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  1. I may only win 1 match this week, but Spieth!!! Maybe there is light at the end of this tunnel... Anyone want Fowler?
  2. 4 is better then 3! Sadly nobody could be dropped so likely going to be a down week. Long season though!
  3. Superspeed has a warm up program that is awesome which I followed. You can view the whole video on their youtube channel.
  4. Don't mind giving picks as they should be late late late firsts
  5. I would love to, but it would be part of a bigger deal involving xander which I am guessing is a non starter
  6. I've been a bit hesitant to weigh in on, but why not. I am not a PReed fan admittedly, however that simply means there is no way I will trade for, draft or pick up him on my MGS Fantasy golf team. He is a great talent in the sport of golf and without question has a hazy history of incidents similar. Yes, I didn't love the series of events, but it has been explained that technically he did not do anything wrong. Maybe the sequence was off and the way the camera was blocked when he initially got to the ball isn't a good look and I don't know if he deserves the benefit of the doubt, but as the of
  7. I will note that I checked a local shop online site near me and maybe its a promo or something, but the new SIM2 is discounted 30CHF which is about 50 CAD or 35US. New trend?
  8. Without a doubt going to be interesting format and week to week. Happy with the start but also realizing next week I may need to make some moved to get close to a full lineup (kisner/fitz/$pieth and streelman all on the trade block). @blackngold_blood that's rough luck in week one. It did look like the league median was quite high too.
  9. This thread is really making me want to buy one... Kinda a good thing that all our shops our closed and can't find them shipping one here to Switzerland to not jump on a impulse. Only another month or two till courses are open!!
  10. I see where I messed up, looked like on the app it only showed my top 4 guys, which he wasn't however on the website I can see it there. Thanks though!
  11. The system won't assign anyone to you. That should be enough.... That being said say somehow you only get 1 player of the 12 you have bid for and the others go to other teams, you'll just have 7 on your roster and then be given the option to pick up someone new from the remaining free agents of your choice, pretty sure it will be open and you won't have to bid following waivers being run.
  12. Should show along the left side of player, where the grey marker is on my two players. There have been updates from last year so even for us who have used it before there will be some changes and things that new for us.
  13. Last season it came up as a little green circle with a check mark that indicated they were in the field. It was also confirmed I believe Monday after the weeks results were finalized. We should get that indication on Monday, in the mean time we can check the farmers website?
  14. For your last two positions you will need to bid on players that you are interested in. Keeping in mind you have a budget of 100 FAAB for the ENTIRE season. Click on the player you want to add and put in a bidding amount. If you are the highest bidder congrats he is on your squad! If someone bid higher and for example he is the final copy then you get FAAB you bid back and will have a chance to add other remaining players. Of course its up to each individual as to how much you want to bid, but in the interest of competitiveness here are a few strats. Go big early! - If there are two guys
  15. I'll try and find those who have them on slack, but anyone with Hatton or Fleetwood interested in a deal? While I still have some FAAB?
  16. Also really excited for waivers because my last two picks in the draft we based off who I figured would make it to waivers. Again i thought the draft went really well. I know lots of non preranked auto drafters, but it went smoothly, were some surprises as well and players who dropped a lot further then I figured and ended up being a bit more strategic then I would have thought. Haven't looked at many teams but was really happy with how mine panned out despite missing out on a few players i would have really liked by only 1 or 2 spots. Thanks all for participating and commissioners f
  17. In all fairness I am guessing that anyone who added players much like yourself didn't do it to cheat the system and just had all well meaning when adding players. With a big league like ours there is always bound to be a few bugs and things for us to sort out and fix. Was great that the draft went as smoothly as it did and was so quick. Hindsight wish I had traded back and picked up a extra 6th round pick or two.
  18. I am sure it will get sorted out. If anyone who sees these posts and you have added players from the "waivers" they will need to be dropped so that the process can be done properly and we will have to bid on them. It will end up being drop them yourself or they will likely get removed from your roster.
  19. As per usual it will be some odd timing for me. Last year I was in New Zealand for the draft and this year home in Switzerland so have 4 alarms set to make sure I get myself up and out of bed to make at least the first 4 rounds worth of picks.
  20. I would suggest computer or ipad over phone.
  21. It's winter for many of us (meaning snow and indoors) so what little practice we can do is inside and on our putting. Its been a while, but I've started to see more of these putters out and around and the new OG line has a red Stroke Lab Shaft in it, which looks awfully nice. Since these are a few years old I am sure there are some available for much less then before and could be a great bargain and a good way for some to help their game. Mine is still in my bag and as I have played more and maybe less with others, the softer face that I didn't love has become something I like and have a be
  22. I'm okay with him falling down the draft board
  23. The story of him and the Mizuno irons was really interesting and something that i heard on broadcast and much more so I think he does move the needle to an extent. He also seems to just not care about equipment other then it working for him. I can recall him gaming a older M2 for a while and that Nike 2 iron, so him going to Srixons would be awesome for them.
  24. When you look at the rank players its all based off points scored this year so far. So there are some odd names up there and mainly guys who have played lots so far. Definitely worth the time to go do quickly if you have a chance. Quickest way is to pop into the draft room and it will show a better ranking, hit the que button on any and all the players you want and it will feed them into your ranked players.
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