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  1. Which is too bad. I really enjoy when be is in the hunt. He can be so dominant and has that air of confidence around him. Never enjoy seeing him struggle and at least for me when he is contending it makes me want to watch more golf.

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  2. Okay let's have some fun with this. 

    Pancakes 🥞 - The Open, for flat ish play brown burnt out awesome along the ground golf we see at links courses. Edit: Syrup can make it messy and sticky just like the weather that can often blow in... And just like the weather it makes it so much better!

    Eggs 🍳 (sunny side up) - PGA, for the blazing hot conditions we had at Southern Hills last time around and we are back there this year. 

    Bacon 🥓 - The Masters, slippery greens (grease), various bumps ridges and slopes and the better the execution the better it is!

    Sausage 🌭 - The US Open, a classic that is the hardest to do right. Overdone and it's toast, under and it's soggy and gross... Also can be a little bland at times. 

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  3. I would give it a try. I've always been curious about one length. I think the new forged TEC in one length would be great. That being said in scoring clubs it would seem to make a bit more sense as the gaping seems to get worse the longer the shot. 

    Do you think the note delicate shots would be any different or more or less tricky with the added length? Full shots i still could see soon increases maybe?

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  4. 22 minutes ago, mynerds said:

    For what it's worth, the transparency of the process was helpful and insightful to me as a relatively new member. If you look just at the raw numbers of sign ups, it can feel like an impossibility to be selected for testing. Learning that forum activity influences the chances of being selected and that ~98% of testers have less than 50 lifetime posts makes the signup volume of 5000+ entries significantly less daunting. I'm not sure which mod posted the raw numbers in the LAB signup thread, but I recall it being less than 150 applicants or so. I stumbled upon what appears to be the previous version of this thread from 2013, and it seems like some of the challenges and attitudes towards testing selection remain. My condolences to the mod team 😅

    I think anyone would take ~1:10 odds versus ~1:5000 odds, and it seems like an effective carrot to keep people who are motivated to be testers active, and providing positive contributions (if things like reaction-to-post ratios are evaluated) in exchange for increasing their selection odds by two orders of magnitude. It also seems like an effective, natural filter for those who see it as a raffle and not a different opportunity to contribute to the community.

    I try and post relevant numbers for many and we try and also post this thread in the test to get people to understand the process and what we do. It can *sometimes* help with emails of why didn't I get picked and so on. However I'm glad you found it helpful and insightful. 

    You are completley correct in thinking it is so easy to see it as 5000+ applicants and it being pretty daunting, but yeah typically the most that have a post count that is relevant is about 200 or so. Then add in those who don't have a profile photo and cuts it down again. FWIW, no profile photo no selection. That is a simple clear standard we have and does help us filter a little easier too. So knock off another 20% or so. Then yes we do look at ratio. Reason being there are many that may only post in testing thread (less now with the new way of selection, but still) and we prefer to see activity in a few areas of the forum even if it is testing that brings someone to the forum. 

    It was mentioned at one point, but ites pretty easy to see when someone only posts in tests and only ever just signs up for testing. Which is fine, however we would love to see more cross forum participation. 

    I was brought by testing in the beginning and ended up pursuing a leadership position which I am very happy to be in and help this great community where possible. 

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  5. 8 minutes ago, jddaigneault said:

    I do not envy those who have to select testers. It’s incredibly subjective and loads of people will be disappointed or even angry every time testers are announced. Being a mod seems like a garbage job!

    Honestly it isn't that bad. Stay objective, take input from other mods, use the info we have available to us and good to go. Those who complain about not being selected, well usually there is a good reason. There are tons of emails of pick me pick me or why do I never get picked,  but that's a big reason why i created this thread. To point them here and hopefully have them figure out themselves as to the why!

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  6. 37 minutes ago, GrumpyGolf said:

    I will take this one for myself and if I get flagged so be it.  Are you that bent that you want to nitpick that in the context of what @GolfSpy_APHhas written in his well thought out and frankly too nice of a response, that the only thing you can focus on is the word 'good'?  You knew what he meant and in an effort to promote your own belief you take it and twist it to fit into that context.  I will bet that not one other member that has been reading through this thread came even close to taking it in the way you want them to.

    I hope you continue to hit them where you want and enjoy the game for years to come.

    Unfortunately in forums people can read and take context in different lights. I choose to believe "good" doesn't directly correlate to positive. Maybe my wording should have been more concise? In any case some will choose to pick away, which is fine. We are an open forum and feedback is appreciated. 

    That being said we will do our best to continue to educate our membership on how and what we do. We will also continue to try and improve our system as time goes on as who knows what future tests will require or need in order to be considered a tester. 


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  7. PGA Championship Major Theme coming live in the next few minutes (I will admit it isn't perfect, but still has a nice look). This is a temp theme for the week of the PGA Championship! Following the end of the round it will be gone till next year!

    Didn't know we had different themes? Scroll to the bottom of your page, select theme and see the variety of different looks we have for your personal preference! Spice up your experience and try out a theme or two and see if there is one you like more than others. 

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  8. 28 minutes ago, vandyland said:

    I lived in London for two years. On my teams I worked with people from 4 different continents (none of them North America). Many people had been to Riyadh, Jeddah, Saleh, etc on vacation . They are not bad people for going there and spending money but it is just more common for them to go there and spend money. It is more normalized for them. Yes, I cannot speak for the rest of the world but Saudi money and investment is more prevalent in the UK and Europe. There is a ton of commercial real estate investment and well as private equity backing that is just a part of, especially but not exclusively, the London Finance scene. But maybe I am just a moron and you can tell me more about it. 

    Living in Europe I can second this as it is more common here for ppl to go on vacation in Saudi and as said is more normalized in general. Just my observation having been here a couple years and spent a lot of time over the last 6 or so years in Europe. 

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  9. 3 hours ago, GolfSpy_BOS said:

    I was sad to see this quote. Of course I haven’t seen the full context of it, but if he’s considering leaving the PGA tour that sucks. I’ve always enjoyed rooting for him and for a comeback, but it seems that train has passed. 

    Not sure it is him considering playing in LIV more saying it is if course an option. 

    The unfortunate thing is he has really struggled and it isn't even about him winning anymore, it is if he can make a cut (Wolff the same way). Spieth went through it and has come out strong, so hopefully Fowler can do the same. However if you cm are struggling to make cuts a no cut event is certainly more appealing. 

    In the end anyone who joins LIV is going to have to ask the question what will it cost, what is the gain? Sponsors? Will they stay or go. Family time, 8 events, guaranteed money... That sounds good. Will those winnings out weigh the potential loss in sponsors. Then the whole if you can play in certain majors and other PGA events afterwards.

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  10. 2 hours ago, vandyland said:

    Okay. I will bite on this. You have made a statement that is true and not challengeable. HOWEVER, this golf league is literally sponsored, backed, formed and run by a government/royal family for the purposes of improving optics for that country. Compare this to another country with some human rights violations to its name currently, China. China has a pga tour event. It undoubtedly serves some interests of the Chinese government BUT is not solely backed by that government. Everyone can do the "whataboutism" on this but to me this is a straight through line to trying to whitewash Saudi activities. Now, that said, if people want to go over there and grab cash then fine. But do not feed me this b***s*** about "growing the game." Who actually believes that. It is about "growing our wallets" and "improving geopolitical impressions" etc. 

    Also, we have to remember that most of the rest of the world is not as concerned with what Saudi Arabia is doing. We feel it more acutely here. 

    I think that is where the biggest issue comes. This from nearly every angle isn't growing the game. It is causing more division then growth. Maybe it is getting more ppl talking about golf, but not likely in the proper light. 

    For me growth comes from grass roots and working its way up from there. Yes, the top can influence growth in ways, but true stable growth comes from grass roots. Again my own opinion. 

    It's not even as though this will get a huge audience as they weren't able to sell the broadcast rights to anyone big and it will be streamed on YouTube as I've heard.

    The Netflix PGA drive to survive type series will certainly do more to "grow the game" then this league which put simply again to me, paying millions more to millionaires just doesn't have the appeal to me. Not saying the regular PGA is something I love to watch, but I do tune on each week to see how things are going (mainly due to our fantasy league).


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  11. 2 hours ago, Jeremiah.Cuellar said:

    I’m looking to upgrade my iron set from the Callaway Mavrik Max with regular steel shafts to something better tailored to my game, seeing that I’ve improved since getting them. Any recommendations? 

    You'll get many of the same answers here with a recommendation of going in to get fit and try as many different irons/shafts as you can. Someone recently asked the same question in their own thread maybe a week ago.

    So instead I'll take a slightly different angle and ask some follow ups.

    What kind of budget do you have? Not exact figure, bug more so meaning will you be going new? Or used? Or have you checked different DTC brands like Sub70?

    What are you looking for in your new irons? More distance, just a smaller head and more potential shot shaping ability? Always good to play the most forgiving irons possible that you like the look at. 

    There are so many irons out there it can be tough to narrow down, but checking out this and previous years most wanted on mgs can get as a starting point. 

    Finally with the players distance category you can get a lot in a smaller iron head, often a little more expensive but is a really popular category right now!

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  12. 9 minutes ago, Josh Ross said:

    Anybody having issues with messages not coming through on Fantrax? I know of two that were sent to me that didn't make it through and someone that always responds to messages hasn't replied in almost a week so I'm thinking my messages are glitched. Or maybe I've sent one too many trade messages, haha.

    Seems to be working fine, but it has had it's buggy days here and there this season.

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  13. 13 minutes ago, Shankster said:

    Exactly.  A no restrictions your would be interesting for sure.  

    I get they need to get paid, and I’m not against them making money, but it’s a constant theme of conversation, and there is more to golf than cash even at their level.  I’d prefer to hear about what trophy/jacket/etc that they will be winning.  

    More to this it is the jackets and the trophies that are often the most memorable. I like that there are iconic trophies and traditions in golf that stand out more then the dollar amounts. 

    The revolving door of X amount to this winner when many of them say themselves that yeah the money is nice, but so many of them have made so much the added 1 or 2 million really doesn't phase them. Of course for some it would make a world of a difference.

    What about The Shankster Jacket Tour? A series of 12 tournaments with different jackets for all the winners. The goal is to collect them all! 

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  14. Something us as a mod team has kept an eye on what's going on over there and without question they have a different vibe, but we are seeing more crossovers between the two in they are also providing some member testing (both sites have Modus 115 tests) and now fresh in the mail looks like they have their own version of a most wanted type thing?



  15. Also this should be a reminder to all that we are about half way. And regardless of standing it is expected that managers will at the very least update their rosters week to week if they plan on continuing to participate in future leagues. 

    We do already have 1 mia team from week 1 and hope that at the very least put in a roster that starts all your possible players week to week. Don't have to do trades or waivers, even if that is appreciated, but please continue to do your best. Lots of season left and nobody is completely out of it yet.

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  16. 4 minutes ago, tony@CIC said:

    I heard they're 'no cut' events but haven't seen much detail. 

    That's correct. Entire field gets paid. Which i can see being attractive. Still all of these guys are done lucky to be playing golf for their profession. A spot many of us would swap to do even if it was just PGA events. I'm sure many know how lucky they are as well. I don't fault them for wanting to make more money. I think most wouldn't mind getting extra to assist us. However RMac said it pretty good. He is happy, has a good going, ankle to sort his family, has clothing and living a good life all because he is good at a sport he loves.


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