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  1. It is a good few! However it's not quite as tiny as most think. Thankfully being in Halifax I'm about half way to everywhere. To Cabot courses it's about 4.5 hour drive. To the southern tip it's a bit over 3 hours and about 1.5 hours to New Brunswick. We are stupid fortunate to have a lot of great courses, not all are amazing and many suffered a bad winter and spring, but here is to hoping we get some better weather soon!
  2. To start this year it's been the first year in several that I'm working full time in the summer. I have a great career that is really only full on during the winter. This year I got some summer work at a local shop doing some fittings and club repair to help broaden my golfing world. However it's come at the cost of playing a lot of golf. So this year I wanted to see how many course I could play in Nova Scotia with my days off as well as see how many I can play to start the season without repeating! So far so good I am 5 for 5. With my first round with the Odyssey Stroke Lab for the review on Tuesday... Where is up for debate. For those who are interested here is a link to nearly all the course in Nova Scotia. https://www.golfmax.ca/Golf-Courses/Nova-Scotia-Golf-Courses.shtml I have Lost Creek, Chester, Osprey Ridge, Aspotogan (new 9 hole course) and Granite Springs so far. Also playing both Northumberland Links and Fox Harb'r this weekend which I cannot wait for. So for all those who like the idea or want to chime in with suggestions along the way let me know! Other courses I will end up playing at some point this season are Digby Pines, Sherwood, Brunello, Grandview and both Ashburn Courses. I live in Halifax and would love to play all the Cabot courses, but that would have to wait till October when the rates are more reasonable. Thanks for reading and hope to hear some suggestions!
  3. He's on my bench too. He was considered for the spot gay took, but really was all guess work.
  4. Completely agree! This will be really unique to see how they perform. Good luck to all that apply!
  5. Not that it is a big deal, but should I be playing the same team in two matchups?
  6. Definitely fills out your team. Was happy to use some of that depth for hopefully a solid starting 4-6 guys. Will be really interesting to see how the next few weeks play out. Is there a trade deadline?
  7. Hoping at some point they get on a roll. Feel like there is enough depth there to get something done. Time will tell!
  8. Here is to hoping... Needed some sort of change else I was going to get stuck in 9th spot on the outside looking in. Playoff push!
  9. Just wet. Been a rough start to the season, but soon should see the weather turn for the better.
  10. @Nunfa0 how do you find the f9 3 wood to the trusty f7?
  11. It's been a while since I used the Nike, but you're right they were dead on. Not sure I'll make the switch for today round, but it may be there best to put head to head against the stroke lab
  12. For those who are looking forward to the stroke lab review here is a video done this evening with the tyne. There are 3 others on the channel with putting to give you a little idea of my stroke. Hope you all enjoy! Let me know if there is more you want to see other then on course which will be coming! I'll also let you know it's not just putting, for those who watch you'll be in for a little suprose that should make you all laugh.
  13. Interesting, care to explain a little further? Was it the stroke lab shaft? Or did it just feel that good?
  14. Have to admit I love the 105's. I've tried many different shafts and really fell in love with the 105 for my swing. I don't like having to really go after them and it just feels so smooth. I certainly agree don't buy before hitting, saves time frustration and money but for me the 105s are a dream shaft that changed my game for the better.
  15. My parents were both nurses and when staffing called I thought that staffing was a person and couldn't understand why they always had a different voice.
  16. Happy with my picks,but lots of those who went BK Adam Scott which are threatening my position. Lots of golf left!
  17. This is a crazy week. Such a mess on so many fronts and some crazy cards out there. Happy I had two make the cut with only one on the bench who is doing well. Bubba missing the cut by one kinda stings, but should be good final matchups going into the weekend.
  18. Certainly isn't the greatest coverage. Would love to see them jump around a bit. Like this group, but would love to see others along the way. Have to go to work in a hour so definitely not going to feel as though I'm missing out
  19. Using range balls is a lot harder on your clubs unless the range has pretty new balls that aren't scuffed up. A lot of clubs also have a finish over to which wears (ping hydropearl) and shows more wear them is actually there
  20. Do the 9 who picked Thomas get a revote? Just saw he withdrew.
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