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  1. Mark another f7 user here. Thing is a go to club all the time. I will be giving the f9 a good run soon enough as well to see if it keeps up!
  2. Solid week overall... Got some luck with DJ shooting 6 over and have slowly worked my way back up the standings to the middle of the pack. Still a long road Ahead but things are looking a bit more promising
  3. Have to say going from the trusty Rusty's which dont have a whole lot of bounce to the glide wedges which have a significant amount it made a huge difference. So much easier ... Still have the cobras, but can't see myself going back anytime soon unless I have them bent to give more loft and more bounce. Thanks for posting the video, very informative
  4. Great photos and setup!
  5. Ill second some corded grips as well. Whether it is golf pride or lamkin I swear by mine. Great grip in all conditions especially if your hands get a little sweaty. Also golf pride mcc plus 4 are a great grip. Also there will likely be some follow up with this from the chosen few soon!
  6. Sounds like a ton of fun! Wish we had something like that around here. For me I would be going 3 wood, 6 iron, 8 iron, gap and putter. Although the idea certainly has me thinking!
  7. Your first name: Jamie State/Province: Nova Scotia Your current model of putter: Ping Sigma Tyne Is putting a strength or weakness of your game: Definitely a strength of my game.  
  8. Congrats guys! Looking forward to the reviews... Been a great driver in some fittings so can't wait to see how you all get along with it! thanks
  9. @blackngold_blood given me something to think on... I do think Rickie will play more often the rose. Too bad you didn't hold onto JT!
  10. I like your thinking... Always good to keep things fresh. Much like buying fancy new golf clubs!
  11. Congrats all! Well done and hopefully my picks for the pga don't bomb out like they did this time around. Thanks for all the hard work stud and thanks to Wilson this is an incredible competition and a ton of fun.
  12. Thanks for sharing... Just wow. Not even sure what to say. Incredible
  13. Give this a read through. It has a bunch of us give some thoughts on the hot metal pro irons. Also a search of "hot metal pro" will bring up a few more threads where some discussion about them have taken place including a few who have bought them! BTW I would say awesome irons! But demo and fit would help a lot with any decisions.
  14. Turning point in the season for Apolloshowl? I hope so. Great week to go 4-1!
  15. Wow that was just awesome. So happy got to see a chance to watch most all of it. Congrats to Tiger... Amazing for him and amazing for golf.
  16. Haha definitely not going to be me winning. Also forgot exactly who I picked... Yikes I've certainly had better weeks. However my fantasy team is on a bit of a roll. Can't win them all! Also cannot wait for it to get started today. We are in a fun curling tournament this weekend and in a C semi final, however both teams don't want to win because we would have to play during the last bit of the Masters. Hopefully our team is worse today haha
  17. Likely I'd go to UA throughout. Love most of there stuff now anyway and it just seems to fit really well.
  18. Looking like a possible 3-2 which I'll definitely take. All 4 made the cut which is somewhat surprising given that Fitzpatrick had a horrible round 1 but turned it around. Have to admit this fantasy golf is some if the most fun and frustrating thing all at the same time. Hard to cheer for a couple guys way up on the leaderboard because my opponents have them.
  19. Great to see it is working out for you. I can't wait to get out and start golfing... Hopefully next weekend and hopefully going to see some progress with arccos!
  20. I'll get some pictures next time I'm in the store, but we had a local guy from Truro Nova Scotia come in and promote some of his custom putters. I was delighted to see he also makes a lefty model. Really nice feel and solid product overall. Here is a link if anyone wants to check them out. May see if I can take one out to the course and give it a go! https://www.sgcputters.com/flatsticks-c1v54 Nice seeing some Canadian made product!
  21. Wife comes home .... Hey darling can we watch... Oh right it's the Masters nevermind. See you Sunday night!
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