go back to then drawing board and see if anything can beat my current driver (g400). So far I have an idea of what I want to like however would be open to whatever works best.

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