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  1. I wish we had My Group for every tournament. Makes it so much easier to track and watch the guys who are relevent to your team and pools and so on. Such a great feature! Dropped Wolff from my watchlist... has so much talent but seems very sooky. 

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  2. 2 minutes ago, rbsiedsc said:

    Mine isn’t either. Give it time grasshopper

    After Hovlands triple I'm okay with it not updating for a little while to give him a chance at a few birdies. 

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  3. 9 hours ago, therod said:

    I've been on the prowl for a new(er) set of irons. I'm currently gaming a set of Cleveland TA-6s. Yes, they're old, but they work for me. I used to be a low single digit handicap, but kids and a new job have kept me from playing as much as I used to. And I'm ready for some newer sticks. So here's the question. My TA-6s have an MOI of 13.65. The sets I'm looking at have MOIs ranging from 15.03 to 16.27. How much of a difference in terms of forgiveness do you think I would be able to experience? And as a follow-up question, do you think I'd be able to see much difference, referring to the new clubs, would I see between the irons having an MOI of 15.035 vs the irons with an MOI of 16.272? Or will that be much more dependent on the player? Just asking. I know which of the 3 I would choose if I could have any of the 3, but that's likely to be the most expensive of the options. They were listed on the bay last week, and I was the only bidder, and I didn't meet his reserve. So they were re-listed. I'm guessing I still won't meet his reserve since I don't know what his reserve amount is. All we know is what the starting bid is, and yes I bid over the starting amount. But it wasn't enough. Anyway, just looking for thoughts and opinions.

    There will likely be a good amount of difference in terms of forgiveness, but hard to say if they would actually work better. There is so much else that goes into irons that much like the above response its hard to go off soley that number (eg grips, length, loft, lie and more). Hopefully these are in the specs you want or need. Speaking personally I have bought enough sets off ebay in the past and really only 1 was the proper set that worked for me and even those had to be sent to ping to have the lie readjusted. I had a set of JPX EZ forged which were a very good and forgiving set, but between the offset, shape, shaft and grip they really didn't work for me and I ended up turning around and selling them again. 
    As stated above, yes more forgiving however doesn't necessarily mean a greater improvement on your current set depending on how they are specd out. 

  4. 33 minutes ago, blackngold_blood said:

    I’m in. If I was a betting man I say everyone’s Tier 6 will be the same lol

    Done and done... Yes I will be quite surprised if anyone doesn't pick you know who.

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  5. 16 minutes ago, blackngold_blood said:

    It isn’t the same already!  I would like to welcome Mr. Matthew Wolff to team BNG!

    Was really hoping to add Wolff to my roster at somepoint and had that version of him as my most likely trade candidate. Grr.

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  6. 19 minutes ago, tchat07 said:

    I have been saying this all "season" when he wins nobody can blame anyone but themselves haha

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    It's okay, he may have his fab 5 right now but we all know there are going to be 25 more trades that he will make so it's very unlikely his roster will be the same come playoffs! 

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  7. 2 minutes ago, Josh Ross said:

    Hope everyone is excited for The Masters! I drive by ANGC often but haven't actually been to The Masters since 2016. Should be an exciting week!

    Also, does anybody know exactly how waivers works? I had six claims pending, all $0 bids, and used the priority rank. Somehow, the fourth person on my list is the one it picked up but my first and second priority still have multiple copies available and weren't part of the drops. All were scheduled for this morning too, not Wednesday. I ended up getting him in free agency just now but I'm hoping to avoid this issue in the future.

    Waivers did run on time so to speak, for me its 7:00am Tuesday morning or 2:00am EST. As for how it works, it seemed to work as I wanted for mine. I ended up with 13 claims just in case and go my 2nd. I had Westwood as priority 1 with a 7 dollar bid and got blown out of the water by gobama at 37! FABB. 
    I'm not sure why it that would have happened for you especially with them still being available. I partially wonder if even when using the priority list, but having several at 0 bid if it bogs up the system a bit especially with so many teams potentially bidding at a 0 mark as well?

  8. 37 minutes ago, blackngold_blood said:

    I’m expecting big things from my main 5!  Just gotta round out the squad with some potential. A6C38651-C6C1-4EE7-9F7D-FAF54A7AF06B.png.280f0733877c761d3cfcc0844d67e44d.png

    Will be interesting see how many people are picked up this week. I have 7 waiver bids in to ensure I get at least 1 guy, but certainly not an amazing selection available. Just happy teams are more or less filled now and we can start seeing the true potential of teams... not that you have been suffering leading the league in points scored and players owned!

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  9. Just now, gobama84 said:

    Thanks!  Hope I wasn't the only person who didn't understand this.  Wow!!

    The site is good, but it takes some digging to get use to it and find all the info in some cases. We have a unique scoring system as well which is likely why there is the difference between Live and Matchups.
    Its much like the draft setup, if you leave it as default often it will be based on current standings before the season has really started. 
    Not a perfect system, but some searching around and looking through the different options available and there is a ton of good information that can be found. 

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  10. 1 minute ago, gobama84 said:

    How do I see these for yesterday?  I only see next week's matchups.


    Go to Standings then select Results (it defaults to Regular Season). Then select your team, this will bring up the whole schedule of your matchups each week so go to the bottom and you'll see Valero Texas Open. 

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  11. @gobama84Live scoring shows all players, if you select home and go down to matchups it will show the total with your top 4 scores. 
    This is a list with your matchups of your top 4 scores. It is a bit of weird thing with the site, but the live scoring doesn't show your actual score as it includes any and all players who you have on your team and are in the field that week.

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  12. I would guess you've found the answer already in the above replies. Yes they would be a good investment and likely be a better iron and again like everyone above said it is a good idea to get fit. Do you know what color dot is on your current pings? If you do then great, if not check out the colored circle on the irons (likely black or blue) and that can help you with know if the other irons are immediately set up for you (minus shaft). That being said, even if they are different they can be sent to Ping to get the lie done to what you require (another reason why a fitting helps). The cost is normally just shipping to have them do this, however it often takes some time. The only other thing I would add is I went from a Blue Dot (a little upright) in my Ping i E1 irons and when I got my Ping i210's I was fit into Blue Dot as well, however after more time on the course and likely just evolution I had them bent to be what would be a Red Dot (slightly flat) to straighten out my ball flight. 

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  13. Okay all, I am going to try and bring back the weekly recap. I'll do my best to keep it consistent week to week and provide some highlights of where the league is at and some info from Fantrax. 

    Week 10 - Valero Texas Open
    @ZJBogey2is the High Scoring team of the week nearly cracking the 200 point mark with 198.85 points. He only had 4 in the field this week, but all of them had solid weeks including the winner Jordan Spieth. The remaining 3 were Doug Ghim, Scottie Scheffler and Gary Woodland. 

    Our 4 undefeated teams of the week were ZJBogey, @TCUFrog, @Georgia Southern Eagles and @Berg Ryman with there being a good overlap of the previously mentioned players. 

    The league median for the week was a lowly 114.08 only higher then last weeks (2 weeks ago) of 93.35. For reference our highest of the season was 181.05 in week 2 and we normaly average in the 140 or so each week. 

    Our closest matches goes to the following with some really close scores.

    @xOldBenKenobiX is leading the way in the standings for a technically 3rd week in a row which ties him with ZJBogey with most weeks atop the standings. To date we have had 6 different teams leading the standings in 10 weeks. Keeping in mind we have 17 weeks remaining till the playoffs as Week 28 is when we will have our 3 week championships starting. 

    With that we have 10 teams within 10 games (1 week of matchups) of the lead, so lots can change up top!


    The cut line for playoffs is looking very close as well! 35 Teams will be making the first round and there is a logjam at 43 wins.

    Still lots of time left and many weeks, but with Major season starting next week it will be key to see where teams move over the coming weeks. 

    One last note- Revsroundruined has a very strong team, but had a very unfortunate week with 1 in the field and that player being Norlander who ended up with negative points for a rare negative points scored week. He is still sitting comfortably in 14th and has a good squad going into The Masters where he will be looking to take back some of those wins. 

    That's a wrap for this week and next week onto The Masters where I imagine we will beat our League Median record and see several scores in the 200 range. Going back 2 Fantasy seasons ago we had 4 teams crack the 200 barrier, however we only had 32 total teams! 

    For those looking at a good recap of players in the field here you go! https://www.golfdigest.com/story/masters-2021-augusta-national-ranking-the-entire-field

    Hope you all enjoy the recap and if you want them to continue for the remainder of the season let me know! 

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  14. A bit of a tough call. It is too bad you didn't get the experience you were hoping for to start. That being said if you know your fitter who got you into PXG and trust him it could be worth the wait. Its not really that long off and in the mean time you can do some additional research (maybe some deals to be had soon?) May give you a chance to get on another LM to get some numbers for your own mindset, then when the fitting happens you will have those to compare? There are a ton of really good stock shaft options from a lot of brands now so I am sure you would be able to find something that suits you in them. 
    From what you have wrote and my assesment of getting the best possible outcome this could be a strong way to go IMO. Little extra time to get yourself set up and (not sure what you golf season is like), but also could help you get a little more into a normal season swing that is more predictable and repeatable which should then lead to a better overall fit. 
    Hope that helps!

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  15. Well a good bounce back week for Rickie, regardless of the final day. Looking like once one of my 7 waiver claims goes through I will have 7 into the Masters and the first true look at my squad. 
    @LacassemI nearly sent a massive blockbuster for BD and Conners, but resisited because its barely into the season and haven't seen half my guys play yet. However there is a chance one may be coming your way pre Masters. 

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  16. Had all 3 of my guys make the cut! Now Hadwin has been doing better then Dahmen, but atleast he made the cut. Rickie had a great day which will hopefully be a sign for the weekend and Spieth is having a solid week. I had almost pulled the trigger on Hagy but wasn't brave enough and thought Dahmen was the safer call. He seems like someone to watch out for!
    Seems Fantrax is behing a bit again tough to call where I am within my matchups, but hoping for a 4-6 win week. 

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  17. 40 minutes ago, Berg Ryman said:

    Jaime, if you want to move on from Rickie, I would be willing to take him on, maybe for like say Keegan Bradley straight up or a combo piece for something else reasonable since you have a lot of Euro talent and maybe need someone who plays more stateside.

    I'm going to hold tight till after the masters and maybe look at doing dinner moves after that. My euro talent is purposeful, they have done me well previous years and hoping for similar success. Plus living in europe need to support them! 

    Hovland, Morikawa and Spieth are locks, others i would take offers on. 

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