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  1. Have to admit I love the 105's. I've tried many different shafts and really fell in love with the 105 for my swing. I don't like having to really go after them and it just feels so smooth. I certainly agree don't buy before hitting, saves time frustration and money but for me the 105s are a dream shaft that changed my game for the better.
  2. My parents were both nurses and when staffing called I thought that staffing was a person and couldn't understand why they always had a different voice.
  3. Happy with my picks,but lots of those who went BK Adam Scott which are threatening my position. Lots of golf left!
  4. This is a crazy week. Such a mess on so many fronts and some crazy cards out there. Happy I had two make the cut with only one on the bench who is doing well. Bubba missing the cut by one kinda stings, but should be good final matchups going into the weekend.
  5. Certainly isn't the greatest coverage. Would love to see them jump around a bit. Like this group, but would love to see others along the way. Have to go to work in a hour so definitely not going to feel as though I'm missing out
  6. Using range balls is a lot harder on your clubs unless the range has pretty new balls that aren't scuffed up. A lot of clubs also have a finish over to which wears (ping hydropearl) and shows more wear them is actually there
  7. Do the 9 who picked Thomas get a revote? Just saw he withdrew.
  8. Nice bag! Great pictures as well.
  9. It is! Had a lot of fun playing around with the weights and seeing how different it made the putter feel. Was drastic between top and bottom. Be curious to see if anyone comes out with something similar.
  10. After getting chosen to test the Stroke Lab putter I was silly excited to get the ball rolling. I was fortunate enough to be chosen to do the testing and review for the i210 last year, but was having a difficult time finding ideas for how to make a putter review more exciting. So in a lead up to stage one I thought I would build a bit of hype and introduce the Challengers. This was admittedly heavily inspired by the Cobra Connect Pre Challenge Thread which has been a blast to read and see how they are all doing along the way. Over the years I have had many putters from a few different manufacturers. One of which was my first big putter purchase. This was the Nike Method Mod 60. Isn’t she stunning? This putter is gorgeous and feels phenomenal. When it comes to simplicity and just pure aesthetics this one is pretty hard to beat. The big toe hang on it helps with a nice arcing stroke. As well as the RZN insert softens what could be a harder clicks sound. All in all this is a worthy challenger and a absolute beauty to look at. How will she fair against the Stroke Lab ____________ putter? Almost gotcha didn’t I? The Second Challenger is another Nike Putter. However could not be any more opposite then Method Mod 60. This is the Nike Method S1-12 38” Counterbalance putter. Although maybe not as pretty, this baby is packed full of tech. With a unique counter balance grip that allows you to move the balance of the weight to any desired position you see fit. This was a great innovation by Nike and to my knowledge hasn’t been repeated in any other putter since. When it comes to shaft technology which is a likely the key to the Stroke Lab putters, this one may be the best to give it a run for its money! A bigger head (which allows for easy ball scoopage) is evenly balanced and makes squaring up the face a dream. The simple red T alignment is easy to pick up and one of my favourite features in this putter. Then we get the face itself. A Nike insert has a muted and soft feel that by no means pops off the face, but gives a good feeling at impact which is also silly forgiving. It takes a bit to get use to, but once you do it gives you great feedback. Challenger number 2 is the real deal and may have the most tech of any putter in the lineup. Third up is the Ping Ketsch Mid Cadence TR. Big long name for a pretty small putter! This simple putter has a small unique shape with decent head weight. Much like the Method Mod 60 this isn’t a flashy putter with a ton of bells or whistles, but simple groove face tech and some weight in the sole which allows for a sensational solid feel. A classic Ping grip is the only skinny grip in the line up, but is also has the lightest feel among all the putters in my opinion. It’s simple alignment and squat head makes for a confident looking putter, which offers forgiveness, feel and good looks to complete the package. The Ketsch Mid may be the most underrated putter amongst the four. Finally we have the current gamer, which has been pushed the whole way by the other three, never quite feeling too comfortable as there is always another putter in the closet waiting to dethrone her. Here we have the Ping Sigma G Tyne. Another face balanced putter coming in at 36” with two long silver fangs. Loaded with face tech and a unique Ping pistol grip, she may not have the most amazing feel and sound, but she makes putts. Pings truroll face is at its best here, with large fangs that help square up the face to the hole with ease. The Sigma G Tyne would definitely be considered the favourite of the bunch to outlast any new challenger, but with the most head weight of any there is certainly a knack to fast greens with her. So there you have it folks, those are the challengers. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts as I’d love to hear them in lead up to stage one and beyond!
  11. Love me them z stars! Good luck to those testers who are chosen. I know how I feel about them, but will be awesome to see what your findings are. Good luck to all that apply!
  12. A little luck would be nice! But I'd be fine with a split holding that last playoff spot for the moment. It is 8 each side that qualify? I know I should just look it up, but up till a few weeks ago I didn't think I had a chance haha Now that I've looked it up. Top 6.
  13. Another withdrawal this week... Got lucky last week but hoping for a split this week. And that leishman gets better and continues a strong(ish) season.
  14. Would love to see it. I definitely trust the data they already provided, but would be awesome to see live.
  15. Yup it is. Plus you can exclude rounds from you stats if you like. Not exactly sure how it calculates handicap overall. I do know it puts a heavy enphasis on strokes gained.
  16. I've played a wide range from short par 3/4 courses to championship courses. Scores have ranged from 75-91 (excluding the par 3/4 course) with a lot of low 80s and high 70s in there.
  17. It's why I'm super stoked to try the stroke lab putter to see if it can help improve some more. Putting has always been the strongest part of my game and very much a savior. Side note I'm curious to what everyone's thoughts on the handicap that arccos gives. I love the breakdown, but the overall is way off for me. I'm just about staying in singles around 9, but arccos has me at a 1.4 which would be lovely if true however is not.
  18. I know the feeling! Early in the season here so lots of time to get some personal bests out there!
  19. For all involved in the Cobra challenge and really anyone else using arccos care to share your names so we can follow along via the arccos app? It's pretty cool cause you can follow rounds and stats for everyone. I have a few fellow spies that are already following. If anyone is interested mine is Jamie Danbrook
  20. None off the top of my head. They were really good with working with us to help the league run smoothly. The draft was a issue, but they worked to resolve it which was great. Although the system was a little different it worked well and was pretty straight forward to work with. I'm sure something will come up, but until then I was very happy, impressed and had a lot of fun.
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