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  1. Send me a PM @GolfSpy_APH and I'll get it taken care of for you.
  2. May want to head over to the Football Thread and enter there! Got me all excited for the golf thread and maybe there be something happening now that the trade deadline is over!
  3. Was there any doubt that I would be signing up!? Cant wait to get this on the go again and thanks for getting this set up once again for everyone!
  4. My answer is pretty simple. I am all for it provided they are well behaved. When I worked at the course Apollo would always come with me and joined me several times for rounds. When I worked long days in the proshop he would just hang out with me and chill behind the desk and say hi to the odd person, but the majority didn't know he was even there. Again I have no issues with it provided they and their owners are responsible, don't let the dogs on the greens and make sure they do their jobs either in the woods as well as pick up after them. We have 3 dogs and Apollo is the only one I would ever bring as the others would just not be well suited to it, but Apollo I'll bring him as much as I'm allowed to!
  5. Seeing as we are half way through our testing season or there abouts I think it would be great to hear from some of the testers so far this season within this thread! Also from some new members to the site, what are the reviews that stick out to you the most and is it testing that brought you here?
  6. Trade Deadline Update: Fairly quiet, but a exciting week of trades leading up to it! One of the best parts about our season has passed and now we are onto FABB being king from here on out. Granted most of the most usable players are rostered we still have a interesting situation with Wyndham coming up. The field looks to be pretty decent with a few early commitments, but this is where we may see some teams have to ditch a slightly bigger name in a effort to reach playoffs and roster a full team. @blackngold_blood, @Camcmart and I managed a last minute deal at the very bitter end which marks the first time I've traded with BNG all season! Even I was surprised, but got my guy in Hovland back and as much as I love JT having drafted Hovland was happy to not miss him a week on my squad. I had one other deal waiting for me, but by the time I work up the deadline had passed and I wasn't able to even see it. I'm guessing it included Hovland, but I may never know! With that rosters outside of a few add/drops will be basically set and we get to see how the next weeks play out. I may do a quick recap of teams and FABB remaining if I get a chance, but for those who are curious all you need to do is go to Team Info in Fantrax.
  7. All of them are in SJI... BNG has to also accept it on his end. It's why I posted the link above because it has a unofficial field as to who will likely be going to SJI.
  8. Not Koepka or Scottie but offer sent in 3 team deal.
  9. I just did the other day! Haven't even looked at making any offers... still having to get use to who is on my team and who to cheer for! For those wondering about the field this upcoming event a little ahead of time: https://www.pgatour.com/fantasy/major-qualifiers.html
  10. Jones again was a little different of a drop because he was to fill out a spot for last week. Solid player and good pickup for sure though! Who is going to make a final trade with the clock ticking and only hours left?
  11. Leishman was picked up June 1st nearly two months ago (by me) when he was mid 40's in fedex... Fitzpatrick hasn't played a ton and was dropped for someone to field a full roster. However I do get your point... I still stand by that Harman shouldn't have been dropped, but again had he been replaced by another player then there would have been someway to actually justify the move. Dropped 3/4 of a team then not adding anyone is making it pretty blatant unless there were other players who were dropped and waiting on waivers? I'll leave that as a very slight possibility but severely unlikely since Harman would be one of the only players dropped to being potentially playing in WGC Thats certainly fair. I don't disagree with that at all. This hopefully won't happen again and sucks that it did happen in the first place. Message a Commish and I'm sure they can likely look at a fix to help or understand the situation. Again I hope we don't see any more dropped teams and therefore no more of these unfortunate situations.
  12. Without getting too much into this I would have thought most of us would have realized that Harman getting released would have been reversed. It is the whole reason I did not put a bid in on it (for reference if I did think it was real I would have dumped all 38 of mine on it). As I stated above I think the other guys were fair game... Maybe if it had happened in a way that wasn't so obvious of giving up and just not going to field a roster for the rest of the season then yeah sure or even replace a single one of the dropped guys then fair game, but how this happened at least in my view was not in a proper manner and made it a easy decision for the commissioners to reverse and potentially lock his roster for the season.
  13. Good questions and here is how I see it. In that specific case I think Harman was the only non cutable player. He is Fedex 34(?), OWGR 42 and expected to be playing in WGC, maybe Wyndham and at least 2 weeks of playoffs. As well is owned by basically everyone. The rest I could have seen being cut, what made it more egregious was nobody was picked up at all to replace them. Players who regularly play + good fedex standing + solid OWGR (meaning they get exceptions into events) should not just be dropped, especially when teams would be more then willing to trade fair value for them this close to the deadline. I mean considering guys are still holding onto Zalatoris and he only has 1 or 2 weeks left then is done should say something about it as well.
  14. Okay @STUDque @Bucky CC@Berg Ryman@Undershooter if you guys can do the unnecessary job of keeping a eye on waivers and making sure what should be non droppable players aren't dropped I think the league would appreciate it. Noticed/PM was sent to me that Harman was dropped (? no idea why) along with several other players from a roster. As a side note now that we are on the last day of trades and so on please lets try and keep the league fun and competitive. Never fun when teams either give up or stop trying and then unbalance the league. Yes we have had a few MIA teams this year (usually those teams are noted and not invited back as a fyi), but in a league size of 64 it is kinda to be expected and that is what it is. However bad moves at this point in the season upset how many of us have been planning our season and managing our teams and this could be done without.
  15. I honestly had no intention on making any real moves leading into the trade deadline, but one thing leads to another and all of the sudden I've trade half my roster! Hopefully it works out for playoffs and weeks to come, but if not was fun to make a dash at the 10th hour (tomorrow being the 11th) to hopefully set myself up for a repeat at the championship!
  16. There are so many options. Mine would be NZ... lots of courses of all varieties and very friendly people as well as easy to get on most courses. I've travelled most the islands and seen so much of it as well as played a lot of different courses. Not sure what travel restrictions are like, but could be worth a look.
  17. For any of those that missed it or haven't seen it. MGS main site posted their most wanted findings for hitting nets here: https://mygolfspy.com/best-golf-hitting-net-2021/ As always well done and a good read! Check it out and how many of you have your own net? If so what one do you own and care to share a photo or two?
  18. This is correct, because there is no official field Fantrax cannot put any checkmarks as to who is playing. To that end the field won't be officially announced until AFTER our trade deadline has passed so it will make for some tricky trades. Most of the top names will be there and only a few have officially backed out, however that can still change.
  19. Of course! We have 2 events left in our Regular Season. WGC St. Jude Classic then Wyndham. After that the dreaded cut happens and top 35 make it through to playoffs. Playoffs quickly Week 1 bottom 15 get cut again. Top 20 onto week 2 and after another 10 get cut. Week 3 is final week of playoffs and team that finishes on top wins it all! For playoffs points carryover each week. Example week 1 score 150, week 2 score 200 then your score going into week 3 (if you are top 10) is 350. Keep in mind this is mostly done manually as fantrax's system does not have a system for it. I'll try and keep that updated as we go each week. See bonus points up top. Apologies as I am going off of Fantrax's system and you should double check, but Trade Deadline is July 29th at 12:59 ADT. Or July 28th 11:59 Eastern. Rest of the time zones I will let all of you figure out. This week with the Olympics and no big even we do not have any matchups, so just trades, adds drops and the like. That is basically all of it. Cut line is at 35 and other then that make the best of your weeks remaining and lets also make sure all trades are reasonable. I don't believe anyone would just give up and give away players or the commissioners would let that happen, but in the remaining time as much as this is for fun we are competitive so lets make sure proper deals happen.
  20. In a last curiosity search before playoffs I am putting everyone EXCEPT Spieth and Brooks on the trade block. I have put in my trade block the guys I would be after heading into the final 36 hours or so before playoffs. Send a offer and I will normally counter or put something in the notes of the decline as to what my thinking is or if there is something else you would consider.
  21. Yes signup is closed. It was on Thursday depending on your timezone.
  22. Week 25: 3M Open Another week is over and our standings at the top and bottom have tightened up making for a exciting finish over the next couple weeks. Congrats to Cam Champ as he got his 3rd PGA tour win of his career and seemingly finally broke though this year. I'll admit I did not watch a minute of it and can't weigh in on how the event really went. Congrats also to @Golfermarcus for being the highest scoring team this week. His team managed a big 220.3 points in a week for a weaker field. His team was 1 of 3 team crack 200 this week and this kinda showed with our league median being at 114.38 which as we now know is a below average. Our 10-0 teams have certainly made things interesting as we will see in a second, however here they are a well done this week! @blackngold_blood is now comfortable with a 10 game lead with 2 weeks to play. Then things get really interesting. Luck hit me pretty hard and I have fallen back and join several stellar teams in a short range making the battle in the last 2 weeks extremely exciting! **Fantrax has updated and it was showing slightly different standings a hour ago and not sure which are correct** The great battle for bonus points has certainly warmed up and will be fun to see how it plays out. 20 wins are up for grabs so lots of movement possible and 2 very different events that will have solid fields as well! With all that said it isn't just the top that has tightening up, our cut line battle also has 15 teams within 10 games... Spots 31-45 are all within 10 games and will be really fun to watch. Now we come to the last 3 days before the trade deadline and your teams will be somewhat locked minus waiver moves. Trades are seemingly harder to come by now and teams are more content with their rosters. That is now a wrap for this week. Thanks all for following along and contributing to this fantastic league as we wind down. No matchups this week so take the time to see if you like your roster and we will see what happens at the trade deadline! Cheers
  23. I just left my old iphone in the golf bag, but noticed later the battery life was awful. I think my old pixel may take the job as golf bag phone as the battery life has always been good on it. The Huawei is due to be replaced soon as battery life is nearly less then a day now.
  24. I have used both Huawei p30 pro and Pixel 3 and both have worked pretty well. I did have a old iphone which worked great, but phone broke so used these Android and can't complain with how they performed, but they are a little on the big side which is my main complaint.
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