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  1. To throw out a hypothetical here- if this was a keeper with any and everyone in play how high is charlie woods going in the draft? Not likely but does he go higher then Tiger?
  2. Although not official official I do want to congratulate @ChiefMikeOfficer on this BIG win! A stellar week and amazing season through and through. Happy to get top 4 of 56 teams and a division title, so nothing to be sad about. Thank you to @Berg Ryman @Bucky CC @STUDque @Undershooter for all your work this year, its greatly appreciated and cannot be done without you! Now secretly I am hoping for the Bills to go off for so we see a record week scoring and I can feel better about the finals loss!
  3. With that i believe I am truly out. No double fantasy win, but a great season nonetheless!
  4. Going to take a 40 point performance from some QB's, a really good WR performance and the Bill's to do not so well. Its a lot to ask for and I doubt anyone will catch up, but he's had one of the best teams all year. With Chubb, Kamara and Robinson a good chance one of them did really well... never expected 60 but they were likely good for 80+ just between those 3 players.
  5. Guess i have to hope Gibson goes off and actually plays. Does take a lot of the stress off!
  6. Merry Christmas all and hope everyone is able to enjoy the holidays!
  7. Two things are on my list at the moment- One I saw a leak of new ping i59 irons I believe and well my jaw hit the floor. So nice and can't wait for a proper update. Second is a driver, I have my Epic Flash Sub Zero which is good and has worked well, but I am ready for a update and when the new ones come here for fit carts I will be sure to go in and see whats going to be best. Till then just keep waiting!
  8. I think we all are awaiting some injury clarification. Me with Gibson, others with Diggs and Robinson. I only have 3 WR so that is staying as I've been riding them all season for better or for worse. Lockett is troubling, so so much potential yet has a low floor. I can't not play him, but I don't feel comfortable with it. My only hope is that DK gets locked up by Ramsey which leaves Lockett for another 20 targets during his 50 pt performance.
  9. Looks like we have all tentatively set our championship lineups Apolloshowl B.Boston PAGolfer2017 Chief Mike Officer QB K. Murray J. Hurts P. Rivers J. Allen RB D. Cook J. Robinson D. Montgomery N. Chubb RB A. Gibson W. Gallman J. Jacobs A. Kamara WR C. Ridley AJ. Brown B. Aiyuk S. Diggs WR AJ. Brown C. Ridley T. Lockett M. Evans FLX T. Lockett B. Aiyuk M. Evans J. Robinson TE A. Hooper
  10. Waivers processed and looks like we will have some Jalen Hurts starting! Everyone made at least 2 changes so far.
  11. As mentioned both have their pros and cons. Best ball is definitely more forgiving and rewards the best overall team, certainly less "luck" involved and having multiple chances at players scoring. Start sit simply requires more attention and well luck with picking the right players and not leaving someone big on your bench. I go between both formats and kinda lean towards start sit for the managing aspect of it. That being said with such a large league having best ball is probably the best format for a longer season with so many players. Will this season align with the tour ch
  12. I think you have to look at waivers in order to be successful. Hard to stick with the same players all the time and matchups matter. Think next year I'll be going harder for a more reliable TE, it's been a nightmare season and figured I had 2 solid options but just so inconsistent... Kelce vs the falcons is a dream matchup.
  13. Have to say I love how is come down with the divisions and 4 way super bowl. Especially with the teams being so different and secretly my favorite part is I have the WHOLE waiver wire to myself... Thankfully because I also have 0 budget. Time to find a gem if Gibson isn't ready to go. Also looking at kicker... Maybe and the final decision on which TE to play. This is easily the best fantasy group I've been a part of and will be sad when it's over next week. To get some sympathy votes i will say this would be the perfect Christmas gift, with a weird holiday where my partner is back i
  14. I'm ready to go back to back! Ready to take on the best!
  15. So I forgot to set my pickem before sunday... and I already used Pittsburg... and I have 2 strikes. Lets go Cincy! Welp
  16. And i was very concerned because I left fant in the bench with 20.8 points... That is fantasy though. Lots of extra bench points this week.
  17. Maybe the most nerve wracking weekend I've ever experienced! Absolutely crazy and hats off to the Bucky division. Tight games with some big scores. I'll do us as proud as I can! Definitely agree with the format, this year has been run really well and with all the teams just been awesome. Maybe if we were to expand I would suggest a spot be given to the highest point scorer in a division?
  18. That's awesome! Hope all is well down there and curious what you walked out with other then an amazing memory?
  19. Fingers crossed for a Sunday miracle, but I'm not overly confident. Gibson is it which hurts, he's been awesome this year and my favorite surprise player. In goes edwards and have to hope Dobbins fumbles a few. Either way the winner of bucky I do think will win it all!
  20. Bucky Division I think may have already been decided by @poprocksncoke Great week to have 3 players go big! Starting my lineup down 84 points is not a confidence inspiring situation.
  21. Apparently I haven't needed to buy golf balls in a while! Project (a) was a good line that I enjoyed. Will maybe give the tour response a try next season when I run out of my srixons.
  22. Project S going thr same route? Good news is we may be able to find good deals on them!
  23. @StrokerAce and @STUDque Thank you both for all the time and effort put into the forum and as many have said all the behind the scenes work over the last several years. This is an amazing community and you both are a huge part of getting it to this place where it is. Looking forward to seeing how your where next adventures take you! Cheers
  24. Before we get into the big finish of the season a big thanks to all the commissioners for their efforts and work throughout the season. Another new platform with I am sure a lot of challenges in the background. Also to all those who made a effort this season thank you. This is a huge league and just awesome to take part in. I know not everyone loved the MFL site and I will say their app is less then ideal, however the site was okay. If we go back to fantrax that will be fine with me as well. Both have there good and bad points, but I may give a bit of a edge to MFL as it does offer a ton in te
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