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  1. So happy Rickie made the cut. Feel like he is going through what Spieth has been going through and outside of fantasy just want to see him be successful. Hopefully with these last two events making the cut can be a stepping stone to a stronger season. Although tough to see him making the masters.

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  2. Nice to see trades being made, even if BNG is involved in nearly all of them! However I will continue to look to pry some players although I think Finau is out of my budget. I'm sure I could anti up the right players to get him, but I know I wouldn't feel good about it. Love my roster and the combination of solid players along with young guns (kinda wish this was dynasty I would be set for years) and past time sleepers (does not mean old). Would love to somehow get Hatton, but not sure how likely it would be without shaking up the roster more then I would like. For the time being I like my chances at making a good run into playoffs, but its a long season and a lot can change. 
    Also a fyi for those making trades, keep in mind the ownership number. 5 available of all players, so if you are offering up someone who has a number lower then 5, meaning they are available on waivers, they hold very little value in a trade outside of maybe FAAB. 
    Many of us are guilty of over valuing players myself included (I have had some great offers for Fowler, but just can't seem to give him up) and a history with players like him and fitz, which make them harder to give up. I am pretty sure all 3 years I have participated I have had these 2 on my squad. Also the reason why I would love to get Hatton, I have had him in previous years and just like him as a player. 

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  3. 3 hours ago, twyatt700 said:

    Anyone on here change the grips on your speed sticks? I’m thinking of trying a CB jumbo max grip to reduce hand pressure and tension while doing to protocols

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    Haven't, but can't say it would be any different then a normal Club in the procesd. It was something i put in my review that i would like to see in the future. A sort of custom fitting option with different grips, sizes and so on.

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  4. Gotta love when there is a major champ like woodland on the waiver wire and can't bring yourself to pull the trigger because you don't want to give anyone up on your team. Really considered streelman, but he's been solid. Good chance for someone to improve their team though!

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  5. 18 minutes ago, StrokerAce said:

    I did not know this but since this is a WGC event with no cut and guaranteed money Wolff still got paid.

    As a matter of fact all you have to do is hit one tee shot, WD and still get $.


    That has got to be the stupidest rule of any tournament on the planet.

    That's really too bad although I've heard NLU talk about this before. 

    Shame as many other players would love the opportunity to play.

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  6. This was from a little while ago, but it was in a tournament with my father ad my caddie who I normally see once a year due to living do far away. 

    It was my hole 10 on the day and I had previously hit my tee shots OB right on practice and first rounds. So hitting the fairway really paid off! The green slopes left to right with s big ridge and I got very fortunate with a low draw (lefty) that flowed with the hole and took the ridge right down to the flag. It was as straight of a put as I could ask for. Took a quick look, marked it and looked at the ocean till it was my turn to play to not overthink the putt.Screenshot_20210226_114516.jpg.3501256f0d492fb118a50ca27e841a41.jpgScreenshot_20210226_114528.jpg.3630bdd6a4a78ab7fd12874d88264f91.jpg

    I have had a few others on par 5s at my old home course, and 2 on par 4s but this will always be my most memorable.

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  7. All things left handed!

    Would love to see the Ping Long Game testing come back, or the same from another company. 

    Even though a bit older PXG 0211 series.

    Arccos link? And other shot tracking technology. Love my arccos, but have a feeling all my sensors will be dead now. 

    TGF testing was cool as well and brought up some interesting products for review.

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  8. 11 minutes ago, tchat07 said:

    Question for the group and possible superspeed folks. When you do the step change, is your lead foot supposed to end on where you normally take your stance for best results? I find I really "jump" forward and extend myself and was not sure if that's best.

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    I tried to maintain a normal Position, but I also focus on staying a bit more upright for my swing mechanics... Weather is warming up so about time to fire it all up again!!

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  9. 1 hour ago, blackngold_blood said:

    The 1st 3 team trade in our league was just executed!  

    This may have opened a whole new world for you... And a very dangerous one for everyone else.

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  10. Not at all that I am looking for a change, but it would be interesting to to use the League median as a so called cut line that would indicate who makes playoffs and who left out, then have a secondary cut line for those who would "make it to sunday" so to speak. 
    I haven't look much at the individual matchups other then just glancing through on most fridays to see where I stand in most matchups, but may be worth checking out a little closer. Hurts that the west coast swing is a 9 hour time difference so was not about to stay up and watch even though I likely should have seeings how it ended. 

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  11. Trades seem to be coming up a lot more!
    Nice to see and for some remember you can help tip the balance either way by adding in FABB towards the trade. 
    Should have taken BnG up on that Fowler for Max trade ... however Fowler did seem to have a better week so maybe he will be turning the corner. 

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  12. 26 minutes ago, StrokerAce said:

    just for reference... OWGR:


    I have a feeling your hinting at something. Was going to offer Morikawa, but he has only just started playing so need to see some more from him. 

    For those again still would like to package fowler with kisner for someone. 

  13. Sorry i honestly meant to put this in Fantasy Football and well it was a long morning... Apologies


    I know we didn't have the circus league and the pick'em was a nice add in, but this would be another fun option for a smaller group. 

    Guillotine Leagues



    MyFantasyLeague.com is happy to offer Guillotine Leagues. See below for more info on how these leagues work. We’ve priced them at a significant discount to our regular leagues, so they are a great way to get a 2nd league going with your friends or co-workers this season!

    Here’s how the Guillotine League format works:

    • Each week, the lowest scoring team is eliminated from the league!
    • When a team is eliminated, their entire roster is tossed back into the free agent pool for the waiver wire.
    • At the end of the season, the last team remaining is the champion.

    The optimal number of teams for this format is 17 so that you have your “final” in week 16 (since one team is eliminated each week, there will only be 2 teams left in week 16). You can use less teams, but then it just means your season will end earlier. There is no fantasy schedule, and you don’t need to split the teams into divisions. You can fill the teams at the start of the season with whatever method you want: draft, auction, etc. You can use either type of waiver wire (blind bidding or regular waivers). The rest of the league is pretty much the same as any other league. Trading is optional. Each owner submits their lineup every week. You can choose any roster size and any starting lineup configuration, and use any type of scoring rules.

    The real excitement of this format comes when it’s time to eliminate the lowest scoring fantasy team from the league each week. All of that team’s players, including whatever “studs” they have, will now be available on the weekly waiver wire for you to grab. So every week is an adventure in juggling your roster as you try to stay alive in the race to be the last team standing.

    Check out this page for a full article on the Guillotine League format by Paul Charchian at Fanball, and check our Guillotine League FAQ Page for more details as well

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  14. 4 hours ago, yungkory said:

    I searched the thread for "PRGR" and couldn't find an answer so here goes...

    I noticed in a few of the reviews, like @jlukes's for example, the PRGR was on a little tripod. Was this recommended to you by @SuperSpeed Golf? How high off the ground if so? Going to start (for the second time in 2 years) the protocols tomorrow. Thanks everyone!

    What most of us found that was if there was grass or anything close to in front of the PRGR it would give inconsistent readings. I simply put mine on the box it came in and that was sufficient enough, however it is good to have it raised to a level where anything on the ground won't intercept any readings. 
    You may have looked or noticed that the setup of it can take some time and be a little tricky, where I have a bit more of a inside out swing I had to place it appropriately for that (I also had the speed radar so I could compare). It looked a bit of a odd spot, but I got good readings from it in that specific spot which were consistent.  
    A little tripod would be great, I believe the one jlukes had was the adjustable legs? Either way a great solution to raise it up, but again a simple solution is just using the box.. or cutting the grass? haha

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  15. Should be updated for everyone now. It's normally Tuesday when you'll see it completely update on the site. Example after reading all the posts yesterday and checked i had 2 labeled as playing. Now this morning 7 of my 8.

    I would expect this to be the norm going forward that Monday will not have the full upstate and we will likely see it Tuesday.

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  16. 1 hour ago, Chip Strokes said:

    coming to you live from 60th place with 0 members of his roster playing this week....it’s Chip Strokes!!!!

    **crowd goes wild**

    for anyone looking to deal: 

    Byeong Hun An and Gary Woodland are available in a package deal. who ya offering?

    Why don't you pick 3 more players up? You only have 5 on your roster.

    And i have kisner, fitz and rickie all on the trade block. 

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