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  1. This should be linked to each forum testing opportunity.... Yet it would have to be read in the first place, which is the tough part. Good bump though!
  2. Beautiful! Love to see srixon clubs making the bag... Great product and hoping they help you go nice and low!
  3. Hopefully by them seeing more of the great content and sticking around past the testing stages will bring them in. Could even be worth bumping some of the previous years tests/reviews on g400 among others since a lot use the recent content to view the forums.
  4. Also really easy to tell testing season is upon us. Nearly 1000 ppl on the forum right now... Definitely up from the previous few months
  5. Going off topic a bit, but something that has been eluded to previously on MGS. For me even though Callaway techncially won, I think even more the MGS MW Testing showed is what a great year it is for drivers... Not to say other years were not, but it seems like we have so many incredible options this season for those looking for a upgrade. All the drivers are so close in performance and most all look pretty darn nice it is hard to pick a bad one in the bunch. When I look at the data it's easy to pick out 4 or more that I'm really eager to go and test. Regardless of who got top spot there are so many options out there for everyone we are bound to find a awesome product for each individual... Which could (and I think will) make the trugolf fit even better when we also get shaft options and so on. Anyway great year for drivers and good to see a great variety of stunning drivers on the market at all price ranges!
  6. I'd go with Hope Island... There is a stretch at one of the courses where they build up a area on the lake with a path leading into some island holes. First tee shot is onto the island and then you play them out before leaving up to a par 5. Not a hard set of holes by any means, but coming off with a par throughout that stretch or better is really important as the next 2 holes are really difficult.
  7. Even though this has been bumped a couple times recently, with more and more testing opportunities coming out it may be worth trying to keep this up high in the recent content... Good little read and great for those who are just joining and want an opportunity to get a chance to test.
  8. Good luck US spies! This will definitely be one that is watched closely!
  9. Congrats and good luck all! Looking forward to seeing your reviews
  10. Congrats guys! Looking forward to your reviews and seeing how you get along with these guys!
  11. Wow... That is terrible and yes I'd vote to let that count
  12. Good luck with it all and looking forward to following along with the progress of the set!
  13. Congrats on 1k and the good content along the way. Completely agree with all that you said... Hard to find a better community then the one here at MGS
  14. Thanks I'll definitely check them out!
  15. I've been binging on no laying up podcasts. Cannot say enough good things about them, funny and I love the talk about the architecture of courses. I got hooked on their YouTube channel starting with streamsong and have moved into their podcasts. Very enjoyable and just very entertaining!
  16. Very surprised... Although briefly looking at the data it shows a lot of them are so so close to each other and really a true fitting will bring out the best driver for each individual. A lot of them are within 2 mph ball speed.
  17. Ping g410 crossover? I'm in the same situation looking to fill that tweener spot. Hoping to go through a fit soon to find something more playable off the tee and turf then my 5 wood or 2 iron.
  18. I would hope so... Having two JT's would be a little scary to have to compete with.
  19. Forgive my ignorance as this is my first time with fantasy golf, but how common are trades? I know we had a good few leading up to the draft, but in season is there much movement? If you can't already tell, I've been looking around at different potential options within my roster.
  20. Now that we have a few of the worst choices actually purchased out there... Is there any equipment that you regret not buying? For me it is that I still havent gone through the process to get a fitted evnroll... Would love to, but between price and loving my ping putter have yet to pull the trigger.
  21. I can guarantee you that when and if I get one I will be posting right after with pictures and painstakingly exact details of how it all came about! Until then I will enjoy reading others triumphs
  22. Most certainly will! Always good to have a local to show some good spots and a few hidden gems. Enjoy the site as well there are a ton of incredible ppl here with the best content around.
  23. Awesome introduction! I've had the pleasure to spend some time in Finland over the last few years however they have always been in the winter. I really hope to get there sometime in the summer to experience some of your courses!
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