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  1. 43 minutes ago, Kanoito said:

    This s*** ain't funny anymore...

    Couple of weeks ago, we had a few days around 20C (my lawn starting turning green)... the next day, we drop to -10C and have the biggest snow storm in years. Luckily, only lasts for a week or so.

    Last week, it was sunny from Monday to Thursday with about 15C... come weekend and it drops to 3C and so windy it cuts right into your bones.

    This week, we expect 20C from Mon to Thu again and drop back to below 10C and rain for Easter weekend... yay!

    So... I haven't touched a golf club since November 2020. 

    I know the feeling.... Hoping it will turn soon and we will get some more consistent weather now that courses are reopened.

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  2. 17 minutes ago, Ldavis said:


    Rock Island, IL

    Walk probably 90% of my rounds

    caddylite 11.5 V2


    Sorry, testers have been chosen already! Feel free to congratulate them and look into further testing opportunities! 

    There is also a good link at the top of this page that goes through how testers are chosen that would be good to look through.

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  3. LIkely not a product that I would go out of my way to purchase or use. However that being said I would not be opposed to using them or trying them out. I love Srixon golf balls and use them almost exclusively and have used several of the WIlson colored golf balls in the past so the color isn't offputting to me or something that is really detracting, plus I would always know which golf ball is mine!

  4. Not sure what the prices are there in the US, but Cobra had some good full complete sets with bag and all. They were typically the previous years clubs and the S model (basically a big box store model), but similar in specs and are of pretty good quality over all and a set that could last you a longer while. That and when you want to eventually upgrade you can pick different parts of the bag gradually. Anyway again not 100% sure on what the prices would be there, but I know the were in the $500 CAD range so could be close to your budget. 

  5. I'll give it a look and see. Haven't done Fantasy Baseball in some time and working hard on defending my fantasy golf title, but am always up for some other sports and leagues to participate in. 

  6. no play this week means there should be trades! Especially with all those going on in the NBA today. I'm looking at packaging Fitzpatrick, Fowler and Hadwin together for someone if anyone has any offers. 

  7. 3 minutes ago, gobama84 said:

    Wow!  I just found this.  I dropped 4 people this week to pick up 4 to play and at this moment I two of them at -4 in 3rd place.  This Sucks!!!  No more changes for me this year, I'll just ride this out and will probably end up with 1 - 2 wins a week.

    Sorry to hear that, don't give up though! Still lots of weeks left and anything can happen. Was a scramble of a time this last week and wasn't a easy decision by the league or commissioners, but the vote was a resounding yes for changing it to a BYE week. Hopefully a few tweaks here and there and you'll still be in the playoff hunt and after that anything can happen!

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  8. 2 hours ago, STUDque said:

    I undid yours but it’s really difficult to tell who else would want that as well. Seems like @Chip Strokes @Golfermarcus @rbsiedsc @yungkory @Nunfa0 and @Rwagn4 made moves for this week that they might possibly want undone but I’m not going to step in and undo anything until seeing confirmation from the respective owners. Anyone else in this bucket can feel free to sound off as well. 

    Please say something today so we don’t get a waterfall effect with tomorrow’s waivers running. 

    Thanks for the assist, now to try and make some trades this week!

  9. As much as this decision is going to affect some teams more then others and wasn't a easy one for the league to come to. Thank you commissioners for going through it all and appreciate all your time and consideration to our issues throughout the season. Also thanks because we know this is more or less on fantrax not being able score it and so on. But to my point it was nice to see just over half the league vote in such a short period of time. I love seeing the involvment with this group. From the teams trading, to waivers and the overall engagment of the fantasy league community its pretty awesome. 

    Edit: apparently waivers ran sooner then I thought so I am one of them in the boat who would be looking to reverse a move I made if possible.

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  10. 17 minutes ago, fixyurdivot said:

    Keep it real all... it's just a game for fun.  The "golden ticket", forum badge, and bragging rights are inconsequential. I'm stoked to see how far up the ladder I get with no players playing this week 😂.

    I dunno... The title feels pretty darn good. I'm doing everything possible to not give it up and to make it back to back years! 

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  11. 5 minutes ago, STUDque said:

    I see this as an absolutely valid point. There’s also nuance to consider that hasn’t been a factor in the past and could be considered new information prompting the change. 

    In the past 3 years, we played the Corales and, as a baseline, I generally support its inclusion. The difference here is we’ve got a healthier player pool than before so more teams have more good players that qualify for more events. As a result, most of the league is unable to field a competitive team this week without substantially compromising their season. 

    This situation would’ve been difficult to foresee before the season started so, based on new information, we put it to a league vote. 

    As a suggestion if it does go to a BYE can we enable those teams who have dropped certain players to make corrections before standard waivers run? I am not one of them, however want to make sure it is fair for all teams. I would even support giving teams who have already dropped players a priority on waiver wire for the next week given this may have put them at a last minute disadvantage. 
    Waivers itself should also be pushed back a day or so to if it goes ahead as planned. I have submitted several claims, however if it stays in or is promoted to a bye week that will therefore effect my roster moves. 

    EDIT: I am of the benefit of being in europe and up early so can make most adjustments morning of waivers, however many others may not get that chance. 

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  12. In a perfect world I would love this to be a BYE week, but 100% agree that teams would have set themselves up already for this week based off it being a participating event. It's a long season, yes I really don't like tossing away weeks such as I am with this one and last week to an extent, but it is what it is and I am confident my team is still the strongest in the field for the long haul. It is a little too late to change this week with teams already making some roster decisions. 
    As many have said we knew about this from day 1 so it shouldn't be a shock. 

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  13. My memory is one thing I am proud of. I normally can replay entire rounds in my head and can recall a lot of shots. Some good, some bad and others. There are courses that I remember more from as they were more special rounds I would say. Example a lot of them from my New Zealand and Australia trips as well as some low rounds. Arccos is a great tool and I would normally go through the entire round later that day to make sure it was all right and there was rarely shots I didn't remember. 
    Hoping that this stays even as I get older and simply have more on my mind!

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  14. Yeah going to be another week that is just punted away. Looking at the field not sure if there are many worth picking up. May replace Hadwin with someone playing, but means I have to cancel the other waiver move I was planning on making. Will be happy when we are back to normal field with our typical names. 

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  15. I know I likely won't get the same return as I did with him in my last trade, however I am going to look at moving Fowler again. Really like the guy and just want to see success for him, but he may do better if he's not on my squad. 

  16. Courses are reopening here after the ground has finally thawed and dried out a good bit! Stores are reopening meaning I can go in and do a driver fitting soon. After being off work since beginning of December looks like we will reopen for kids and professional teams and on top of all of it saw MGS had well over 2000 guests on the site from the new forum testing thats coming out. Up a LOT from what I have seen the last few months. 
    Have a good weekend all!

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  17. 1 hour ago, JohnBagboy said:

    I have tested product before. I have a bagboy new push cart. Live in MN and love walking and playing golf and talking products.

    Not quite in the right thread. Here is a link to the one I believe you're looking for. 

    Saw on ESPN that there are 0 perfect brackets and after day one there was .92% that were still perfect. Incredible...at least I don't feel quite as bad even if I had my winner knocked out on the first day. 

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  18. Taking a look over the site it's phenomenal what they offer and just the sheer amount of options. It is interesting how there are no stock shaft offerings (at least what i saw) everything is extra, which can't say is a bad thing or I'm surprised, but wonder why they don't have stock offerings which would be no upcharge in some cases? 

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