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  1. 3 hours ago, jaw1973 said:

    I've been playing a Callaway XR16 for many years now.  Tried the Epic, the Rogue, and Mavrik and none of them did any better than my XR16, so I stuck with it.  Just recently tried the Paradym and Paradym triple diamond and they were both noticeably better than my XR16.. Way more forgiving and longer off the face.  The triple diamond was consitently 4 to 5 mph off the face compared to my XR16.. and when I really tagged one it was crazy long.

    I really liked the XR16 as well. I had that for a good while as my gamer and it was just a good sleak driver that worked well. Pretty simple too. While I did find good gains with Epic, Rogue and Epic Flash were certainly not for me. Mavrik was solid and I did like it overall. same with Epic Max LS. That was nice despite the shape not being my favorite. I wanted to love Rogue Max LS and tried it. The feel was great, but there wasn't the leap over the previous versions. 

    Paradym was a hit from the start for me. Can't wait to get the new shaft in it as well! 

  2. I haven't really swung a club in a while, but everytime I see these irons in my bag I smile. They have been such a great addition to my bag and continue to be impressed. Others have also made many comments on them and their looks as well as flight when I have played with them. 

    The final thing that gets noticed a lot is the shaft. The Project X IO shaft is one that I had never tried before and really come to like. The look for many think it isn't steel which is also kinda cool!

  3. 2 hours ago, KenBender said:

    Hi, just wondering. I received my MLM2 pro in April after pre ordering it at the beginning of the year. I had quite a few issues with WiFi connection and yardages being all over the map. And in the end returned the monitor.  Did any of the reviewers have similar problems? Or did all of the issues I had get resolved in the firmware/software updates? Thanks

    There were a lot of bugs to start when it released. However I have not had a single issue during my time. They have pushed through at least 3 updates since I got the unit.

  4. 23 minutes ago, Irish-Assassin said:

    Sounds like finally the average golfer has something they can purchase that gives the same info or at least similar to the 10000.00 - 20000.00 units the pro’s must have. 
    This is good news, but will hold off for myself as the PGA Show in January 23-26 to see what new things are coming.

    I wish this review was earlier in the year,  I would have purchased one already but being so close to the show I’m going to hold off. 

    Rapsodo won't be coming out with a new model. They have also continually pushed updates making it relevant and progressing it forward.

    There are sure to be other items, but doubtful they cost the same or less.

  5. I continue to be impressed by the updates to the app and development of this product. It is leaps and bounds a far greater improvement over the MLM and am just so impressed. For the price this is a tough item to pass up for any serious golfer who is in the market. 

  6. 5 hours ago, Owengeorge13 said:

    Great reviews, good looking irons.  I really like the forum recaps.  I’m sure it’s a lot of work for whoever puts it altogether, but nothing better then a nice streamlined review.

    They take some time, but given the positive feedback and overall interaction they have received it is something we will continue to do going forward. 

    I have 3 or 4 others nearing ready for publish just need some final touches.

  7. I know you had posted this before in a thread, but truly think it's a great article and worth a read for all. What a cool experience from an up and coming companies that looks to make a difference in the industry.

    I'll also link it soon, but we had a great community call with them which is 100% worth a listen. Available here on the forum and on Spotify for those that follow us.

  8. 15 minutes ago, WiTerp50 said:

    To note, I was fit through a Titleist sponsored fitting and have bought into the mixed bag of results. Trying to do something similar off the rack can be ordered at the same price per club as a straight set. The T100-T350 irons are all the same price. What you can’t do is determine what your starting point is and where the logical point is to move down to the next head to maintain the 5 mph ball speed rather than flattening the launch and descent. Keeping the decent angle over 35 degrees. Holding greens is better than maintaining 4 degrees of loft between clubs. 
    My set starts at the T200 GW through the 7. The 6 is a T350, and I now move to a 23 TSR-1, then the TSR-1 7W and 5W. At my tender age of 73, the gapping works through the bag. Others with more speed will have other combinations based on the starting point of their set.  Also, when/if standard irons run out of gas, each will find the need to best combo of hybrids, fairways, and/or driving irons (with a choice of U-505 or a T200 built as a driving iron) to fill in between driver and irons. You just can’t know empirically what the best club is to fit the role needed for the next club. I would be surprised to ever see (even a RH) set that is the same as mine. 

    Sounds like you should read the forum member reviews! Couple of guys right in your area and our T350 tester threw some fairways or hybrids (don't remember) to get the set matched.

    Best way to determine start point is to hit everything!

    Thanks for sharing you experience!!

  9. 2 minutes ago, Shrek74 said:

    If it matters at all, the T150 is also slightly larger than the T100. The previous generation was just stronger on lofts but the same head. The T150 is both stronger on lofts but also slightly larger overall to add some additional forgiveness the T100s didn't have. Might be nit-picky of me to mention, but Titleist makes note of that fact in all the videos I've watched on the new T-Series line-up. Just a thought.

    Thanks for the input.

    I'm playing both and the top line is ever so slightly thicker, but I have also asked several ppl to tell me the difference and they haven't been able to pick which is which at address..

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