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  1. For the interest of all if you want to keep going and picking then go for it! In the end this is for some fun and again likely some smaller MGS kit tbd. I know it is a audible from the original plan, but given the way the system is seemingly working it cuts out that entry for that week. 

    Sorry for the confusion, it is a new (free) site that we are trying out as I don't have the budget to run on office pools ($20 per pool). I trust that for anyone who wants to continue on and enter even if you're selections missed the cut you can. It does NOT effect your use of a playing. Meaning if you pick Ancer and he missed the cut he is still not able to be used for a future event. 

    I'll try and contact their support and see if we can get any assistance for more future pools.  Also given half of us didn't make it through week 1 I think we all deserve another chance at it.

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  2. 1 hour ago, HAC said:

    Right now, I play a 5 wood and two hybrids.  I really like my 25 degree hybrid but am inconsistent with my 21 degree hybrid.  I am thinking of demoing a 7 wood this year to replace the 21 degree hybrid.  Has anyone done this and do they go about the same distance?

    Note, my biggest issue in this is not too many companies make 7 woods in left-handed clubs.  So, we will see if this works out.  I usually end up with some shop credit over the course of the year as a result of senior events at my club, so the cost likely won't be too much if I do this later in the year.  Last year, I think I got about $200 or so for the cost of $35 joining the senior group - we have over 80 members of the senior group, but in a given week, generally only about 30 members play.  So, the guys who play these events regularly tend to come out ahead (the events are based on net scores and mostly as part of a team).

    I have a Cobra F7 7 wood. For me it sits quite closed and feel like it will go right on me (I'm a lefty) however it has been a good club for me when I have put it in play. Was easy to hit, rails were good for less then perfect lies and enough adjustability to dial it in with loft sleeve and weight ports front and back. 

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  3. 12 minutes ago, cnosil said:

    Great work!   now you need to maintain the weekly values for players so we can monitor their trends throughout the season so we can see if the player is trending up or down and can it also incorporate some AI so it can tell me which players to start and the optimum time to trade so I can get the most value 🤪

    Don't temp him! 

    He took my makeshift cheat sheet that was well about a 3/10 and made it into what it is today with auto updating and more. Guy is a absolute whizz at it!

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  4. 27 minutes ago, Bucky CC said:

    Hatton had the best comment to Morikawa when he was getting frustrated: "Throw it.  It doesn't make you a bad person."

    I mean he isn't wrong... Would kinda love to see Morikawa go full Hatton/Rahm or Sergio but just can't quite picture it. 

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  5. 8 hours ago, Middler said:

    So it will be worth my while, in distance and/or accuracy, to replace my 2018 Rogue driver next year. Good to know…

    Just joking, I hate my Rogue driver so I’d be happy to replace it next year, maybe with the Fall Titleist driver update.

    When they went from Epic to Rogue it was certainly a disapointment (for me) one I loved the next... well I didn't. Hoping this Rogue version is what I was hoping the last one was going to be. Or it could have been the bay I was hitting it in which was way too loud and didn't see the numbers I was hoping for... however off topic here. 

    This happens time and time again in threads and isn't necessarily a bad thing, however lets try and get back to the topic at hand. We all know OEM's will do what they can to best hype their marketing, we all know that it is everyones own personal experience or mind to make whether to not only believe a products hype, but also to validate it for themselves and make that decision on whether or not make the commitment to purchase whatever said product. Essentially, and related only to golf, it is on us to do our homework and make informed decisions. 

    Frankly we are fortunate in golf we have a place like MGS and others where we can go into the weeds about products and experiences well in advance of making a purchase to do so. 

    When Tony and I first started talking about this in our mod slack we were talking about if it could be a good time to marketing or hype for products to shift focus on other aspects other distance. We felt it would be a good topic for the forum and create some conversation which is certainly has. There are so many different view points which is great, again another reason why this forum is so great. 

    Something we wanted to ask all of you and hear your thoughts regarding this topic and specifics which were asked in the original post. Will we see that shift that leans more towards forgiveness vs distance? Yes, forgiveness is talked about but typically distance is king (and yes we all know why it sells and so many are still looking for more or wanting more)... I posted a "blown away" cobra ad in another thread and nobody can tell me that was about forgiveness... altho it was Bryson so yeah it fits haha

    So given all this that has been said do we think that as a whole we would be able to change the way companies market their drivers (I don't want to get into irons because we all know the road that leads to). Or are we too far down the road? Are their too many OTR purchases that the educated golfer simply doesn't pull enough weight to make that difference or between all the different cool new techs that have come out over the last number of years will we start to see some of these gains more consistently?

    I think I've gone on long enough and I've tried to keep up with the thread as much as I could, but between work, covid, baby coming in the next week or so, mod projects and wife being very sick... oh and the 3 dogs of course. I haven't been able to really follow it as closely as I like. Hopefully as move forward to can steer back to the original topic and if we get more branches we can look at creating other new threads specific to those tangents. 

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  6. 1 minute ago, GolfSpy MPR said:

    Hadn't seen this one yet. Kinda feel like Cobra missed an opportunity here to go with the tagline: "This driver doesn't suck."

    you mean it is the opposite of a vacuum cleaner? even though it will clean up your scores?

  7. 27 minutes ago, MGoBlue100 said:

    Rec'd a Callaway email this morning and thought, "Okay, I'll bite and waste a few minutes..."  $550 MSRP and it doesn't include the wrench?!?  You know what you can do with that, Callaway.


    So this is coming from living in either a Canadian or Swiss Market and at least to me that doesn't seem that bad? For example Canadian market that same driver is $699 which with conversion is about $557 USD... then we get to Swiss. Same driver is 649 CHF which hold onto your hats, socks shoes and everything else is 712 USD... So it looks like you're getting the best possible price!

  8. 6 minutes ago, xOldBenKenobiX said:

    Now that the draft is completed, I published out the MGS trade sheet, the link is right bellow.

    MGS Golf Fantasy trade chart 2022 V1.1

    For those who participated last year, it is basically the same sheet, just expended to accommodate the 10 player rosters.

    As for the trading values, each of top 300 players per category or on the FedEx cup case, the ones who have points, will receive a value starting with 300 and going down to 1.

    Each category has a weight.

    Weights are as listed:

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FedEx - 0.5 point value
    Fantrax YTD - 0.25 point value
    Fantrax PPE - 0.20 Point value
    OWGR - 1.1 Point value


    A quick glance over each individual tab.

    The first tab is the Trade/Add/Drop comparison:


    On this tab, you can compare up to 10 incoming and outgoing players at the same time.

    You should be able to type the full name, or start typing the name and get it auto filled, or finally just use the drop down as the current 3300 names listed on Fantrax are on that list

    The Second tab, is the My Team Rankings


    This is where you can see the ranking of your players for each tracked categories.

    You should be able to type the full name, or start typing the name and get it auto filled, or finally just use the drop down as the current 3300 names listed on Fantrax are on that list

    FedEx Cup Ranking.

    OWGR ranking.

    Fantrax ranking, Year to Date.

    Fantrax ranking, Points per event.

    Number of tournaments played on the current tracked year, 2022, January 1st.

    And lastly, for information whether or not the player is listed to play the upcoming PGA event.

    The next tab is the Trade/Add/Drop  comparison tab for multiple teams.


    As the name suggest, this tab is intended for you to be able to view and compare up to 4 players each, in 4 different teams.

    You should be able to type the full name, or start typing the name and get it auto filled, or finally just use the drop down as the current 3300 names listed on Fantrax are on that list

    The next tab is the Trade points, it is a accumulation of each players value and sorted by highest to lowest.


    The next few tabs are the listed points for each category, it is a raw extract from each source.

    Please advise of questions or any issues you guys might encounter with the sheet.

    I intend on updating this sheet every Monday or Tuesday, depending on when the data is updated from each individual source.

    Happy trading folks.



    Elson thanks! Looks great and appreciate you doing this again this season. 

    For all those who are wondering this is to help everyone value their players in a general sense. It is not a be all end all, but gives a good idea as to where some players stack up against others. 

    Also the weighings of the categories will change as the season progresses a little. The further we go along the more important Total Points and FedEx points will be, however for now OWGR is weighted more as they will get into more events due to this ranking. 

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  9. Just now, cnosil said:

    With this having standings, I still wonder if it is a true survivor pool.  

    The way I read the rules is the way I explained them... I'm hoping I'm correct with it all. HOWEVER if I am wrong then so be it. It's been a long week as is. 
    On looking at the rules it does say the entry is removed... guess I have some more digging to do. Eitherway should be a fun side competition. 

  10. I did a little more digging since by the time the draft finished it was nearly 4:00am and I needed to be up at 5:00am for work and did notice a few things. I dare say all the teams this year look a bit better or at least on paper more level then last year. It doesn't seem like the Auto draft did all that bad this year for teams. Also cool feature if you look at draft results you can see if picks were auto or made by the manager, plus if they were selected from their queue or stats page. 

    Steal of the draft may be Patrick Reed or Matt Wolff in the 3rd rounds. Great pickups by those teams who were able to snag them that late. 

    Also the varying strategies were cool to see. Teams that traded back seemed to still put together very solid rosters and teams that traded up typically gave up a fair amount of that depth. 

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  11. We have about 50 entries! Not too bad for a day and a bit. 
    @Crossroads Golf I noticed you had 2 entries, but also that you only made picks in for one of them so thank you for doing that! I tried to find a way to delete the other one, but will leave it. 

    Good luck to all those who entered in. Will be curious to see who all picked who and hope to see everyone make it to week 2!

  12. 2022 MGS Fantasy Golf Draft Recap- Jan 20, 2022 (cet 2:00am)

    Hello all and welcome once again to another season of fantasy golf. This years draft we had 68 teams, 8 rounds and a total of 544 picks. This was a really fun draft with lots of back and forth in the chat and a quick 1:41 total time. So props to everyone who was able to attend, thanks for everyone who didn't who setup their autodraft and hope it did your picks justice. 

    The draft was of course setup by a flurry of trades in the previous 2 weeks. A total of 36 trades were made before the draft even took place certainly setting a record for this league. I will certainly admit to taking part in a good portion of those. 

    These trades left a lot of teams with a variety of picks, strategies and options for how they would construct their rosters. Teams like @palvord opted to trade back and gather a flurry of mid round picks while our trade master and reigning champ @blackngold_blood moved all 8 of his picks into 4 picks in the first 62 overall. Constructing a big 4 that will be hard to compete with, but 6 more spots to fill through the waiver process. 

    The majority of the league had 8 picks, but again with all the trading that happen we had several who were on either side of that number either having to look to fill up extra roster spots via waivers or bypass it all together and just watch the initial chaos happen as teams scramble to fill their rosters. With so much cash available it will be interesting to see who spends where and how much... however that is a different topic all together. 

    To nobodies surprise Rahm was first off the board with a pick owned by @HeathS16. This wasn't any surprise as he was the consensus #1 pick for this season given his dominance and consistency last year. In fact before we could blink 4 copies of him were gone in the first 4 picks with 1 remaining until recent winner and certainly top worthy pick Hideki & Bryson came off at picks 5/6 leaving the final Rahm copy to fall to @STUDque as Christmas came early for him.... or really late? haha

    Morikawa who was likely the #2 overall ranked player came off the board shortly after and was unavailable by pick 17 with only one autodraft really throwing a wrench into things selecting Gooch. However this happens every year and for vets of this league is expected and in some cases counted on!

    Other highlight players of round 1 included JT, Bryson, Cantlay, Xander and Hovland were all full taken in round 1. Several other good names were grabbed including Scheffler, Rory, DJ, Niemann, Im and many more had a single copy or more snagged as teams selected their main guys for the season. 

    Round 2 was a lot more of the same with really good contributors for the season being taken. Finau, Smith, Spieth,  Berger, Brooks, Burns and Zalatoris all were popular picks. Nearing the end of the round we started to see some strong names from previous years and teams including Canadian Corey Conners, Harris English, P Reed, Abe Ancer, Webb Simpson and some surprises/auto draft picks Mav McNealy, Seamus Power, and Rickie Fowler. All in all a really strong round as it has been year over year. 

    Rounds 3 & 4 year after year look pretty similar. Some dark horse players, some bigger names which may carry more value then their play and just some darn good picks. Wolff, Reed, Oosthuizen, Kokrak, Harman, Leishman and some english players were standouts to me. Lots of international picks in these rounds as well. 

    Rounds 5 & 6 were last years final 2 rounds. Some blasts from the past show up with Sergio, Stew Cink and Adam Scott making their debuts on the draft board. While some of last years underperformers were also taken. These guys being Fleetwood, Hatton and Jayson Day. These are fun rounds because the picks are valuable, but seems like more risks are taken and there is certainly some nostalgia to some of the names taken. 

    Rounds 7 & 8 were non existent last year as we only carries 8 players and drafted 6. This year with a format switch of start/sit and roster sizes to 10 get some bonus draft action. 
    The variation of names in these rounds are all over the board. Most all the players taken in the previous 6 rounds will have all 5 copies taken, however here we will see some one offs and waiver type players who will likely be added and dropped over the course of the season. However Phil Mickelson does headline the big names along with Bubba and Gary Woodland. All players with a lot of success, but how can they do this season? Either way worth the pick this late in the draft. 

    Mr. Irrelevant for our draft who is also owned by our team picking #1 overall is Taylor Moore. 

    I have not gone through any of the teams in depth to see how they panned out, but can say I am extremely happy with how my draft turned out. I got all my target players and then some. 

    With a brief look at the waiver wire only Henrik Norlander is a 4 copy owned player with the rest being 3 or less. Thankfully lots of flexibility there for filling teams. 

    Thanks all who were able to participate in the draft. Good luck with all your waiver bids and be sure to make sure your line ups are set for next week when we kick off at the Farmers!

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  13. This release has me more excited then most of theirs in the last few years. 

    Whether it's the color, options or just refinement of so many different technologies they have had over previous years i think this could be a great all rounder. Also they are normally cheaper.

    I like the throw back to the fly z weights in a sense and some good shaft options to. 

    Also if we are being truthful no company is going to be bring out a driver this season that has a better story or visible tech then TM so maybe this will fly under the radar?

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  14. 4 minutes ago, sirchunksalot said:

    Looking forward to the draft tonight, I'll be able to hang around for at least my first pick, after that it'll probably be auto draft. I put players in my queue, so hopefully it won't cause the draft to lag too bad. Bedtime comes early for me. 

    My alarm is set for 5 minutes before the draft. Should be fine waking up, get s coffee and get started. Finish the draft head into work and come home sleep all afternoon till work again... Thank goodness for 30 second timer! 

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  15. 1 hour ago, HeathS16 said:

    As a Cowboy fan I honestly hate that I love them. But what can you do? They are my hometown team! 

    That is part of the best worst part of sports and the teams we cheer for. From a young age I was a Falcons fan and haven't backed off that through all the highs and lows. Of all the swings this is darn close to the lowest. Refusing to rebuild and stuck in a weird spot with several players (I was in Kazakhstan during the super bowl and missed that pain). 

    For Dallas it has got to be hard, but why play Zeke? Or why play him that much? Getting more out the ground game would certainly have helped the passing game maybe? Finally will Zeke find the way of Gurley... altho he is a much better pass blocker then Gurley is/was.

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