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  1. Definitely not random. We spend a good few hours each week as staff going through the short lists and applications to find the testers for each opportunity. You are right about being involved and getting engaged! Hey! First welcome to the forum. Always a good thing to have newer members asking questions. Most above have already stated the general things and glad you had a chance to read the How To Be A Tester Guide - took me hours to write that and get all the details in - so you know the basics. There was also a section there about why it isn't random and why we pick testers for each. We have the whole staff (8 of us) go through the names and put notes on who we like for each test, who has tested what before and for those that have tested prior look at their grades and notes on previous performance (which helps dictate what type of review they will get in the future). We always try to work at least one new member into each opportunity (50% of testers this season have been new). We come to a mutual agreement from the whole group to avoid an bias towards certain members etc. That said we won't ever do random selection. Just not how it works and we are pretty clear about that. My own opinion is random selections are for contests and giveaways, which member testing is definitely not. It is a ton of fun, but also a crap ton of work and our expectations are sky high for all our testers. The other part is because the forum staff generally are the ones procuring these opportunities it is important for us to make sure we get the most reliable people people for these reviews. We have sold companies on providing these products (for free) to our community with the expectation of several things. Good, honest and thorough reviews, active thread participation, newsletter inclusion and socials inclusion, proper final reviews that are on time and a member recap article among other things. This is all part of the deal when they agree to provide products for us and we want to make sure we hold up our end of the bargain. For us to do random selections means we get random results. What we look and ask for from all that want to be testers is pretty basic. Doesn't take much to do and as you have read and a little effort and time then you can essentially guarantee a selection.
  2. Really really interesting! Never would have thought to ever have a metal putter grip or any grip for that matter.
  3. You would think, but our calendar is truly bonkers ROS. One major one still to be considered/completed.
  4. Got too much on the schedule as is! Not sure I could fit it in even if I wanted to!
  5. I'm saving for my set..won't be long.
  6. First lap and it looks like May is going to win by 3 minutes.
  7. It is definitely worth noting as you did though. It may have even brought up a better or more important point about if golfers clear their golf balls before putts, how well they clean the club face and so on.
  8. Well this is interesting. Not much more data than what is seen in the photos, but my goodness that looks cool and maybe a little tippy? Very very interesting!
  9. Being aluminium I am not too surprised about this. Maybe this is where their cool modular method comes into play and you could replace the face at some point vs the whole putter.
  10. This is similar to me. I usually have two dozen or so in my bag at any given time. Most are my go to and then from time to time I will also have others that I am curious about or want to try out.
  11. Time to revive this thread for all of us and those lefties that are here and have recently joined. What is your favorite club in the bag?
  12. I actually have a suitcase waiting for me at HQ! Planned ahead haha
  13. Not only that but the weight of it and clubs tipped a few backwards.
  14. There was a forum review for this with mixed results. It can be very stroller dependent!
  15. I have given that plenty of thought, but I also have about 20 other things I'm bringing back with me.
  16. For all those commenting here, what makes you different? What would separate you from the rest? More importantly to the community, how would you test several of these items and what/how often would you report back to the community on your findings?
  17. Great shaft btw - it's easily been one of my favorites.
  18. They just came out a few days ago so doubtful anyone has them yet. They are meant to give a bit higher launch and spin and not be a direct replacement for the zero which is no more, but a new line that covers different needs.
  19. 100% with you there. It was feeling a lot like summer and the last week has been ... not fun. Hoping for a little turn in the weather and back to what I would consider more normal temps.
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