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  1. 7 minutes ago, Shifty said:

    no 🇨🇦 ? 🙄

    Not for this one. Sask is pretty darn cold this time of year and only about to get colder so hard to get outdoor data. 

    Part of the joys of living up north. 

    Stay tuned for either some non on course tests or come April we will have some more opportunities where you'll be able to sign up and take part with courses being open. 

  2. 8 minutes ago, alewan888 said:

    Dear God, please let me test this putter. 

    I am positively the worst putter I know. More three putts than imaginable. There are 20 handicaps that are better putters than me. I would love to see how this is putter does with three putting for me. 

    Give this a read. It will help you. First basic rule for us is no profile photo = no selection

  3. 14 hours ago, EnderinAZ said:

    Just what I need, another golf gadget! No seriously I love golf gadgets! I think it would be great to see a head to head comparison of the deWiz unit against my Arccos system. I am a retired Electronics engineer who is wound two turns too tight and I have gone way too deep in collecting information on my golf game. I am an active member of the "Wild Bunch" golf men's group who play out of Coyote Run golf course in Mesa Arizona. We play three times a week and I usually get out to a different course on one of the other days of the week. So I would certainly give the unit a thorough test on a single course for baseline work and other Phoenix area courses for outlier experimentation. 

    There is another reason why I would like to test the deWiz Golf Swing Modifier. In my near obsession with the study of golf stats I have ventured into the murky realm of golf habits. Did you know that between putting the tee in the ground and picking it up again the average golfer utilizes somewhere between 30 and 70 individually controllable physical motions? And that the golf swing is 99+ percent a habitualized series of movements. deWiz claim on their web page " Our technology is based on research in motor learning, which is the neuroscience of how to permanently change a person’s ability to perform a motor skill." That motor skill? It is a deeply ingrained habit. 

    In my research into golf habits and why old ones suddenly appear to ruin your round I have read, among others, The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, The Art of the Impossible by Steven Kotler, and Whole Brain Living by Jill Bolte Taylor. These three authors delve deeply into habits, those 70 or so motions that comprise a golf swing - The Power of Habit, the grind needed to make changes to those habits -The Art of the Impossible, and Whole Brain Living brings the cogitative centers of the brain, how it works with regards to habits, attitudes , and the person you want walking in your golf shoes the day of the yearly club championship to light. Yeah all this stuff about habits, the Grind, and the brain? My wife calls it my "Engineering Mode" and she is never really happy discussing the day's events over dinner with The Engineer. But, for this test I thing The Engineer would be awesome!

    If given the chance you will get exhaustive comparisons between the Modifier and the other golf gadgets I have (at least the ones that work. I have not turned on my Swingbyte 2 in a good long time) as well as in depth personal observations on where and how it has improved or not improved my swing. My current handicap index is 11.5 which walks down to a 6 on the white tees at Coyote Run. 


    This will help you understand how we select our testers. Also I am working on an update for 2024, but this should at least get you started. 

  4. 14 hours ago, MLBoulder said:

    I've had a a Dewiz for a while now and it's pretty great. I originally bought it for 1) fighting an over the top transition 2) dialing in partial wedges with the clock system. 

    It definitely helped with both of those. My transition quickly went from around +4" to right around a consistent +1" as you can see in the screenshot. Their distawedge feature is a really fun way to practice wedges with a launch monitor and dial in my wedge matrix. When I put the work in, my partial wedge distance control is much more reliable. 

    They've added a few features since I was frequently using it (shallowing/steepening, iddy, iddy). Those are a little harder to dial in for me. No matter what I try, I still steepen about 3-4°. 

    Good luck to the testers. I'm really curious to hear how the testers use those newer features and if anyone can figure out how to use it to improve shallowing.  Might motivate me to spend some more time with it this winter. 



    Oh, and their customer service is absolutely wonderful. Matt and Marcus definitely go out of their way to help. 

    Thanks for sharing!

    Matt was awesome to chat with and really excited about this whole opportunity. I love seeing more tech in this space and will be interested to see what testers think especially compared to the general feedback HackMotion received. They are both systems that can really help, when someone knows how to put them to good use. 

  5. 17 hours ago, Old Sarge 7997 said:

    In the FAQs, the MGS HQ mentioned international customs, etc. in the "Why are some tests geographically restricted?" topic.  I would like to know, along those lines, why ball testing is requested in the 3d week of October when we northern US folks (NY State between Rochester and Syracuse) are seeing our season dwindling due to weather and the "leaf rule"?  Testers get 1 sleeve, lost in leaves within first 9 holes, what data does that provide?  Also, what if we get a prototype that is designed to fit a 110 mph driver speed but we have only 75 on a hot July day, let alone the week before Halloween with tighter muscles and added layers of clothing?  Just doesn't seem fair. 

    This is when Titleist has decided to do their White Box testing. Not an MGS decision to do it at this time, but simply when the opportunity has arrived. 

    Again this is a prototype and all of your information/feedback will be sent to Titleist which will then allow them to make adjustments as well as various other considerations with the golf ball and who it could be for. 

    As for testing outside, yes could be more difficult, however lots of indoor areas to get data, information and feel for how the ball performs.

  6. 17 minutes ago, Peejer said:

    Is this a unique MGS/Titleist type event?  I've been part of Titleist ball testing previously that culminated in a somewhat broad survey.

    Nothing to prompt what type ball we tested, nor comments or results.

    I'm optimistic MGS will open a forum so we can internally discuss what ball (typically only differentiated by either red or black numbers) and our results/comments.


    Looking forward to the next generation of Titleist balls.

    -- Peejer

    This wont be much different. We will have a thread where testers can chime in, but there will be no revealing what golf ball this is or potentially replacing or new to the line up entirely. 

    Again as stated in the post it is almost more of a survey. 

  7. On 10/17/2023 at 3:05 PM, GolfSpy_APH said:

    Who is interested in testing some golf balls? 

    Please take note that unlike other testing opportunities no full review or writeup will be required. Participation is expected as well as feedback and participants will be required to a fill out a form upon completion of testing which we will then provide to Titleist. 

    Happy Testing!

    While we are able to select up to 100 testers, the final amount may not actually be that number. This is due to there are certain types of golfers... or titleist golf ball users that we are looking for. Selected testers should be expected to get real data both on course and off the course with their sleeve of golf balls. 

  8. 1 hour ago, Hosel Head said:

    Not to be a Debby Downer but I bought a Series 99 and hated it! It felt really good in the shop on synthetic turf. Outside on grass it was such a different feel with the ultra low balance point that I could not get comfortable. The grip is very light. I couldn't hit my start line and speed control was so difficult for me. I spent 1/2 hour or so on the practice green with it before playing (I know that's not long).  It didn't feel comfortable and I wasn't making anything. I put it in play that day anyway. Three 3-putts in the first 4 holes and I was begging my buddies to let me put my old putter back in play (they did). Lost confidence in that putter so quickly that it never had the chance to see the light of day again. Confidence is critical in putting. Good luck to all. 

    Too bad for your experience. I think anything different to the point as with these and LAB even can take significant time to dial in. It's why testers won't be giving these just one round or a half hour or so before a round but commit to 5 weeks of testing to ensure they get the best possible opportunity to see if this product works or not. If it does great! If not, then we know they gave it a fair shake and can explain in detail why it didn't and what they may have liked as well.

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