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  1. I'm going to second this. I've been doing the warm up at home despite not having the sticks yet just to get into a routine and it is helping with some flexibility and a overall routine.
  2. Never forget about it... desperately missed it! I am good with however we reset it. Any thoughts to a march madness bracket style?
  3. It is brief and not entirely complete due to not having the product in hand yet, but here is a intro to get everyone started. Initial impressions will be updated when I have them! Finally in regards to question posted earlier about off the tee game and if there are any worries about accuracy. My tee game is already a bit of a struggle so I really don't feel it can hurt. I am hoping that with new found speed I will be able to have a more controlled swing that will still give me some great distance gains!
  4. Definitely will do as soon as I get everything. Experiencing a delay in getting mine due to the shipper. Hoping to have it very soon!
  5. Awesome engagement so far. Really cool to see. Still waiting on shipment but shouldn't be too much longer. Had a delay with the virus. However a few driving ranges just opened up so should be good timing!
  6. Or fit cart head... But even those usually have a number on them. Other option is it could be a game... But again even those normally have some BS number on them.
  7. Great sticks! Thanks for posting... Don't hesitate to share many many many more photos haha
  8. Awesome bag! Enjoy those who are selected and hope you all are able to get some great rounds in with it!
  9. Thank you! Will definitely take all this into consideration.
  10. Nike had an amazing counter balanced system that gave the ability to adjust where the counter balance point was. Stroke lab has done a good job with a newer counter balanced system. That all being said I believe there is just a preference to normal length putter rather then the long ones. ?
  11. Once again thanks to both MGS and Superspeed golf. Very excited to get into this... With that here is a bit of a start off for everyone. As we all know we are in a bit of a changing world and especially here in Halifax Nova Scotia where I'm from (at the moment) courses are closed and we don't see any progress for opening for at least another month. This is definitely going to be a roadblock in seeing where things are headed and just that unknown. Thankfully this project we don't have to have a course! I have a decent sized yard and plenty of time so it will give me a good opportunity dive deep into the program. I've been looking for a new big stick and as a reward for myself once this is all finished and I have successfully completed the program and seen some gains I will go for a full proper driver fit. I am really hoping to see some more ease in speed. I like my swing and where it has gone, but I struggle off the tee and loose a lot of distance when trying to overpower my swing to get more out of it. So with Superspeed I'm hoping to get some good gains on swing speed and ball speed, which will hopefully translate to a better off the tee game. As with previous reviews I'll do as much as I can to post on YouTube for videos that pp are asking to see as well as instagram where you follow along @apolloshowl. I will admit this is also all relatively new as I didn't really follow the last review and know mainly the basics about the product. So I'm sure there will be a lot of lightbulb moments throughout. Another small thing I'm looking forward to with this is helping my flexibility as that is not something I'm really well known for. We have a awesome group here and I'm know we all would encourage everyone to ask as many questions as possible as well as for what you want to see. It helps us a lot and I look forward to the journey to more speed!
  12. Lots of Cobra kit. Most all their tour stuff is RH only.
  13. Woohoo, thank you so much both MGS and Superspeed Golf. Really excited to get going with this and see what gains I can achieve. Congrats to the rest of the testers as well! Looks like a fantastic group with some new and experienced testers!
  14. Introduction for Superspeed 2020 Since it has been a few years since my last introduction from the Ping i210 review I will do a new and refreshed. My name is Jamie Danbrook and I work as a Ice Technician for Curling facilities and events. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to travel all around the world and will be relocating to Europe basically as soon as COVID-19 lets up. As for me and golf, my father and I played a local 9 hole par 3 course where golf and breakfast was $7 and held some of my favorite golfing memories. I always enjoyed golf and played every now and then, however it wasn’t until I moved to St. John’s NL the second time that I really started to play more. My roommates golfed and worked at a local course and I picked up a membership there. I upgraded my set piece by piece and the bug hit. A year later I relocated to Halifax Nova Scotia and it was around then when I first found out about MGS. It was an article about the Cobra Amp Cell pro irons that encouraged a silly purchase in these clubs as they were just stunning and I figured I may be able to play my game into making them work for me. Not so slowly golf started to consume my life and the equipment side of things particularly interested me. Now there are very few MGS articles I don’t read and anywhere I travel and can bring my clubs I do! MGS has also become a larger part of life as I’ve been extremely fortunate to take part in 2 years previously and play with @nunfa0 in NZ twice and look forward to hopefully playing with more of you in the future! It is an amazing community and I am very thankful to be a part of! Here is a link to my whats in the bag over the years. Lots of changes over the years. A little about my game is I feel I am a pretty solid player. My handicap hovers around a 10 and my weakest part is easily off the tee. The i210 have helped my game immensely and the more I use the Stroke Lab the more I like it! My swing speed hovers around 100 and most launch monitors I’ve been on read ball speed more accurately. I am really looking forward to hopefully getting some more speed which I hope will help my game off the tee. I’ll also link the i210 review as it has a lot of iron numbers and should help give another good recap of anything more you may want to dive into. For anyone who wants to follow along you can on instagram @apolloshowl. Finally the nugget at the end of all of this is that I am going to go in for a full driver fit and get myself a new big stick with all this new found speed!
  15. Not sure if you're Canadian based but the older tp5 pix are stupid cheap at the moment and a great ball if you can deal with the look
  16. I think there are a few, but I think especially for when I do get back to golf it's to not try and overpower anything for a while and simply ease my way back... So in short be smart and play safe. Haven't been on a course in a while so at the moment I don't have just one.
  17. All depends on the person. I haven't used the new ones but the old ones I got a few times. Not a bad club as far as it does what it says on the the tin, but are very big and chunky which they are suppose to be. I've seen a lot fair few move into then who want a easier, high launching club that is a fraction of the price from other offerings.
  18. So this morning it was pouring rain.. complete downpoor and about 40. Cleared up was quite nice and sunny with a bit of a breeze. Clouds rolled in and had a complete whiteout blizzard for a out 20 minutes which then turned right back to sun shine followed by some hail and we'll now we are sunny with a nice evening sky. I think the weather is about as confused as all of us during this weird time.
  19. I'm currently in the 2 iron category with a 2 g410 crossover. Absolutely love it, however with all that being said I will be open and willing to look at a hybrid for this upcoming season. Currently Cobra is top of the list for it's versatility. The crossover has been a great club and when I'm on with it hard to find a better club for me off the tee, that being said it does have moments where it's well tricky.
  20. Try saving the photo as a compressed size. We have to do this in reviews because the true photo size is too big and would take forever to load. A simple app like Pixlr is the one I have used... Save the picture and it gives a option for pixel sizes. Pretty sure I had to do that with my profile pictire too. Hope this helps... As for the 4% I have no idea. Yours looks pretty complete and done up!
  21. Nothing too special but managed a great deal on older tp5 pix... No not the best looking ball but at 29 a dozen Canadian hard to pass up when they are normally 60+
  22. Now for the rest of the top end of the bag!
  23. @Shankster you would be able to find some pretty cool and remote courses that way. I'm guessing a GCquad would be on deck? Even have some out at sea targets? You may be on to something
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