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  1. Oh we are all bound to make some good blunders throughout the season. Pretty sure I started out 2-0 last year and quickly feell to 2-8 before starting to claw my way back to 500
  2. AB is giving me grey hair and really a lot not stressing then it would be.
  3. Sorry for my ignorance in this and I did look through most the thread as well as the league rules. With the bidding does it reset each week? Or is that it for the season? Is there a brief refresher I can get? Not that my team needs changing yet... I'm sure im due for some solid injuries haha
  4. I mentioned it before but I would love to attempt at trying my sigma tyne putter head with the shaft. As for stability I think it's different then the stroke lab and has a different target as to what it is trying to achieve.
  5. Happy to get back on a course? I asked this in our PM but to anyone out there what is the one main thing you would change regarding the stroke lab?
  6. Can we confirm draft order in the room now is the one that stands? If so trades welcome!
  7. I'll set my preferences for the draft. I'm in aus/NZ for the next month. If timing works that I can join great! If not I'll be sure to set it to auto to help speed things along.... Plus I didn't draft overly well last year haha
  8. It will definitely be joining me! Currently debating the section of the set.
  9. I know I just finished up stage 2 but played in a fun scramble last night 2 v 2 and it just have been offended I didn't give it higher because I was dropping putts all evening. Still left a couple shorter, but under pressure every putt went in!
  10. Stage 2 is up. Will continue to provide updates as the season goes along! https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/31988-2019-official-forum-member-review-odyssey-stroke-lab-putter/?do=findComment&comment=546076
  11. Sorry been flat out! Will take a look at something this evening. Between 4 club challenge and stroke lab testing/stage 2 and life not much time!
  12. Despite my best efforts to top my first round of the 4 club challenge no luck! Played 36 today and both 80. Can't help but feel there was a lot left out there. Anyway! 07/16/2019 Lost Creek Golf Club 68.2/127 Gross 79 2 iron, 6 iron, 9 iron, 54. Probably the most fun golfing I've had in a while and some stupid mental mistakes cost some brilliant rounds. But that's golf! Thanks again John it was a blast and thanks to mgs as well.
  13. Figure I'd chime in. Played first round yesterday with the 4 club Challenge (Thanks MGS and John for the invite!) Played pretty well and honestly made me think I could always play with 4 clubs. I may be wrong, but I believe @Nunfa0 and I are the only team to not take a driver? Guess we will see how that pays off... Hopefully will get another 2 cracks at it this week. With one sub 80 round in the books should be fun to see how low I can go! Here are some photos from the yesterday morning.
  14. A few days delayed, but here is a round update. Long and short of it was things have been turning around and I have noticed a significant different is putting with the stroke lab when on slower greens compared to faster greens. Here are a few screen shots from the last two rounds. Both rounds were okay, not amazing and my tee shots leave a lot to be desired which I would mark as the main cause for scoring woes. That's 3 more new courses for the season which brings me to 13 rounds at 12 different courses!
  15. Okay so round 2 of the BC trip in 2 hours. Update to follow. https://www.predatorridge.com/golf/ridge-course Another beautiful course I've never played with what should be amazing greens and spectacular views.
  16. I know it's slightly off topic, but the best feeling putter for me so far that I've tried are the new Ping Sigma 2's and I've become increasingly curious to see if I would be able to put the stroke lab shaft into one of those following this review.
  17. I trust my selection 100%. I've been fortunate enough to try a few others along the way and without a doubt the 7 is not only the most appealing to me, but also the best performer time and time again. As for the tech. For me that's another yes. It feels different and has been taking time to get use to, but I really think shaft tech is here to stay and we will see more of it in the future.
  18. For me I've done pretty well with it and truly love how smooth the putter shaft feels. I think it's more how soft the face feels compared to the Ping. I like it... I think it's just different and taking more time to get use to. I truly believe the stroke lab shaft is very helpful and a big benefit to any golfer, but because it is so different the adjustment is large and takes time and reps. I'm guessing similar to many going from always using irons to hybrids... Big adjustment with obvious benefits but not the easiest of transitions
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