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  1. First Impressions and unboxing! Sept 7th

    To start off I have had my Rapsodo for about a week now and ran into a hiccup to start. Although my ipad is compatible on the range and course, it is NOT net compatible. It is a little disappointing as it isn't too old, but I understand and will be looking to update it at the end of the month as net practice at home is where a large focus of my review is going to be. With that I also got my new net and matt! Another hiccup is my driver decided to explode so I am waiting on my folks to come visit from Canada where they are bring my backup bag and a old driver. With baby on the way and some more things a new driver isn't quite in the cards at the moment. So here is the setup!

    The net was pretty simple to setup even with budget ikea instructions. It also came with a nice bag about the size of a baseball bat bag which it will fold into. Construction is sturdy and its is 8" by 8" by 8" so plenty of space. I also like there is a middle net which helps stop or kill some of the momentum also making me feel a little more comfortable hitting it towards the wood wall which is my neighbours living room. The mat is nice, not a lot of padding but enough that it feels good to hit off of even on the outdoor tiles. 

    To start I did some baseline numbers with PRGR and swing speed is up and solid so I have a good idea of what to expect going in. I'll do a lot of numbers compared to PRGR as at $200 there can be the question what does Rapsodo give you for the extra $300?

    A few things to start with the Rapsodo unboxing- As other testers have mentioned there isn't a ton to it. The unit, usb c cable (this gets a big plus for me), case and the box with basic instructions. If I'm honest it is kinda nice, nothing you don't need, not a lot of extra waste. Also for me nice that doesn't include a extra wall block as it would have to be Swiss which wouldn't come so would just be tossed anyway. 

    The setup of the unit is also straight forward, instructions lay things out as you would expect and walk you through step by step.

    Pairing took all of 3 seconds, setup with GPS, calibration and placement not too much longer. Again impressed with the simplicity of it. I did note however I had to take the ipad case off as the device being used needs to be properly in the Rapsodo slot in order to get best outcome. I haven't taken that case off for over a year or so and now I remember why, it was tough! A great case, but don't want it to hinder any results. 


    I love the size of the unit as well. Compact and sleek I would label it as. Again a theme of everything you need and not really anything you don't. For now that will wrap up my first impressions. I am looking forward to starting up the Coaching portion of the unit as it is what really interested me about this unit. I will be starting up a bit later then the toher testers with a work assignment over the next few weeks that takes me out of town, but will try and do some follow up as I get along and hopefully sneak out some range sessions with it over this week before I leave. 

    For your viewing pleasure here is a video of some unedited swings from the other day, this was where I also noticed the ipad didn't function with the net and will need to update. 


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  2. I think all good discussion and I guess part of why I asked this is in trying to see if this may be the "future" of range finders and how they are packaged or will this be a kinda one off and we will see range finders stick to what they are good at and GPS watches and such stick to what they are good at. This was a product that I was really excited about and one that still has some interest to me after the reviews, even if they were not phenomenal. I love Arccos and what it brings to my game, but this product and its future direction could definitely be something that takes it on, even if the shot tracking feature isn't available. 

    I mainly say that because as much as I want to work on my game I think I will use Rapsodo to do that and on the course I will focus more on management rather then researching data.... maybe?

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  3. 4 minutes ago, cnosil said:

    So here is my question. I read people talking about the drivers they selected and the performance on the course.  That’s nice but the review is about DDC.  Do you believe the average consumer can get benefit from this model?  Will they find a driver that works for them by experimenting like this?   Why is this better than going to a brick and mortar and hitting a variety of drivers especially if you need to rely on a launch monitor to check performance.  Can you get non stock shafts?   Other than the big advantage of being able to hit the club on the course why should I use DDC….although that is probably something you will answer in the final review.  

    Definitely I can see all the testers diving into these questions throughout their review process. One additional thing to keep in mind is they got a year subscription for the service and with that will be providing updates over that time I would say. I can say from being involved on the back end they were pretty quick to get out the product to them and what I am a little more curious about is how quickly they are able to stock the brand new drivers that come in the spring. With them being able to test 3 for a season I have a sneaking suspicion they will hold onto these until the new ones get released and use their "final 2" going into next season... however that is just my guess. How do you guys plan to split up your 3 in a season and was the selection what you were hoping for or was there any that you really wanted to try but wasn't able to either because they didn't offer or out of stock?

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  4. Great job guys... definitely seems like a good product and could use some tweaks to make it stellar. I think my biggest question after reading is do you think this is a sustainable model and something that can be brought to more devices in the future and for potentially cheaper? Is it worth it and do you think the added features are something you would like to see on more rangefinders? 
    Right now I am imagining a normal video camera that has the flip out screen and maybe that is a future model type that could be looked at so the screen is bigger and maybe more functional then the little dot and can be stored if you didn't want or need to use that feature at the time.

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  5. So testers how is everyone liking their shoes? Anything we as potential purchasers should know when it comes to sizes? Comfortable? Would love to hear some insights as I am in the market for new shoes seeings as I left my main pair  back in Canada....

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  6. 11 hours ago, revkev said:

    My wife is actually excited that I get picked for this. She hates when I moan about not getting to hit balls enough to stay sharp. 

    My lifestyle will not work for an I door test. My living room is large enough for a full swing and net. But I have this stuff in the way. 

    It’s called furniture. 



    However maybe you can see if the Spornia net can double as a hammock and then that issue of furniture would be no more! All you may need are some extra pillows!

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  7. Should be fun to see how this all works for some of you guys indoors as well. For some of us it is all we have and don't quite have the space outside for this to work. Will be it be portable enough to put up in a garage or even bigger living room type area? Hoping a few of you will be able to test this out for us!

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  8. 2 hours ago, B.Boston said:

    Mine also arrived today!  Shockingly in the same brown box and brown paper as the other testers! 😉

    I’ve got mine getting a full charge tonight and will post some more first impressions tomorrow! 

    Shedding a small tear for @GolfSpy_APH as international shipping is a bit slower.  I know he’s chomping at the bit to get going too! 


    Honestly something else hasnt' arrive yet so I'm okay and I have a 60 hour week at work so the extra week it will take it just fine haha

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  9. 3 hours ago, jlukes said:

    I might have missed it, but to the testers get to keep or have the option to buy the driver they like the best?

    The test is for the system or service itself. Unfortunately testers won't get to keep a free driver at the end of it. They will get a option to purchase the driver (I'm not sure how the pricing works if they are discounted X amount or what) if it works for them and because it is a season long test or service they should be able to test several of the new releases next spring!

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  10. On 8/9/2021 at 11:00 PM, HeathS16 said:

    Really interested in this test! I have been saving up for the Rapsodo for awhile now...I took on lunch duty this semester to earn some extra $$ (pray for me). I am so very excited to see how it performs. A couple things I would love to hear from you guys about: 

    1. How well does it perform indoors and into a net, I have access to a 2500 sqft hitting cage every single day so if I purchase one I really would like it to accurately plot and record shots. 

    2. Some have already posted in their intros about the coach feature, LOVE this idea and I hope this feature is good. 

    3. Are any of you trying it with a device other than a phone? Like and ipad? 

    4. Yes @B.Boston I am requesting a few shanks 😆 as revenge for CC last year. 

    5. This whole test has really made my research for this product easier as I trust anyone on MGS over any other review that is out there already! Have fun y'all 

    To answer a few of your questions: indoors and into a net is where the majority of my review will take place. As much as I would love to do a lot of on course testing and even at the range with some family things and work I'll have limited time to do that so definitely need to be doing most of it at home... this is also where a hiccup comes in. As you asked I was planning on using my ipad for this. However after looking at the website the net functionality is limited to certain devices and seems as though my ipad is just barely too old. 

    Thankfully I'll have a iphone 8 which will work for this. I will try and use the ipad at the range and so on, but I believe the iphone will end up being the efault because it has the net functionality. (below is the compatible devices)
    Screenshot 2021-08-11 09.43.22.png

    As for the coach feature this is what I am most excited for. I have taken all of 2 lessons in the last 5 years and although I am happy with my swings form I know I don't aim correctly and am pretty closed. So I believe this will be very eye opening and lead to a lot more consistency in my game. For reference I have shot as well as 2 over (72), but have never had more then 3 birdies in a round. I use to score 76-78 with regularity at my old course and was disappointed if I was in the 80's. Since I haven't played as much I am happy with anything 85 and below, and even worse scores I know it's more just being from a lack of practice over the last season. Rapsodo is being kind enough to set us all up with premium accounts to get set up with coaches and we should have a great time getting to know our swings a little better and hopefully seeing some of that translate onto the golf course!

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  11. Although not entirely sure when the Rapsodo will be coming I will have another surprise coming that will have a large part to do with my review. Unfortunately due to family things going on and working flat out I haven't had the chance to get to the range or anything recently, BUT I did get to go by the local shop where they offered full use of their bay and GC Quad to compare and work with for the test which I am really excited about! 

    We should also start seeing the other intros rolling in soon so be sure to keep an eye on the thread and give it a follow to be sure you don't miss any of the action!

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  12. 3 minutes ago, Mtbryant01 said:

    I am intrigued to see y'alls thoughts on the coaching feature. I didn't have a chance to test that out during my review.

    I have really enjoyed my Rapsodo and have not had many issues at all Here's a couple things I'll be following to see if Rapsodo has made strides to update during y'alls testing:

    - My phone overheats sometimes on the range even on a cloudy day while using the Rapsodo. That's happened with 2 different phones, and 1 being brand new. 

    - The shot tracer is consistently lower than my flight path. It is usually consistent with whether the ball is a fade/draw, but it always seems like I'm hitting low bullets.

    Certainly things I'll keep an eye out for. Although I will be using an ipad rather then a phone.
    I wonder if the shot tracer being low has something to do with the camera angle/lower positioning of the device?

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  13. 1 hour ago, Peaksy68 said:

    I hope the mods have a way of filtering out all the applicants who aren't even signed up to the forum or aren't active. If it's a manual process the next models might be released before they wade through all of these applications.

    That process started hours after sign up opened. Don't you worry we are on it and have been working on that consistently throughout the days as signups have come in! 

    As the previous 76er's teams would say "Trust the process".

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  14. 2 hours ago, Kanoito said:

    Hmmm that's Korean.

    Internet translator says something like "the pouch can stain after rain/sweat in the summer, so avoid wearing white". The 2nd is translated into something really weird... AS (after sales) not being available after serial feasting??? Whatever that means...

    So basically don't have it attached to you while wearing white and don't eat it.

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  15. 1 minute ago, golfish! said:

    Congrats testers! Now we know who has apple xP

    I am a Android user, however I have an ipad that I use for work/language apps which will be using for the purpose of this test. I do have a old iphone too, but the Ipad will be the main device used for me.

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  16. 1 minute ago, Mtbryant01 said:

    Congrats guys! I know y’all are going to enjoy it. 

    Excited to see shot tracers with sweet backdrops (looking at you @GolfSpy_APH) along with those tracers to the moon!

    I'll see what backdrops I can give you... at the moment i live in farm land, but just maybe I can get a few shots of the mountains for all of you to see. We all know at the very least the dogs will be around and in some of them!


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  17. 11 minutes ago, HardcoreLooper said:

    @GolfSpy_APH -  If I'm not a day-in-day-out iPhone user but I have access to an iPhone that will support net mode, can I apply?  We actually have a number of iDevices in our household, and I'd be psyched to test this with all of them.

    Can't see why not? It would be much the same as a Ipad user that has an android device as their normal device.

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