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  1. 17 hours ago, Golf2Much said:

    One interesting thing living in Key West is that get a chance to play with snowbirds and other golfers from all over the country and around the world.  Each individual brings something to the party and that includes some interesting and often strange traditions.  One category that came to mind today was when someone in their group gets a birdie.

    Does your playing group have a tradition when someone gets a birdie?  Here are two that I've experienced recently.

    I had a Midwest snowbird who packed his bag with nip bottles of Fireball.  Any time anyone in his foursome got a birdie (or better), he'd pull out a small bottle, open it up and pass it around so everyone could take a little swig.  Never mind the germs shared by passing that nip bottle around for just a little taste, I didn't have the heart to tell him that when packaged in those small bottles it's not Fireball the whiskey, but a Fireball branded cinnamon laced malt liquor.  

    The latest comes from a retired New York City firefighter.  For fun, he created a professional wrestling ring in his backyard for a party.  To give it some credibility, he had a championship-like belt made that winners could wear.  After the party and the ring was taken down, he decided to bring the belt to the golf course every round.  Whenever anyone gets a birdie in his foursome, they get their picture taken with the belt and can wrap it around their golf bag until the next person gets a birdie or at the end of the match.  Here's me hoisting the belt twice in the last few weeks:

    BirdieBelt1.jpg.b3bb74a0ef3d8c7dc5fb12068fddfdec.jpg  BirdieBelt2.jpg.5299303b8a0ec915ceaff62141147d3d.jpg

    Of the two, I think the wearing of the wrestling belt is a bit more fun and probably overall much safer!

    How about you all?  Any good birdie or other golf-related traditions?

    Nothing special here other than a congrats... this does have me thinking about what we should start doing though. 

  2. On 10/22/2023 at 8:56 AM, berkeleybob said:

    Yep. I’m offering a review of this guy.


    I've had this golf notebook and pen for a few years, but I recently I had a chance to use them to their fullest potential. I've mentioned on the forum before that I haven't been able to adapt to an iPhone app to record my scores in realtime. 


    Rite in the Rain has its roots in developing waterproof paper in the early 1900s for the logging industry. Today its production has a low impact on the environment by recycling sawmill off-cuts, using a water-based coating and printing with soy-based inks. Today they make products for outdoor use by the Department of Fish and Wildlife, USGA and other government agencies, field medics, geologists, as well as for hobbyists, such as birdwatchers, water adventurists, cooks and chefs, and golfers.

    First Impressions 

    The notebook has a flexible, durable cover. (The latest version has replaced their logo with a golf ball.) The inside cover has gives a quick tutorial/reminder on course markers and scoring marks.



    The paper inside has a slightly coated feel to it. The first couple pages are set up to record club distances, and the rest is for keeping score.



    The back page is a list of common rule errors, and the back cover is a ruler in both imperial and metric—for those times you need to be extra precise as to how close your ball landed to the hole.



    It’s made by folks who make field notebooks, so it’s durability is apparent.

    Using it

    Not all scorecard books are laid out in the same format or in what you want to record. This book’s binding is at the top. That’s a plus for me, since I’m left-handed. The scorecard section is set up for me to record all the data I’m interested in, plus a line for writing notes about what happened on the hole. This scorecard book has been doing exactly what I’ve wanted it to do. It’s clearly been set up by someone who plays golf.


    Here’s the bonus: I can write in the rain!

    It’s obvious, I know. The thing is, the other day I started out on the course realizing that I forgot to bring the umbrella for my cart. After playing three holes, I stood on the green to sink my putt as the sky opened up. As I hurried back to my bag to grab my jacket, I found my scorecard book open. Though wet, the pages weren’t soggy or disintegrating, and the ink wasn’t running. The pen is pressurized. The ballpoint keeps its traction on the paper, so I can actually write in the rain.


    The water just beads on the paper.


    When the book is dry again, the paper’s integrity hasn’t changed at all. No deterioration, no stiffness, and the ink hasn’t faded away.

    I know that this is a very niche thing. But if you’re like me who, sometimes, just can’t let go of the old ways, this might pique your interest. Besides, there are some many things out there that barely do as advertised. These guys put their company’s name on the line. They do one thing. And they do it well.

    Cost for the notebook: $15

    Durability 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    Practicality 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    Affordability 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟




    Really cool! I've been very seen this before!

  3. 4 hours ago, ToastedSoul said:

    I'm in the same boat. According to the DHL tracking system it should have been delivered yesterday. This morning I see that the packages somehow got separated - the last two of the four only made it into Switzerland now. So more patience is required. Fingers crossed that I get them all latest tomorrow morning, as I was planning to add them to the bag and start using them right away. 

    Course is absolutely waterlogged. Played 9 this morning and isn't fun... best to wait and start some testing in nicer weather 🙂

  4. Just now, rleegabe said:

    Thanks for your opinion, very appreciated, have spent hours on YouTube and those guys will tell you what a great club one manufacture is as then tell you what great club another manufacture is and so on.

    Most will offer similar performance within their categories. Check out the MyGolfSpy Most Wanted awards as well. They give a great overview to help narrow a search. 

    Also MyGolfSpy has TruGolf Fit - it's a free online fitting app for all brands. It will give a shaft option as well and top two choices. All based on most wanted data and your inputs.

    Again it's free and a cool wait to help see what options could be good starting points.

  5. On 5/20/2024 at 10:58 PM, RetiredBoomer said:

    Does anybody else bag two clubs in his/her bag that he/she KNOWS hit the ball about the same distance?

    The GPS estimated yardages for my 21° 7-wood and my
    18° driving iron are both roughly 200 yards, but I don't care.

    If I'm hitting into a tight landing area from the tee, I want
    that butt ugly but straight line drive that doesn't get blown around.

    If I'm hitting into a green, I'm hoping to make a gruesome ball mark
    with the high flying, steep dropping lofted wood shot.

    To me, taking up two of fourteen slots for clubs of the same yardage is worth it,

    but I imagine strong players who have a huge range to cover
    in their length of fairway shots
    from strong 3-wood  to lob wedge
    might not be willing to do that.



    I worked that situation out of my bag. I had had that issue in the past. But changed to different clubs or lofts to rectify the issue.

  6. I have always loved the feel of the TP5 series, but not always the performance.

    The new Chrome Tour had been stupid good for me and is close to a go-to ball.

    Hard to say much else other than great things about the ProV1 family. There is a reason they are as good as they are and played by so many.

    Srixon used to be my gamer and would happily still use their golf balls any day of the week.

    That all said, I still use my Vice Pro Plus and am very happy with them. They give me the performance I want and need as well as pricing that is hard to beat.

    Bridgestone is another brand that offers premium golf balls, which don't seem to get quite as much run as they should.

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