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  1. Ok I've been on hold for hours trying to get some flight stuff sorted out and figured I'd do up a quick graph for everyone. To show the numbers from Dominant only swings so far. White - first driver swing before protocol Orange - driver swing after protocol Green/blue/red dominant handed swings Non Dom may come depending on how much further I'll be on hold!
  2. July 1st Week 4 Protocol 1 Update: Jamie Danbrook Another week down and some gains and some slower days. The overall feeling for me is that I am gaining on my base, but I can only reach my peaks on certain days. The floor is being raised and the ceiling is about the same as it has been. That being said my off hand swings continue to improve and feel more strong. This week of course there was focus on being as fast as I can be, but there was also focus on technique and making sure I am staying relatively in position. I found with some swings my back swing was getting abnormally long which then through some timing off when I did go to the range and hit some golf balls. So there has been a bit of a balance there to ensure that the game won't go completely out the window. However we need to see some numbers! Don't forget to check out the link at the top of the thread to see everyones fastest week by week numbers! Start End Light ND Light D Med ND Med D Heavy ND Heavy D MAX 107 119 111 131 109 123 104 117 130 104 111 101 121 100 111 97 103 118 105 110 108 119 101 116 99 111 128 Step Change 131/114 123/110 114/103 114/101 109/101 104/96 125/108 116/102 110/101 All in all what I would classify as a good week. I do realize that I had a bit of a down period the last two sessions, however the feeling is definitely there and I am very confident the program is working well for me and that I am gaining speed. I feel faster and stronger and even more coordinated. Off hand swings as mentioned are gaining in speed and for me I feel that is a sign that the overall speed is without question! I don't have too much else to update on that I can think of right now, however if anyone has any questions please let me know and I would be more then happy to answer!
  3. I'll get a video or two and post it later today! I may have mentioned it before, but I can swing fast just not sure about contact with the ball. Been too scared to try yet. That being said I would also like to change my grip off hand before. I found my hands getting sore normal grip so I went to 10 finger grip. At some point I'll do a little 9 right handed... Hopefully alone and with very very wide fairways.
  4. Nice review and thanks for sharing! I know you mentioned that you hit all over the face which I would say is more normal for a lot of us, but did you notice any different sound or feel when you have? I have tried it in a shop, but only briefly and felt a bit uncomfortable in the position it led me to when the ball was centered, likely due to length. However the feel was fine, I don't love the white hot insert and prefer something a bit firmer, however I know a few ppl who have got it into their hands and have really loved it. Again awesome review and looking forward to hearing how the rest of your bag and game goes over the next while!
  5. I can't say I've noticed much. I only watch a few different channels and they have seemed pretty consistent over the years with little gains here and there. Granted some of them can really hit the ball so not surprised to see big numbers. With that all being said I believe in general goes are being more well informed and understand distances better so many of ours have picked up. I know when I joined here my 150 was my 7 iron and now it's usually a 9 or 8 so I've picked up a club just with well everything. Being fitted, golf ball and better ball striking. Last point is on course distance can definitely be different to an extent then simulator distance.
  6. Congrats and good that you got to go through the process and get something that works for you! Can't wait to see some pictures when they arrive. Thanks for letting us take part and the update!
  7. So cool. Good luck to all those who apply and this one I will be following very closely as it's something that I would definitely purchase. Looking forward to some stellar reviews!
  8. You will know more then I will, but much with my last post I think it's essential to warm up the body before this and golf or really any other physical activity. Especially as we get older, I know over the past few years I definitely feel my body not quite being able to do what I use to and need that extra time to warm up for any activity I do. I can feel stresses on my body (especially knees and back) and work hard to be more active on daily life to keep up that mobility and flexibility. I've even gotten into a routine of doing their dynamic warm up on off days.
  9. Nothing with my lower back and the only discomfort I've felt has been with off hand swings. The warm up before is very important and will help prevent any of those issues.
  10. A interesting article about back swing for any of those interested. https://golf.com/instruction/driving/faster-backswing-driver-hit-ball-longer/
  11. Extended plateau for me. This for me is a longer goal. I plan on continuing this for a long time and using it to really push my game forward. Plus I am still driving the ball well and not seeing any negatives yet.
  12. Awesome to hear! Glad to new sticks are working out so far too!
  13. I would be looking for head then shaft because a shaft can act differently depending on the head. The i210s are definitely in a similar forgiveness category as the apex and 919's. I guessing you're going to a good fitter so they will hopefully go through everything and listen to your input as well as work with you to find what's best overall. Hard to go wrong with your initial thoughts and srixon is a fantastic product so have fun enjoy it and looks like you're getting lots more feedback here which is great!
  14. Good you have a general idea of what you're looking for, but keep a open mind to lots more. Not Forged, but ping i210 are fantastic (we have some good reviews of them here) tm p760 are a favorite of mine. Not to mention all your other bigger names Callaway and Titleist... I haven't hit the new Forged Tec from Cobra but loved previous versions of those as well. Hopefully your fitter can narrow down a head that works well and then focus in on shaft for you. I know that has made the biggest change to my game and ball striking! Good luck and looking forward to hearing what you get into and of course some pictures of them when they arrive!
  15. Just a quick update because we have had a lot of talk about tempo. For me personally I tried out a few different methods today quick back swing, slow, inbetween, controlled and more wild really trying to get a rebound and I found that again for me a slower more controlled back swing and applying more force through the ground then swinging free gave me the fastest swings and the fastest swings to date so far. I also have my fastest starting swing with 107 so I am definitely seeing a increase. Looking forward to the rest of the week and hopefully able to crack 120 with a driver for one swing!
  16. Good luck and enjoy guys! Awesome group and should be a ton of fun to watch you guys go through the review process
  17. A little tease of some pictures to come... Finally found a good theme for these!
  18. I am bit on the other side. I havent used my setup this season, but rather then get into all that I will say their customer service has been amazing. I have had a few sensors die on me and a quick email and that day they have normally sent out new sensors to me. Yes it can be annoying that some shots don't get picked up or that sensors die, however I have lived the system from day one and just enjoyed using it. I normally go through my round after to check on any missed shots or pins and off I go. Only thing I have found is that my handicap is way different on it then in real life and in part I think that is due to some of the course ratings where it doesn't have all the tees assigned.
  19. Week 3 Protocol 1 recap: June 25th Week 3 was definitely a step up from week 2 here are the numbers session by session. Start End Light ND Light D Med ND Med D Heavy ND Heavy D MAX! 103 111 102 114 101 114 95 109 123 105 119 107 130 103 123 103 115 128 104 113 104 116 98 119 95 107 121 Step Change Dominant/Non Dominant 116/103 109/99 106/96 122/107 118/103 114/100 118/108 110/100 100/96 Quick hits- This week was simply better, a lot more rest and just overall better results. - Hit a milestone finally reaching 130! and got up 119 with the driver, still waiting to see 120 - Noticing how important it is to have a good base for these swings, its not as though I loose balance, but having a solid setup and base gives the freedom to launch away and get some great numbers. - For the first time so far the final session of the week was arguably the weakest, I did it around the same time as normal, same routine, same footwear and all that. Is a little humid but never felt as though I was loosing the club, however I just didn't get the results. My off handed (RH) swings felt tight and just not all that appealing. Even when loosening up they didn't feel good and I felt stiff. Only thing I can maybe think of is that we went canoeing the other day and may have worked in a few muscles... although if anything I honestly figured that would help. - I have a few rounds booked for next week so I can't wait to A get to a range and see some fly as well as see what its like on course. I am hoping to have another 2 sessions in before my next round and will be sorting out ARCCOS to make sure I get some reliable distances. That is all for this update, of course more to follow and hopefully will have some new pictures and content to upload in the coming days.
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    You're too quick! Thanks for linking that in and saving me the trouble of finding it.
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    Apparently the Mizuno golf balls are very high in spin. Only tried out a few times, but seems like a great ball and definitely has a different looking simple pattern that would lead me to think it has more spin. Also Bridgestone is one to look at, the ball tiger uses same thing is apparently very high in spin. I'll try and find a link to last year's golf ball test, it has a ton of charts and such that should help narrow some of your choices.
  22. Given how many they are testing and the results that come back I personally feel they are doing a good job. They seem to test about 400 per week so close to 1200 total and only 3 positive, not bad. The hope is that they are doing a good job distancing and making sure players aren't coming in contact with too many others so it doesn't spread quickly.
  23. Not likely I'll get anything amazing for them, but Spieth, Rickey and day are on the block for those interested. Along with HV3... Who are we kidding the whole team is available for anyone looking to do some shake.ups.
  24. I'm going for anyone on my fantasy squad! So Spieth, HV3, kisner and Day. Only 4 in the field so could be a struggle this week. Outside of that kinda hoping to see more Canadians do well. Conners has had a great season so far... Well since the restart at least.
  25. As many have already said it doesn't really matter. A lot of same brand set ups have to do with preferable to a brand and in some cases the fitters preference to a brand. One of the big terms used by MGS is be your own brand. The really holds true in a good fit process where it's unlikely you would get fit into a single brand top to bottom. That being said depending on where you are in your golfing career and budget sometimes buying a good boxed set (TM and Cobra have had good ones in the past) then slowly upgrading different areas can be a great way to get started. For me personally there are certain brands I prefer over others, yet I still carry clubs from a variety because they are what work and are best for me. In the end if it works and I like it I don't really care which company it came from.
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