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  1. Found this interesting feature on fantrax showing everyone you've ever had on your team and the weeks they played for you... Not going to lie would love to see @blackngold_blood, but not sure it would fit on one page!
  2. Awesome opportunity for all those who get a chance to test these! Still love my i210 so no need to swap anything out there. Good luck to all those who apply and really looking forward to the reviews!
  3. I think a lot depends on the individual. For me I am looking at this year's line up and might grab one after a fit. I didn't love the lineup from last season for a few reasons. They worked well enough but nothing out did what I already had so now we will go back to then drawing board and see if anything can beat my current driver (g400). So far I have an idea of what I want to like however would be open to whatever works best.
  4. Exactly looking at potentially starting a new one up. Love our current format for year to year. Those who may want to play the long game we could start up a dynasty league.
  5. Best I can think of is we have 1 12 team league to start. If there is enough potential interest then we could have 2 seprerate leagues and a crossover super bowl? Here where I am it's very hard to find a good crew locally for dynasty... Hence seeing if there could be some here.
  6. I was similar and found I would actually use a 58 on full shots and rarely a 60. Out of curiosity did you give the ping gapping thread a view before you got those g410 clubs?
  7. Awesome WITB and welcome to the lefty club! Great set up and love the 50,54,58 combo. Personally find it so much more balanced then 56 60. Good luck with the new courses and hope this set up is able to follow through for you!
  8. Now I haven't tried them only seen them and tried the older models but I really like the new forged tec irons from cobra. Really want to go give them a hit, however the likelihood of a purchase would be slim with the i210 still bring phenomenal irons. Also hoping to see a new 760 come it soon.
  9. I've hinted at it before and finally now I'll take the time to start this up. As many of us if not all of us I have an excess of clubs, some I likely won't ever use, some I just can't bring myself to sell for nastalgic reasons and others I found a great deal and price and will look to flip later. I'm very fortunate to do a good bit of travelling so rather then bringing the main sticks and risk damage on airlines and travel I'm going forth and officially building a go with me back up bag. So far I have putter, wedges and irons all sorted. The rest will come together over the ne
  10. I actually owned the amp cell pro, but sold them and regretted it right away. I had the ping ie1 and played so much better with them but always missed the look, feel and style of them. Don't get me wrong my i210 are still the irons to beat for me, but I will be putting a back up bag together with these. The fly z pros simply put are a stellar looking iron and I hope the performance is there to back it up. I know they won't be long, but still. May do a what's in the back up bag thread
  11. A set of irons that I love. Cobra Fly z pro... So pretty and just such a nice iron. Honestly not sure how much they will be in play, but can't wait to hit them. Also for the price they were hard to not pick up.
  12. Wilson has such underrated equipment. Especially for their pricing... Awesome setup and great pictures.
  13. The blue was the best part! They also had some great shaft options for no upcharge as well. Thanks again for posting and will be fun to see how your bag evolves over time.
  14. Nice setup and get to see the photos Definitely felt the st180 were underrated performers.
  15. Can't speak to the driver shaft, but I have two ping crossovers with evenflow black shafts. Love them and find it as a great compliment for my swing as well as club. I have tried them in a rogue before as well but didn't get along with the rogue so can't say much there. Good idea going to get fit, definitely think it would be worth while with all the different stock shaft offerings and options in general.
  16. Very cool! Been happy to be a part of the forum for the last number of years and look forward to seeing what more happens in the years to follow! Congrats and onto year 11 where I'm sure there are more big things to come!
  17. Was using s300 before and they just felt so much smoother and my timing was way better. I had gone through a variety of different shafts in fittings and something about them just clicked. Worst was the xp95 for myself, but throughout their lineup they have a stellar product and across nearly all different heads it was consistently the shaft that fit me the best. Should also mention using most fitting devices (Callaway swing thing and the Mizuno one) it recommended the 120s, however ended up with 105s because I personally felt I didn't have to quite work as hard.
  18. Not so much a WITB update which will likely coming in the next month or so, but a little story and I didn't want to make a new thread so here goes. The last month and a bit I've been traveling for work in Europe and was fortunate to end up in Scotland for 11 days. What was originally going to be golf for ice maintenance (curling ice) work didn't pan out with the timing of the trips so as much as I wanted to I didn't figure I'd get a chance to. However by chance we had a full day off in the middle and the forecast looked good for February. The local crew I was working with went above
  19. The layout isn't great but I have found it easy enough to navigate around see how the teams are doing. Overall it's been a lot of fun and it's nice to know how much one good week can mean in the big picture. Pretty sure I moved up 17spots and have new life.
  20. Nearly there after a stellar week by my team. Fingers crossed it continues on. It's incredible how much it helps having a full squad or several of your players in the field. Just increases chances so much more.
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