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  1. On 11/4/2021 at 8:46 PM, Berg Ryman said:

    An interesting update, all drivers on the website right now are listed as 'upgrade only' because as I am being told right now through the chat, memberships for the season are closed and will reopen for nearer the start of next golf season.

    So what this means for us testers as people already with memberships we can still "upgrade" our drivers aka send them back for new ones that they have in stock right now, but for those looking to try the service, they're on hold until the 2022 lines come out and DDC reopens everything in what they told me in chat was closer to February 2022. 

    It seems reasonable and actually, fairer to do that this way, instead of asking people to pay for service that wouldn't get much use in some spots of the country due to golf courses closing. I was kind of upset at first but the more I reflect on this, it's actually a good move on DDC to make sure you don't part with your money if you're new to the service and allows them to restock fairly for 2022.

    I know this is going back, but I wonder if they will run promotions which may run over the "offseason" that would essentially give priority to those that have the service. I would imagine that those which the service as of right now have priority essentially on the new drivers vs those who just signed up?

  2. I wanted to follow this up with a post about devices in general and it may be worth its own thread, but what is the most useful data you would look for in a device? Is it just distance? Or do you want to get down to the nitty gritty and see all the other numbers. We have so many devices available to at us at such a range or prices it can be difficult to sort out what you want for which. 
    Rapsodo fits in a nice spot at $500 or so which is far less then some of the new systems from Bushnell and so on with are $5000 plus or trackman and GCQuad which are much more then that. However it is over double some smaller devices like the PRGR or Swing Caddie among others. Is there a sweet spot for pricing? Or is it mainly the technology that is "cheaper" I saw the new Full Swing on the blog site and was curious about it, but it is another Radar device and I think... for me... if I was to go down this road again I would anti up the 5 or 6 k for a GC3. I think I would get a bit more out of it in the long term and it would be viewed more then a training aid.

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  3. Reviews are rolling in and just got mine up. Let me know what you think or have questions about the unit? I'll be sure to follow up with more content on the device as it is used over the winter months.

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  4. Had what I would describe as good session this afternoon. Went through the whole bag minus 58 degree and got some good data on all. This was all at home in the net and I would say it recorded about 85% of my shots and the majority that it didn't record were higher lofted really well struck shots haha

    The ipad had no issues this time around so maybe it was a charge thing or update I don't know, but I didn't have any of the issues I had previously which was nice. 

    However a few things didn't work as well one being the auto club detect. Not a big issue as its super simple to just tap a new club, but worth noting. 

    Also to my surprise it was the higher speed clubs that I would say were more accurate and reliable. This also seems to be more alike to what we find at most simulators. The other factor I would say is into a net (which is where the majority of my testing is done) it doesn't get a complete ball flight, but I am curious as how this could be used for a launch monitor for indoor use if this is a product that maybe one day could be hooked up to software for round simulation in the future. 

    Our reviews are going to be up and posted November 1st so for all those who want to see other features or have any other questions please let us know!

    Update for the Coaching Feature: We haven't gotten any further word on this feature for us as testers. We hope to get access to it, but if not we will cover the basics of pricing, but not the actual coaches/feature as we had hoped.

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  5. Just now, HeathS16 said:

    That’s the same issue I was running into earlier but using my phone. Maybe a bug from the recent update? 

    Could be. I didn't have a chance to get back out as it started to get dark after dinner so I'll give it another run tomorrow.

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  6. 2 minutes ago, B.Boston said:

    For those of us who are reading "15 in the sun" and "not too hot" and thinking, son that's damn cold:


    What model iPad do you have?  I have the 2nd gen iPad pro and it's worked well at the range.  but I haven't tried any net only practice. 

    First Gen ipad Pro... Wondering if anyone would translate to F. 

    Not sure if it's just have a bad day or what, but I'll give it a good charge and try again tomorrow.  

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  7. Was having a good session in the back, but ran into a issue of having the ipad constantly closing out and just shutting down after 15 or 20 minutes. It also oddly just completely drained the battery life. It was in the shade and not direct sun. It is also only maybe 15 or so in the sun here so not too hot at all. So a little more then disappointing... but I did get a email from them after saying "hey we noticed that your session ended unexpectedly and we missed some shots here are some tips and the contact CS" type message which was nice. 

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  8. Great reviews so far guys. Happy to hear that some of you liked them and how they were working for you. I do have one question for @Nunfa0how did you get the plane to do a flyby in your iron swing video? Must have cost a small fortune haha

    With the another round of testing for these golf balls we should have an amazing sample size and will be curious to see how the others stack up against all of yours!

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  9. 27 minutes ago, B.Boston said:

    @HeathS16 I just got an app update on my phone for the Rapsodo app… “This release contains Net mode improvements.”

    Hopefully whatever they update will improve your experience!

    Although I haven't read the specifics for it I do know there were a few new apple devices they were adding to the list for Net Compatibility as well so this may be part of it.  

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  10. Just a quick shoutout to all the testers here. It was a great group to work with and having 3 new testers to the forum and two wonderful ladies that provided us with some awesome reviews. Good work all and please keep us all informed on how these perform over the rest of your season!

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  11. 3 minutes ago, HeathS16 said:

    Well my issues were indoors with a measured distance for ball flight and distance of the unit according to the setup guide. Maybe the alignment is wrong. Good to know you haven’t seen a difference with phone vs iPad. 

    Rapsodo customer service did suggest to use an iPad to deal with any overheating problems. Sorry, if you were going to cover some of this with your reviews but I’m had to ask if anyone else experienced some of these issues. 

    Don't be sorry at all! The questions are a part of it and we are all happy to share the experiences so far independent of the reviews. We are still awaiting access to the Connect Coach feature which I hope will be shortly. After this we should have more updates. So far it has been a lot of fun to use and a great product for what I want it for. I'm sure there are some that give more, but this has been a great experience so far and looking forward to the other features that are invovled with the coaching aspect.

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  12. So far I haven't had my issues with mine, its been pretty good for setting up and haven't any hiccups. That being said I've also used an ipad which I think has been better as well. 

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  13. On 9/25/2021 at 1:25 AM, B.Boston said:

    Got an email today about some app updates:


    im hoping the “big” updates are something related to capturing spin, but we shall see. 

    there was also a link asking for beta testers on the app so I put my info in for that. I’ll update everyone if that comes to fruition. 

    You beat me to this post! Was very interested in what some of these updates are and was happy to see that they are continuing to update for more devices. 

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  14. Okay testers now that you have been selected, what are you most excited about for these drivers and even though I know what you have are you willing to tease your specs? Were you impressed by the selection of "stock" offerings or what were your thoughts with that?

  15. Update for all: We had a bit of a hiccup on the backend with the accounts to get the coaching feature for us so we are still awaiting news on this. We are hoping to have it cleared up shortly and have access to the feature as well. 

    On a personal front I was away on a work assignment for a while then came back home and my parents are visiting Switzerland from Canada (also first time in Europe for them) and seeing as we normally only see them once a year I have to give them priority which has stalled most my updates. However they did bring my "backup bag" all the way from Canada so I have my lovely Cobra Fly Z+ driver back to replace my broken GBB Epic Sub Zero. Along with my other gorgeous fly z pro irons, black trusty rusty wedges and more... can you tell I'm happy to have them back? 

    In any case things will be fired up again shortly and I have still been using the net to get some good swing feels as well as some videos which have been fun to analyse my own swing and when the coaching feature is activated it will be interesting if they see much of the same thing or something completely different.

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  16. First Impressions and unboxing! Sept 7th

    To start off I have had my Rapsodo for about a week now and ran into a hiccup to start. Although my ipad is compatible on the range and course, it is NOT net compatible. It is a little disappointing as it isn't too old, but I understand and will be looking to update it at the end of the month as net practice at home is where a large focus of my review is going to be. With that I also got my new net and matt! Another hiccup is my driver decided to explode so I am waiting on my folks to come visit from Canada where they are bring my backup bag and a old driver. With baby on the way and some more things a new driver isn't quite in the cards at the moment. So here is the setup!

    The net was pretty simple to setup even with budget ikea instructions. It also came with a nice bag about the size of a baseball bat bag which it will fold into. Construction is sturdy and its is 8" by 8" by 8" so plenty of space. I also like there is a middle net which helps stop or kill some of the momentum also making me feel a little more comfortable hitting it towards the wood wall which is my neighbours living room. The mat is nice, not a lot of padding but enough that it feels good to hit off of even on the outdoor tiles. 

    To start I did some baseline numbers with PRGR and swing speed is up and solid so I have a good idea of what to expect going in. I'll do a lot of numbers compared to PRGR as at $200 there can be the question what does Rapsodo give you for the extra $300?

    A few things to start with the Rapsodo unboxing- As other testers have mentioned there isn't a ton to it. The unit, usb c cable (this gets a big plus for me), case and the box with basic instructions. If I'm honest it is kinda nice, nothing you don't need, not a lot of extra waste. Also for me nice that doesn't include a extra wall block as it would have to be Swiss which wouldn't come so would just be tossed anyway. 

    The setup of the unit is also straight forward, instructions lay things out as you would expect and walk you through step by step.

    Pairing took all of 3 seconds, setup with GPS, calibration and placement not too much longer. Again impressed with the simplicity of it. I did note however I had to take the ipad case off as the device being used needs to be properly in the Rapsodo slot in order to get best outcome. I haven't taken that case off for over a year or so and now I remember why, it was tough! A great case, but don't want it to hinder any results. 


    I love the size of the unit as well. Compact and sleek I would label it as. Again a theme of everything you need and not really anything you don't. For now that will wrap up my first impressions. I am looking forward to starting up the Coaching portion of the unit as it is what really interested me about this unit. I will be starting up a bit later then the toher testers with a work assignment over the next few weeks that takes me out of town, but will try and do some follow up as I get along and hopefully sneak out some range sessions with it over this week before I leave. 

    For your viewing pleasure here is a video of some unedited swings from the other day, this was where I also noticed the ipad didn't function with the net and will need to update. 


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  17. I think all good discussion and I guess part of why I asked this is in trying to see if this may be the "future" of range finders and how they are packaged or will this be a kinda one off and we will see range finders stick to what they are good at and GPS watches and such stick to what they are good at. This was a product that I was really excited about and one that still has some interest to me after the reviews, even if they were not phenomenal. I love Arccos and what it brings to my game, but this product and its future direction could definitely be something that takes it on, even if the shot tracking feature isn't available. 

    I mainly say that because as much as I want to work on my game I think I will use Rapsodo to do that and on the course I will focus more on management rather then researching data.... maybe?

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  18. 4 minutes ago, cnosil said:

    So here is my question. I read people talking about the drivers they selected and the performance on the course.  That’s nice but the review is about DDC.  Do you believe the average consumer can get benefit from this model?  Will they find a driver that works for them by experimenting like this?   Why is this better than going to a brick and mortar and hitting a variety of drivers especially if you need to rely on a launch monitor to check performance.  Can you get non stock shafts?   Other than the big advantage of being able to hit the club on the course why should I use DDC….although that is probably something you will answer in the final review.  

    Definitely I can see all the testers diving into these questions throughout their review process. One additional thing to keep in mind is they got a year subscription for the service and with that will be providing updates over that time I would say. I can say from being involved on the back end they were pretty quick to get out the product to them and what I am a little more curious about is how quickly they are able to stock the brand new drivers that come in the spring. With them being able to test 3 for a season I have a sneaking suspicion they will hold onto these until the new ones get released and use their "final 2" going into next season... however that is just my guess. How do you guys plan to split up your 3 in a season and was the selection what you were hoping for or was there any that you really wanted to try but wasn't able to either because they didn't offer or out of stock?

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  19. Great job guys... definitely seems like a good product and could use some tweaks to make it stellar. I think my biggest question after reading is do you think this is a sustainable model and something that can be brought to more devices in the future and for potentially cheaper? Is it worth it and do you think the added features are something you would like to see on more rangefinders? 
    Right now I am imagining a normal video camera that has the flip out screen and maybe that is a future model type that could be looked at so the screen is bigger and maybe more functional then the little dot and can be stored if you didn't want or need to use that feature at the time.

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  20. So testers how is everyone liking their shoes? Anything we as potential purchasers should know when it comes to sizes? Comfortable? Would love to hear some insights as I am in the market for new shoes seeings as I left my main pair  back in Canada....

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