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  1. I mentioned it in the lefty thread, but TC from NLU is going the entire season lefty included their tourist sauce season. Had some really good and interesting reasons behind it and will be amazing to watch. I may be able to scrounge up a right handed set in a week or so and give it a try for those who may be interested. I'm thinking only 9 holes though haha
  2. Anyone feel they could make a solid effort at going opposite handed for a round or two after this? I don't mind my swing speed numbers, but I feel making contact would be a whole other issue, however the swing feels a lot better then I would have figured. Oh and reached 130! With the green stocks! Still waiting for 120 with the driver with a few at 119.
  3. I am in favor of anything that will help a lefty
  4. Can't wait to get my bigger names firing away. So far they have been let downs and the back ups have been on fire!
  5. Overall love the TP5 ball. Great feel, distance control and everything else. It is pricy compared to the Arizona Z stars for me which play a big part, however! The older TP5 Pix has gone on sale for half price and lower so that's been my go to ball for this season so far. Will be interesting to see how you fair with it and how you liken it to some others such as the Z star. Does price play a part in your reviewing it?
  6. Sad part is that was just the way home. We took a short cut of 5500km to get there haha Want to shout out @SuperSpeed Golf again they sent out a second set to me because the first one was lost and they were incredibly accommodating as well as helpful throughout the delay.
  7. Week #2 Recap- June 10-17 The Numbers Start/End Light N/D Med N/D Heavy N/D Final MAX 102 111 103 116 101 114 99 110 122 104 109 104 114 101 114 98 108 119 103 114 104 120 101 118 100 114 124 I haven't put in the StepChange, however for those who want to see them let me know and I can. Short version of this week was it included 6300KM of driving, including a stretch that was 34 hours long with 4.5 hours of sleep and a lot of co
  8. Anyone see the NLU news that Mr. TC will be going lefty for the entire season. Tourist sauce and everything! So excited to see his progression and the content that comes of it.
  9. Want to apologise for being a little late with the update. We just finished doing a little drive hehe I'll have a full recap up tomorrow of the week. A down week to say the least, had a ton going on and well very little sleep along with many other things, however I got all the protocols completed and we are onto week #3 with some high expectations. A little golf in there too which was fun and although the speeds weren't quite as quick I have noticed more balanced and feel more stable. Especially with off handed swings, so take the good with the great and still seeing overa
  10. I desperately want a new driver even though the epic Sub zero has been great for me, however I'm holding back because I know when this is finished I'd need something different. It's a great carrot at the end for me though. Also will feel well deserved. So many good options out there... Any chance you have friends with Callaway drivers that you could slip their shaft in for a round or two?
  11. Definitely seems that way... I definitely prefer a heavier shaft and don't get along very well light weight shafts from a timing perspective. Any chance you can go to a bay or fitting room to put a different shaft or two in your mavrick?
  12. I think the bit of rest is helpful. I have been using them for warm-ups and just overall getting loose before rounds. They did mention they have had ppl try protocols more frequently, but it didn't produce greater results
  13. From the call we had with Superspeed they did mention that results will vary and 5% is usual to start if memory serves so the fact you are at 107 isn't too far off. I'm sure with a bit more time and sessions you will see good speed gains. If you have any specific concerns you can @SuperSpeed Golf and they will help address those concerns...however after one session I wouldn't be too concerned at all.
  14. Week 1 Update: June 9th Week one has been completed and so far so good! Here is a little breakdown of the numbers and a few things I have noticed. You can also check out the spreadsheet at the top of the page for all the testers current progress as we go along. This one takes only our fastest of the week. Quick thanks to @jlukes for the template above! We also do the step change and numbers went as follows Step Change Green Dominant -118/121/123 Green ND- 104/107/108 Step Change Blue Dominant -114/117/120 Blue ND - 104/105/106 Step Change Red Dom
  15. I am. I'm right handed but do all swinging sports left (golf, hockey, lacrosse, baseball, tennis and sweeping in curling) In part for me it was we always played hockey left so it was natural to move to a left golf swing, but I'm also right eye dominant and that plays a part for me. It's weird having your dominate eye behind and throws my visual off.
  16. Hoping to get out again this week to see. After the first session the only thing I noticed was I wasn't drawing the ball as much and it was either straight or a cut which I don't mind seeing at all. Just means I need to adjust my setup on the tee block. I will say I did notice some soreness, but that was to be expected. Ball striking was on point and I felt good overall. Again only one session in, but still was able to take note of a few things. I am looking forward to getting back to Nova Scotia and getting out of my backup set (minus driver has been the same) and see how those clubs react.
  17. Congrats guys! Looking forward to following along... Bring back the 4 club challenge!!!
  18. Thanks @tony@CIC, @Kenny B, @Miboy62, @MattF, @cnosil No golf today, but got to see some kangaroos and wallabies! Looking forward to day 2 of super speed tomorrow!
  19. So even though it was only one round post first day, things felt good and had a good warm up and found a nice groove. It may be my favorite course on the planet.... lots more to play but its just a really cool fun tough experience. Can't wait to keep getting faster and seeing how I can push my golf game forward!
  20. I think it will in a sense for a guide line for where I can and will be in 2 and 3 weeks time. However we were told that you can't rush the program and catch up per say. Doing the protocols 3 times a week is perfect and doing then 4 or 5 times won't necessarily help gain more speed quicker.
  21. It was something we were asked to do and keep track of. Definitely helps give a baseline for how fast youre swinging and been interesting to see the difference between first swing before protocol and after.
  22. Okay so first off before I get into this I want to Thank Kyle and crew at Superspeed Golf so much. They really are an amazing company and are amazing to deal with. Can't thank them enough. Second I want to apologize for not being very active the last little bit here, however I didn't recieve the sticks till this afternoon due to shipping issues in eastern Canada and Kyle was able to send out a new set to me out west where I am with family for the next while. They arrived super quick and I was able to just complete the first protocol. I am going to update my intro with a few updates as well and
  23. Love seeing everyone getting progress and so involved. Can't wait to get started when I do get them! Headed for my first round of the season later today and will put up some pictures. Again awesome to see the involvement and before even getting them I'm convinced of these things!
  24. I'm going to second this. I've been doing the warm up at home despite not having the sticks yet just to get into a routine and it is helping with some flexibility and a overall routine.
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