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  1. I have certainly been the opposite, I have felt a bit sluggish and the results have been steady. Not really any big changes and the highs certainly haven't been super high. Its a plateau that hopefully will break through. Definitely have noticed that more rotation helps or atleast what feels like more rotation, I haven't seen what effect it has on the course as of yet though.
  2. This is going to be such a tough season drafting with so many potential new young guys coming in... however MFL has a great link to a mock draft which takes only minutes to do. Even gives you a grade after you have finished. So far I have a 88/100 and 93/100... think I may know where I could like to be in the draft, but who knows!
  3. I believe I have just found my next driving for next May!
  4. Not sure I have ever been this nervous for Fantasy golf/football in my life. I really hope I can have a few sneak into a good spot which can propel my results forward. Hard part is I still can't watch golf with no TV for at least another week or two.
  5. Good to know. Well in the back of my mind I will be thinking about what would a great really bad player to pick up each week would be. Well to those who participated last year it was good fun and maybe another day down the road it will return. In anyway time to start looking into mock drafts, do we know when the draft order will be announced?
  6. Is there a circus league or are we doing away with that for the season?
  7. Sorry for this, but am I correct in this being the final few weeks? I know we are following the FedEx cup, but will the season continue to the US Open? Again my apologies, just wanting to get set for the last bit. I did go through and read the thread, but just wanting to make sure I have a complete understanding since I think there is a slight chance I may have a shot at winning this thing.
  8. For those looking for some more content be sure to check out @SuperSpeed Golf youtube channel as they have added a ton of videos over the last few days that go over a range of topics!
  9. I think with the addition of the Sheep Ranch Bandon would be my clear choice. Don't get me wrong pebble would be amazing and a incredible experience, but Bandon has my vote.
  10. Been fun catching up on all the goings in and Challenges. Seems like a tricky one this week. My round tomorrow will be quite the opposite at a pitch and putt so thinking I bring putter and 2 maybe 3 clubs haha Good luck for those this weekend and interested to see how it all shakes out.
  11. We are just heading into playoffs now so the field is full, but be sure to look for it next season as it keeps getting bigger and better each year!
  12. Interesting to see the cut line for playoffs being right at .500. Everyone above 500 made playoffs and below missed out. I think that format with everyone playing everyone worked out well. Lots of volatility up and down the leaderboard and kept things interesting till the end. I do agree with @blackngold_blood that having to pick your players should be something we consider for future seasons. I know it would have effected my season results and likely not for the better. However with how weird this year was and the whole break and such it was a great format to have all qualify for t
  13. To answer yes they should still be available in fit carts as they are still current products for both ping and Titleist. As said above if it's working stick with it! Quite often shafts can be on the expensive end so you'll have to weigh whether it's worth the price just for a shaft, however upcharge when you buy a new driver are often a little better and prices easier to swallow. Sounds like you are in a decent mindset going in and if it's confirmation you want you can also reach out to TXG (as a member) and ask or go through TGF here on MGS and see what comes up for you.
  14. Had a decent night. Seems like I am settling in a bit. Not getting those super high numbers, but do feel a bit stiff. Been a long week and not surprised at the numbers being where they are. Another hot day here so wore two gloves which helped. Did a full video which I'll edit and post in the next couple days when I have a decent internet connection!
  15. Logged in... Looks promising! I know fantrax had it's issues, but do want to give them a bit of a shout out as they worked hard with us and we're very receptive to feedback and input.
  16. Ping does offer them in steel, but they do change up the specs a bit. I have the 410s and went with graphite option, but steel is available. Pretty sure they make them a inch shorter in steel and something else. Love these clubs and don't see them in many bags sadly.
  17. Hopefully a good crowd for the circus league... That was a lot of fun and a good change up to normal formats
  18. I have found others progress interesting compared to mine. Whether it was a big jump to start or a quicker plateau and so on. I found mine more gradual, in part it's because I am also learning techniques on simply swinging faster which may be in part why I see small gains here and there. I didn't notice a big sustainable jump to start off, but instead saw it close to week 4 I believe. I have also worked hard on getting small but personal bests with green in particular. My hope is that at some point I see 140. I've done 137 so it's not that far away!
  19. If you are having them bent 1* degree flatter from 5* upright to 4* upright you will see a slightly more fade bias ball flight. Hopefully this is what you are aiming for. Again as stated above no fitter or club builder would recommend bending more then 2 degrees from your standard which is 5* upright. This gives you a range of 3-7 degrees upright to play with. Ping customer service is top notch and they recommend sending them in to be adjusted, once that is done then will change the color dot for you and mark it in the system for your clubs serial number so they know what has been
  20. The ping chart is a great starting point. I think the question you should be asking is what is your ball flight looking like? I am guessing you are RH so having a large upright club will help fight a a slice or ball flight to the right and promote a more left ball flight. When talking lie angle think ball flight and what you are wanting rather then straight lie angle. 5 degree upright is pretty extreme so it is likely that going a bit flatter may suite you more with your swing changes, but that's not to say your current setup isn't still good for you. For example, I am 6 foot
  21. Kneeling swings are rough! Just a fyi do recommend the rain gloves for them. Swung good and hard and slipped a bit both grip and knee placement which did not feel good, but all is okay!
  22. This is a quick sample of some lefty and righty swings from this evening's session. It was incredibly hot out today and waiting for it to cool off before I got to them. I did this video after I completed the protocol and used the blue stick. Don't exactly remember the numbers, but left handed swings were 115 range and second right handed swing was 113. I have both the swing radar and PRGR set up, although I only base my numbers off the swing radar as that's what I started my protocols with. I got the PRGR after and use it as a back up and see how similar they are. Generally th
  23. Okay with the big move done and a lot more settled I have still managed to complete a week full of protocol with kneeling swings. Part way through week 2 now and will do what I can to make up that 2 sessions that were lost in the move. That being said I have a great area for doing them with the only downside being it's way too hot after the mornings so they need to be done early. Videos and pictures will be dropping by end of day tomorrow as well.
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