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Test Comments posted by GolfSpy_APH

  1. 38 minutes ago, scott_jamo said:

    Wanting this to be available to overseas golfers!!!!

    So would we! Being international myself I work hard to get all available worldwide, but that simply isn't possible all the time. 

    We are limited to what the OEM can provide and the other part is we (all) need to grow the community internationally to help with this. Right now only about 10% of the entire community live outside the US. 

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  2. Once again thanks to all the 1300+ for registering! 

    We will be announcing Testers not this Tuesday, but the Tuesday after sign up closes.

    Later today we will see the Testers Wanted come from the main site social accounts and then I fully expect this to go from 1300- 4000 or even 5000 plus!!!

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  3. I fully recognize this post will get buried in no time, but encourage all of the newer members or people returning to check out the FAQ and how to become a tester posts. It will help you a lot and trust me this is a season you do not want to miss out on. 

    Some quick suggestions
    Get involved - find other threads to post in or create your own!
    Post a WIYB or introduction
    Make sure you have a profile photo!!


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  4. 5 minutes ago, EugeGall said:

    Bummer it’s only an available to those in the US. But hey them’s the breaks. Will look out for the reviews, although to be honest still don’t see anything shifting my gamers, well ok the TEE Pro 723 look sweet 

    I know, we do have some other international tests this season. Living in Switzerland I feel the pain. However we are truly excited to have callaway on board and as a mod team we will continue to work on getting more international opportunities for the community!

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  5. 2 hours ago, Wilkshire13 said:

    Thank you! Still new to the forums and noticing some differences between Testing signups where some have the testers added to the original post and some not. Appreciate you linking the thread 🙂

    Not a problem. 

    We have moved back to this method as it has been more engaging and easier to follow for testing. We like the sign up feature here, but don't like how the reviews show. 

    Maybe at some point we will be able to transfer all the 2021ish reviews over, but for now there are those few that are separated. 

  6. 12 minutes ago, bimper said:

    Golf season here in Fla and willing to write review in short order. Thank you

    Sorry @bimper sign up for this one is closed. 

    We will have more opportunities later on this season so check back and be sure to look at the linked how to become a tester thread above. It will inform you of how we select our testers!

  7. 2 minutes ago, EasyPutter said:

    Looking back up the page/thread it is easy to see where the confusion is at least on the computer version of the forum

    Perhaps some kind of overlay on the testing Cutoff Date box or across the announcement would make it more apparent to someone discovering the test announcement and missing the Signup Cutoff Date posted.

    Maybe. I will add the title that needs to be Clicked on says Signup Closed.

    On mobile it says the date for when it is closed and there is no sign up button (altho new people may not know there is a Signup button). 

    Something to look into for us tho!

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  8. 7 minutes ago, Kurt Howell said:

    I'd love to become a beta tester. 5 handicap left handed Florida year round golfer. '

    Welcome Kurt! 

    Sorry as the title says the sign up for this is closed, but keep your eyes out for the next member test and don't forget to read the how to become a tester thread linked up top to help you better your chances at getting selected!

  9. We will likely be announcing testers after the Christmas break. I'm sure many who applied will be getting a range finder for Christmas which could lead to some cool tests. If you do let us know here! 

    Until then browse the forum and we will be excited to have our test selections in the new year. 

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  10. 11 hours ago, danpt1up said:

    Would love to be included in the test. As an older player(67) with a 2.5hcp, I might represent a smaller part of the targeted golf community but have been playing for years and feel like I am in touch with equipment trends. Think I could give an experienced, honest and insightful review of the 2 balls included in the blind test.  

    Unfortunately this test is from last year and testers have been announced as well as reviews completed!

    Feel free to do your own unofficial review or read the ones that have already been done as well as check out the forum every so often for other new opportunities! 

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  11. A nice off season training test up right around the holidays! I have a Puttout which I love to despise a lot of the time. I don't know if this would help my stress levels though!

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  12. 8 minutes ago, Jim L said:

    I have been putting my own clubs together for about 40 years now. Big fan of Tom Wishon components.  He is semi retired now but his club heads are still available via Diamond Golf Ltd in the UK. I get club heads pre-bent to 3 degrees flat which suits my swing.  I am a bit vertically challenged. 

    I would like to be a tester of the iron shafts from Japan.  Thank You,  Jim

    Thank you Jim for the post on the forum. Unfortunately this is the wrong thread for the test and the test is only open to North America testers. 

  13. 11 hours ago, sirchunksalot said:

    I took the Q Follow out for nine holes today to see how it would perform in cooler conditions, mostly focused on battery life. I started out the round with 94% charge and ended up with 78% still remaining. 

    For the record, it wasn't super cold outside, it hovered around 48 degrees the entire round. I'm still impressed with how it performed navigating the course losing only 16% of its charge.

    It wasn't crowded on the course because when you mix cool weather with college football, you get a pretty empty course.

    I'll say that I had zero issues with the Q Follow today, Wall-E carried my clubs without any complaints.

    So if you were to connect a shovel to the front and just walk around could you then clear your driveway of snow by just walking around?

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