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  1. Taking a look over the site it's phenomenal what they offer and just the sheer amount of options. It is interesting how there are no stock shaft offerings (at least what i saw) everything is extra, which can't say is a bad thing or I'm surprised, but wonder why they don't have stock offerings which would be no upcharge in some cases? 

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  2. I wish it wasn't the case having to write off weeks, but it's a Long season and with this format of 10 matches it shouldn't hurt and help anyone too much. That being said I'll be happy with winning 2-3 matched this week. Makes for 2 bad weeks, but hope my team is strong enough through the main schedule and FedEx cup to make a good run at the title!

  3. 7 hours ago, ACA_619 said:

    i feel like the conversation drifted a bit from the OP but it is what it is. Certainly happy to see the "winner" on there but SIM results are interesting given the huge amount of SIM drivers i'm seeing course and in bags on the ranges.

    I believe a lot of that also has to do with just how popular TM is. They have a huge following, top tier marketing and are a generally good looking club. I believe an average consumer would be drawn to them or Callaway withouth much thought. Regardless of where they end up on the most wanted they will likely always be purchased more then say Titleist, Cobra and even Ping. For me personally I would like to try out the PXG 0211 and Mizuno series given their price and compare it towards the Sim and new Epic. If there isn't a great difference between them then I wont be spending the extra money for them. 
    I have a feeling a lot of people with be in a similar situation as me and we may start to see some of those other brands in more bags as the price differences are just so big now. 

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  4. 16 minutes ago, B.Boston said:

    Sorry dog... Matty is most certainly NOT human. 😂

    True, but they are a bit more picky with with their shots and Ian/him know his swing so well it's scary. 

    Also realizing the poor english used in my post, but not about to go change it. Computer is set up for german and would take too long to go back through... Think the just of my point is made.

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  5. Hope for a quick recovery, but happy to hear you got the vaccine! Have fingers crossed the vaccines come fast and furious here soon, but not holding my breath to get it anytime in the next year. 
    And hope for a even better round when you play with all of them!

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  6. I had a set of the JPX EZ Forged. Got a great deal on them and ended up selling them to a friend after I got my Ping e1 set. 
    From what I recall here are a few notes to pass along. The feel was not like a typical forged club, but still smooth and decent sounding. They also had great distance and consistency. Loved loved the soul of the club, was kinda rounded off both the front and back edges and proved phenominal turf interaction that was much slimmer then the Ping e1 irons. The finish wasn't amazing and faded, but still in the bag were a good looking club. Now here comes the not so great, the top line even though they tried to edge it back was thick and the main reason why I didn't keep them. They just didnt suit my eye, although where it really got to me was the shorter irons, they just looked really big and well chunky. Again thats a looks thing so everyone is different. They are smaller and therefore to me much more appealing then the normal EZ's. Finally again this is personal, but the shaft I had just didn't get along with me. They were off the rack and I am sure I different shaft may have helped, pretty sure its was the XP 95's which I don't get along with. 
    Anyway there were a lot of things I liked about them, but some of the asthetics just kinda weren't my cup of tea. The performance was great and my friend has had some of his best rounds ever with them, hes around a 8 or 9 handicap and loves them. 
    I have some comparisons photos in my Ping i210 review here that may be worth checking out if youre interested. 

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  7. 1 minute ago, cnosil said:

    Reading that makes me hapoy that I have 6 in this weeks event; provided Berger’s rib injury doesn’t convince him to drop out.

    And funny enough all the trades I have been looking at making all involve Berger.

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  8. Looking through most ppl have between 2-4 taking part this week. I looked at ways to up mine from 2 but won't be dropping anyone so maybe look at making a trade work, but not holding my hopes up.

  9. Just now, Josh Ross said:

    For some reason waivers didn't process at 1:00 AM eastern. I still have a pending claim that says it'll process today at 1:00 AM which was almost 6 hours ago. I usually wake up to a bunch of emails of newly available golfers but nothing. First time it has done that this year that I know of.

    None of mine have gone through either... not sure whats going on. 

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  10. 1 minute ago, fixyurdivot said:

    I'm pretty sure I won all but a couple of my matches but fell in the standings 🤔.  When I select the "points" option, it looks better... so I'll just look at that one 🤣.

    Only have my four second string guys in this week but, aside from Harman who has been a stud thus far, Hughes, Griffin, and Thompson need to step it up.  Or... maybe package them up for a OWGR top 10 player?

    I went 4-6 this week... not bad considering I only had 3 make the cut. But more importantly I am still only 4 games back of 1st which was what I was going into the week... although now there are more teams ahead and to make matters more difficult I am only have 2 in the field this week. Good thing its a long season although sucks that this will be the 2nd lost week for me this season (week 2 was lost due to only have 2 in the field as well)

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  11. 15 hours ago, blackngold_blood said:

    Ok fellas. I’m bored sitting here waiting for my Hawkeyes to take on the Illini. So let’s do some trading lol

    It pains me but my guy Rory seems to struggle whenever I own him in fantasy so I’m gonna field offers for him. Just to put it out there right off the bat, if your offer doesn’t include at least 1 guy inside the top 20 OWGR, there is no need to hit submit. This is Rory freaking McIlroy after all!  I have no specific interests in mind but won’t just give him away just to cure my boredom. 

    Also looking to pick up Woodland or Fowler in a smaller deal and willing to use any of my non big 4 to make a deal work

    You have me intrigued... I'll look at cooking something up that may solve the rickie and top 20 itch.

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  12. 21 minutes ago, JonMUSC08 said:

    Not sure if its just me but Fantrax site ALWAYS seems slow...

    I have had my struggles with it at times, but it is the only site that will work for a league as big as ours and has been very accommodating in the past with any issues we have had as well as worked with us to make some site improvements so I'll forgive them if they are a little slow with updates. I mean I tried to watch some of it yesterday and felt like I had watched 4 shots and 400 commercials and felt like I was getting better updates via the website then the actual coverage. This was before the went to their main coverage schedule. 
    Crazy what one day can do... still some big numbers being posted and some surprise names at the top of the leaderboard.  My new lineup is loosing a lot of matchups so far... although to be fair my traded away players haven't faired too much better. 

  13. 32 minutes ago, terry66 said:

    well when companies say they stand behind the quality of their products they should do so, otherwise its cross their fingers and hope you reach the two year mark! Really im just pissed it cracked😂

    Completely understand the frustration. When I worked in a pro shop we had someone who legit broke 2 TM drivers, they replaced the first and after said nope you're on your own now. Needless to say he was fuming.

    It sucks, truly does but still hope they get back to you with some sort of solution. 

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  14. 14 minutes ago, TCUFrog said:

    Is anyone else's live scoring not working?

    Mine hasn't updated in a while. Just going to wait it out for a bit. Hopefully back soonish

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  15. 8 minutes ago, blackngold_blood said:

    I would like to formally apologize to all the other Finau owners since apparently the idea of joining my team really bummed him out!  +6 today wow

    Gotta love Rory +7, Finau +6, Kuchar, +4, Poston +4, Scheffler +2, and JT -1.  Kinda makes me wonder if JT didn’t get the same message my other guys did! Suck the first round then stage massive comebacks! 😂

    As soon as I saw rory and Finau posting high numbers i thought of your team. Looks like a tough day, but always time to turn it around Friday.

    Poor Rickie... Just feel bad for the guy, maybe he will be a token good luck charm on my team.

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