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  1. Okay MEZZ testers this is the one that I've had my eye on. Looking forward to how you find it all.

    What did you think about the fitting process? Do you believe more companies could do this successfully or could there be improvements?

  2. You're right in this is more of a service review and how the club part of it is somewhat secondary. Customer Service makes most business' run well and especially for a start up getting a loyal client base is paramount. 

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  3. For those who are still interested in hoping on or to join in send myself along with the other mods a note to be added in. 
    @GolfSpy MPR

    For reference what we have coming down the pipeline which we will need a hand with is as follows
    New User Testing Platform for posting "unofficial reviews"
    Access to all beta & Special Edition Themes
    Early access to releases such features like Content Corner & Member Map

    Must be able to provide feedback as requested.

  4. 1 hour ago, Berg Ryman said:

    So I think I finally broke through to chat yesterday. I was asking about how ending the membership works, and they told me notices go out around a month out of your membership ending for you to take next steps.

    I then asked about 2022 stock and got the typical answer as to supply chain, but it's coming soon. When I said I was frustrated I finally got what I thought was a real answer when they told me "well if you don't want to wait, we recommend you cancel"

    Things are rotten in Denmark... and I'm not talking by the docks.

    For me as much as I thought this idea had potential seems like it is pretty much dead in the water. If they can't provide the newest kit this pont in the season then there is very little incentive to look at a membership. Not like these clubs haven't been around for a while and they are easily found to test either at demo days or at local shops. 

    Appreciate the update. Sorry it wasn't the greatest test as far as a postive one, but the insights provided by the testers go a long ways to helping members avoid the mistake of getting involved with this company. 

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    L.A.B Putters


    To all one thing to remember is once all the fittings are sorted we will be locking this thread and making 3 new ones for these tests. 

    Having 12 in one test is great but the likelihood of the 12th review being read is much lower. 

    The 3 groups will be on the various heads. Hopefully we have close to s even Split between the 3, but either way we will then have our testers break off to their own threads... Altho as I write this maybe keeping this open for some inter tester trash talk could be fun....

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  5. 21 hours ago, LeftyMatt89 said:

    Might be a dumb question. Is there a way to verify if you’ve applied. I don’t think I did but I don’t see my ability to apply in the corner so maybe I did. 

    There has been a bug for the Sign Up, but the signup is closed so that would be why. When you apply you would receive a email saying so. 

    L.A.B Putters

    2 minutes ago, revkev said:

    Thanks - it's always been a dream of mine to do a test with Shankster.  

    Glad we could make some dreams come true 😃

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  6. Also apologies to those who have applied. We plan on announcing selected testers Wednesday May 25 for this test so we don't have too many tests overlapping.

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  7. 8 hours ago, SashaB said:

    Im new to this forum, Learning to play and have been addicted for the past month or so.  As a result, have not participated in this forum (just joined a few weeks ago), but would love the chance!  I have the space, I have the clubs and I have been going to the driving range 5x per week.  This would be awesome!

    Welcome to the forum. Be sure to check out https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/49045-2022-how-to-become-a-mgs-forum-tester/ (link is also above) and it will give you insight into the while process. We do our best to get new testers into the system each and every test as everyone who actively participates deserves that chance at some point. 

    Unfortunately this season we may see fewer tests then previous years, but that doesn't change our mission in getting great quality reviews from our membership both new and veteran members alike.

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    L.A.B Putters


    Congrats testers!

    Looking forward to the first timers and seeing how you get along with it all. 

    Also can't wait to see how the video fitting that is required goes for all! Heard good things about it so cool to see how you manage it all.

    Also house keeping with so many testers after the fitting process we will break into 2 or 3 new review threads and lock this one so each Model has its own review thread. That way we don't have 12 reviews to read through in one thread.


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    L.A.B Putters

    4 hours ago, CWR said:

    There are currently 5,615 potential testers sitting on pins and needles waiting, hoping, looking for a sign.  The anticipation is palpable.  But when it comes, oh the humanity for the over 5,600 disappointed souls that missed out on this.

    Wish it was 5600, about 94% of the applicants are one off guests that only ever sign up for tests or have 1 or fewer posts. That makes up for about 5300 of the sign ups.

    Then we have 150ish or just over 2% that have over 20 posts. 

    All in all a lot of the sign ups are SM related and again what I classify as one off signups. Much like tagging on IG, lots of posts and comments, but not a ton of true members.

    Anyway, I'm still on my vacation, but I would expect the announcement of the 12 testers to be announced at some point today.

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    L.A.B Putters

    Just now, Samsonite said:

    You guys are incredible. Thanks for the response, and everything else you all do. 

    Id have it done now, but F1 race is soon and it's my wife's first mothers day so priorities! 

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    L.A.B Putters

    14 minutes ago, Samsonite said:

    Obviously sorting through 5,600+ submissions must be a TASK (and a half), but anyone know how long after submissions end do they typically post the winners? Super excited to see the winners and how the process begins (would obviously love to get picked, as well, but the odds aren't exactly GREAT, Lol). 

    Won't take long. I would expect us to announce Wednesday. 

    Short list is partially complete already as well. 

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    Edel SMS Wedges

    Just now, pakman92 said:

    I'm already testing a Sub70 949X 3 wood.   However, I do have a launch monitor (BLP) and believe can give a detailed data-driven review.  

    With the amount of amazing testers we have typically only 1 test per season let member. Exception being golf ball testing. 

    Also given the work tests are we don't double up as one can be hard enough focus. 

    Keep up the great work on Sub70 and hopefully there will be another test down the road for you.

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  8. 11 minutes ago, brutal brutus said:

    Wish i had somewhere to put it. the condo life has its disadvantages... 

    Have access to the rooftop? Hehe

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  9. Pushing the date back a little bit due to some miscommunication with HQ on this test as it launched along side the LAB. 

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  10. Just now, JFish350 said:

    Question: with being lucky enough to get chosen, what fairway Wood would you choose? 

    my bag


    1 iron

    sub 70 3 Hybrid


    I'm thinking 3 wood to replace the 1 iron. The 1 is awesome when struck center face, with a miss hit it rattles the hands, arms and body. 

    love the 3H

    thanks for any suggestions. 

    I'm really hoping to see one of the testers select a 4 wood...

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  11. As this is the first test of the season I'm going to keep bumping this thread for all to look at. If you are new to the forum please please give this a quick read as it will help set you up for not only this test but all future tests. I realize this will likely keep falling through the cracks as many are just sign up and peace out, but for anyone who is serious about testing product we have put out exactly what it takes and our whole process here: 


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  12. As our first test of the year we are excited to get it started and rocking and rolling with @GolfSub70. A big thanks to them for providing this opportunity for our membership. With that for everyone new please also check out this: 

    As it will help you get a great idea of how the process works and that this isn't simply winning a competition, but a full review which is a ton of fun, but also a good amount of work! 

    Thank you for all who are applying and we look forward to announcing the testers for the Sub70 949x Fairway sometime next week after it closes. 

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