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  1. There are so many options and so many stunning looking irons... but anything recent which you may feel has taken the top spot for best looking iron?
  2. Now this is a golden find. From way back, but what do all of you think for these questions? How has MGS influenced your game since you have discovered it?
  3. I have a week day membership at a course close by. I want to and try to play a few other courses, but they just aren't as close and with limited time I have only played the one so far this season... Monday however I have another one which I will be playing at!
  4. Okay I know it is late for me, but currently can't sleep so we are going to pump up some old threads because well we can! Lots of new members here on the Forum and I would love to know what made you join the MGS forum?
  5. Well I will give you the draft order. Bryan can fill in on who picked who. 1. Rob 2. Jamie 3. Mark 4. Bryan 5. Matt 6. Tim
  6. Great to see these reviews coming in and with a lot of curious golfers I am sure these are going to be a real hit with many!
  7. Invision platform (which is what the forum runs on) does not have app support. It has been discussed by them, but they have moved to improve the mobile version and apply push notifications to all platforms (ios and android) to make it as close to being an app without actually being one. The mobile version is much improved and functions just as the app did when we had it. Tapatalk is an option as well, while I have not used it in some time most all the areas are function (testing signups I believe are not).
  8. He is an animal that's for sure.
  9. 100% agree. For the first time this season there seemed to be good drama and actual suspense each Session.
  10. Personally i have no issues with gimmes and as I don't have a regular group and play with new ppl basically every round I leave it up to them. Some prefer to putt put everything, some take longer gimmes. I usually putt put all as a habit. Just makes me feel good, but if someone takes a bunch I also couldn't careless. Its their own game to enjoy how they please.
  11. Hope it all works! I'm sure they will feel different and allow you to get the results you want. Probably have some effects for swing weight - driver for sure. However if it helps you find the middle more then perfect!
  12. Due to timing and how we organize our tests as well as it is the OEMs that determine the Geo restrictions no, unfortunately this would not work or allow you to be eligible for US only tests.
  13. A wonderful sunny day here and it should be hot! Have the swim table setup and more for Ivan and with the hospital appointment behind us for baby 2 we have our date for c section June 13th! Can't wait to see our family grow and Allyssa is just excited for pregnancy to be over.
  14. Yes, likely is that we see them at some point. However we will still be at least a month away from hearing anything concrete about them. Embargos are also very important for MGS and any leaked images will be taken down immediately.
  15. Little hard with the angle of the video. Much better to have a down the line or face on video which can certainly be a lot more telling!
  16. With the Sub 70 Wedges up for testing this feels like a really timely topic for right now. Anyone make the switch either from or away from the 52/56/60 combo? Anyone playing a speciality wedge in the 48-50 range?
  17. Nice build! Glad you posted here and looking forward to more of your builds and posts in the future!
  18. No league this year for me, but I do intend to play in a few tournaments starting the fall. Things should be a little more settled at home with the new baby and hopefully for us into a bit more of a routine!
  19. Great writeup! Sorry I missed it earlier. Should be a interesting week and hoping for a Fowler win!
  20. Because of all of you (MGS Community) absolutely killing it and creating so much activity and work I finally broke down and got a second screen which is much needed and will hopefully help me keep a little more organized.
  21. I said I was going to post it and will fully admit it is not the cleanest of builds, but as he is only 16 months old and just wanted him to have something fun to try and use it will do the trick. Plus it looks freaking cool. So I am experimenting with my own putter and I took a Cobra Vintage fanged putter and put my strokelab shaft in it. This meant I had the Strokelab 7 head just sitting there (cobra shaft did not have the right lie angle). So I took a hybrid shaft which was damaged in shipping. Cut it down and had to built up the hosel a bit to fit snug before epoxying together. Had a decent amount squeeze out, but as it isnt a perfect fit I am going to leave it be (hence as I said not the cleanest look or build). However it will work for him and yes if he struggles I will make him a RH putter... for all those who are going to jump on me for that lol Also put new ferrules on the P790s - Those photos incoming Took the titleist adaptor off the Fuji shaft I was using and put the Ping on (first round was decent) Regripping the P790 tomorrow And more! Lots of projects going on. Oh and here is the Cobra Putter with Storkelab shaft
  22. I have this happen almost every round I play because I play first thing in the morning. I normally just wait it out. Not my favourite, but if they arent moving or stopping to let me hit I am not about to hit into them. As you said it isnt deal breaking, but it certainly can disrupt the flow of a good round.
  23. Send me a PM and we can chat more about it! Thanks @cnosil for tagging me.
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