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  1. No discount codes unfortunately. Between the testers success and @GolfSpy SAM raving non stop about his there was simply too much evidence saying it would help my putting. Which is going through a bit of time right now. Bottom line theme really seem to be onto something with their tech making putting a lot more simpler. as this is also a data heavy review I am more intrigued and will give me an excuse to get on SAM Lab to see some other real world results
  2. Definitely agree... However with baby 2 about a week or so away i will be happy with practice putting and taking care of the family!
  3. Things are getting spicy! Rory with a lot of struggles. Scottie in the mix and the clubhouse and Denny leading the way with 9 to play. Should be a fun finish and one that I won't be staying awake for.
  4. See I am more of a basketball fan so I figure I got myself Durant and am very happy with that. Right @sirchunksalot?
  5. Playing tomorrow morning what my be my last round for a little while. Lots going on with family and work and time for golf will be minimal. So gotta make it count!
  6. Usually some companies will do demo days at courses. A quick Google search could help. Not many rent newer clubs. Brands like @GolfSub70 do have a demo program though!
  7. With all your excitement and early success I broke and ordered a putter through Sam. We had a great exchange and did a virtual fit which was stupid simple. With that even though not an official tester as I will have a putter around the same time (due to arrive Tuesday) and since baby is coming June 13th I will have a lot of time for putting and not much else I will be doing a review along side you guys!
  8. Another older thread, but still very relevant today and with that we want to hear your answers! Questions: 1. Have you purchased any golf products based on MyGolfSpy reviews? (Please list which ones.) 2. How has MyGolfSpy changed the way you think about golf equipment? 3. Have these purchases lowered your scores? (List which products and how much they have lowered your scores.) 4. How have these purchases helped you enjoy the game more? How?
  9. Welcome back!! Glad to see you post again and looking forward to a whole lot more!
  10. Sadly Maxfli isn't really available near me. Kinda a bummer as i know at least one of these would be excellent for me and my game.
  11. Positive... I'm a lefty! And Bryan sent these orders... Maybe it's him you should be checking with.
  12. Haven't watched much but the highlights. Not that baby is sleeping time to watch a little!
  13. Pretty sure I have 4 games waiting to be completed and just have not had the time. Sucks, but is what it is. All of you on the forum keep my spare time to a minimum!
  14. Warning joke idea- but would be fun. Limit height on all shots. Anything goes above 80 feet is a reshoot and one shot penalty Trackman on all shots too.
  15. I really do enjoy my G430 but truly cannot get the Paradym Triple Diamond out of my head. The flights and distances I saw with the limited time was crazy. The ball just seemed to hang in the air forever!
  16. Cannot wait to see more of this... You may also have to tell me how it what program you used to make those charts as they are awesome!
  17. I've been a big fan of DTC brands. Have no concerns with quality or anything like that. While I'm not using my Sub70s now it isn't due to their performance, but my own ability. They are a great set and would highly recommend. If you want to save a few and still get a good to great value then go for it. I do have a thought about why many of those companies look similar, but can't confirm so for now I'll just keep it to myself!
  18. https://mygolfspy.com/news-opinion/askmygolfspy-vol-35/ Didn't take long and we got a lot of answers to questions our members asked!
  19. Unfortunately I need send a reminder that while LIV discussion will of course crossover in some areas and facets, direct liv discussion (pertaining to OWGR and all that stuff) outside of the LIV thread will and can be removed or moved over the LIV thread. It was the wish of membership to not have a ton of cross discussion in threads outside of the LIV thread and we will monitor this closer going forward. Comments which talk about LIV as it pertains to Brooks winning or directly relating to the event are of course fine and will remain, but as this topic is still divisive lets do our best to keep things in check and make sure those who are for LIV can have a time in the LIV thread and those who would rather not talk LIV can enjoy these threads without the other stuff going on with LIV.
  20. A bunch more added here. Sorry for the slight delay!
  21. Not sure I could begin to say. My game and so much of the equipment I own or use is because of MGS.
  22. Pretty sure I have mentioned this before, but wanted to add this in as well. We have a ton of tests this year... as in we are roughly half way through what we have scheduled. This means there are still a lot of opportunity to test, but also for some who have applied and have yet to be selected there are times we feel there are tests that would be better fits down the line plain and simple. It is truly a very difficult balancing act for us, but want to assure everyone that gets engaged and involved in the community that we do our best to make sure everyone gets a chance at testing. This also means that we do our utmost best to ensure that a member does one test per season, so before signing up for any testing opportunity be sure that it is one you really want to do, because if selected it will likely be your selection till the following season!
  23. Havent used it yet, but will be playing close attention to this thread!
  24. I'm not really one for music on the course, but that's just me. I know many that love it and makes them enjoy their round more! Check out what was rated the best for on the course in the link below! https://mygolfspy.com/buyers-guides/golf-technology/best-bluetooth-speaker-2023/
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