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  1. Promise I'm not trying to spam posts and topics, but have had a lot of time with being stuck at the club watching Curling/ice temps which has meant lots of forum time.

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    2. GolfSpy_APH


      I should start a poll for how many coffees I've had today... Over under 7.5 so far. 

    3. mynerds


      I was just about to ask if you think anyone's job is as far removed from golf as yours, but then I wondered if you're not just a greenskeeper for ice. Gotta respect the craft that enhances the experience for others.

      And having grown up in Vegas, I'll take the over. Always take the over.

    4. GolfSpy_APH


      That is a very good way to describe my job. It is actually a lot closer to golf related than most think. At least in Canada a lot of Curling Halls and Golf Clubs are one. In the summer when the ice is out they use that area for storage/carts and all that sort of stuff. Typically the offseasons line up perfectly with Curling season being October-April and Golf being May-October. 

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