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  1. Not going to lie to me it looks like you have 3 clubs where you could very well have 2. If your 5 is close to a 200 yd club then something that fits in the 212-216 range should hit the sweet spot for you. I'm in a similar situation and ended up ditching the 4 iron all together. Could easily play with 13 clubs and not feel like I'm missing anything. Edit: or a really strong 3 wood could be added?
  2. I would say just being organized enough and planned there process out. Not three things, but it certainly helped later on when I had more experience and planned out there process with things in place and in order to ensure the process was done properly and timely.
  3. I wonder who is going to have fewest putts in their first round with the system. Putting is something that can be trick with Arccos, but once you are use to I do find it quite intuitive. Curious to hear your thoughts on it as the test goes on.
  4. Yes this was chosen purposefully as i am in the driver market...
  5. Love seeing him do well. Just hope the growth of expectations don't influence his career or just enjoyment for the game in negative way.
  6. Tempted yes, chances of actually watching likely not. Between all that's going on I find it hard enough as is to get time to watch as much golf as I would prefer. I agree I would prefer seeing a LPGA vs PGA than another international combo vs a stacked US squad.
  7. We may look at doing a virtual only comp come winter for those of us stuck inside.
  8. I was going to ask where @Yellow Ball is as this is right up his alley for threads... but then I got word he was strategically removing his competitors....
  9. Happy Monday morning! I know these drivers are a bit long in the tooth now as we head into the off season, however they really were some stellar performers and now with TSR launching where do you think these stack up? What new tech will these companies bring to the new versions? And last did you pull the trigger on any of these and put them in your bag for this season?
  10. Well I won't be last, but might as well be with the guys I picked. That was a big swing and a miss on this one. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother.
  11. One thing that is great in being in this timezone is I don't really see how badly my fantasy teams are doing until I wake up in the morning. Have some hopeful squads, however its been a challenging year so far!
  12. So many new toys for you! Be sure to let us know how these all work out and would love to see photos as well!
  13. So after much searching there is no doubt that the Vice golf balls are the best bang for buck here in Switzerland. I know the Pro Plus likely fits my game the best, however at 208 chf for 60 it is the most expensive. I am more curious if anyone has tried the Pro Zero. I know it isn't as highly rated and all that I have found in my quick search was it is much harder of a golf ball. Which is a feeling I am not opposed to. The price is near 50 chf cheaper for 60 so the value is certainly there. Love to hear some thoughts from spys who have used the Pro Zero.
  14. Didn't loose likes or anything of that nature. Invision (the forum platform) has undergone some big changes with it's new updates which has changed some aspects, however nothing has been lost. The likes and such are under the reputation when scrolling in the profile. Should be a green button and gives a rep score then when selected breaks down reactions and so on.
  15. Also the banner (mgs forum look update) has more info for you. The new theme which was changed is now the standard theme as it matches the blog site.
  16. Not a deal breaker in my opinion. Standard model works just fine.
  17. Clicgear 3.5+ Usually can find them used for good.price. fits all sorts of bags. Of course cart bags a little better but I used mine with a stand bag before. 3 wheels and very smooth and solid storage and break. Downside it is a heavier cart, however moves well, folds up nicely and well they are tanks and last forever (at least mine have).
  18. Drivers drivers and more drivers. Issue is there are so few spots with LH demos that it is a real pain to try and find a good place to get fit. At this point in the season it is also almost better to just wait for the new year and for the new launches of nexts years and maybe get a deal on a demo.
  19. For those interested we have and are starting up a focus group for the forum. We are looking for members who are active within the forum community and engaged in the forums future. We want members who will provide constructive feedback to ideas, plans and projects the mod team is working on. If you think you are someone who wants to invest a little extra time in the forum to help us grow and build our community please send me a PM and we can discuss it further!
  20. How was the pairing process for you guys that have got your systems and what phones are you using?
  21. Uh oh... what have I started? ...
  22. Something that really wowed me was the color of the shafts and how the speed influenced the colors as much as it did. Being consistent is part of my job, however that took it to a whole new level!
  23. Thoroughly enjoyed this video and would encourage everyone to spend the 10 minutes to watch this. We had testers try out these clubs last year and well the video as a whole is just fascinating to me. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!
  24. Feeling a little blue? Let these beautiful wedges be the great start to your weekend!
  25. Not my style and don't think I'll be seen wearing white pants anytime in the future. I also have 3 dogs that shed a lot so i avoid white and black as a general rule.
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