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  1. I know for some like yourself loosing the App certainly hurt. I will admit I used the app exclusively until I did my first review and then tried to mobile version and never looked back. Again however that is just me. Unfortunately as it stands right now there is no app in progress and at the moment the site software doesn't at this time allow for it. I don't pretend to know the ins and outs of the software side as that is not my speciality, but if and when we are able to have an app again I am sure it is something that will be looked into. Unfortunately with the mobile site and linking it to your home screen functioning as an app I can't say it is very high on the priority list, but is something that is still discussed. I am hopeful that with the changes we have made to the testing side of things it is much more intuitive and more similar to the "older" way, just contained within the new section. I'm not sure when you last recently went onto it and if it was recently my apologies, but if you have suggestions as to how to make it more accessible please provide some feedback as this is part of the reason this thread exists.
  2. It has been interesting to see some of the results come in and personally I am surprised to see as many use the main page as the numbers show. Ever since I discovered Recent Content I haven't looked back. That being said with this data I've done a bit of work on the main page making it look a little better by adding in some photos for the categories. Hopefully at least aesthetically this makes it look a little better and more inviting. Now I may end up regretting saying this, but if you have some good (relevant) photos which you may like to put up for a potential photo to replace one you can send me a PM with it. I can't guarantee that it will go up, but am open to making some changes to some of them. Appreciate all who have done the poll so far and it has been great to see the numbers come back and give us some further insight as to how many of you use the forum.
  3. Great reviews so far guys. Happy to hear that some of you liked them and how they were working for you. I do have one question for @Nunfa0how did you get the plane to do a flyby in your iron swing video? Must have cost a small fortune haha With the another round of testing for these golf balls we should have an amazing sample size and will be curious to see how the others stack up against all of yours!
  4. I think overall for us it has been a bit of a abnormal season. Without going into personal details, which I don't know if they would want shared or not ALL the mods have had some big life changes or situations that have impacted time spent on the forum as these life situations certainly had priority. I was fortunate that although my work was insanely busy in the summer and had lots of other things going on. I still have had the downtime to put into the site. Added to this although being the newest mods I have still been around the site for over 5 years and have already built that recognition, therefore this is a easier role for me to fall into as I was comfortable taking on some of this (yes the forum testing thread being one of them that kept me up for nights.... I wish I wasn't joking). For me the site is just as much about the membership and people as it golf, testing and such and this is where I have found my role as a mod so far. Chris @GolfSpy_TCG has done a great job in his new role as Content Hunter as this is still a new position that is being flushed out. The AMA is a major project and he has used some great connections as well as taken on some other mod duties. I have really enjoyed the AMA so far and what its brought to the forum and am looking forward to his other projects that will surely come... but having been on the job for all of 4 months and brought us that I think is a great start. Hopefully that kinda clears some of that up... for me on a side note as their schedules lighten mine is going to get busier and as much as I want to be around more I will have time taken up with work, a event in Kazakhstan for a few weeks and soon my first child. Of course this doesn't mean I won't be here, but time will be less as family and other priorities will take some time away from being on the site and I'm sure the others will pick up the slack.
  5. I think there is a feature to have a thread timed and close at a certain date. So this is something we can look into and look to improve. Push emails have been something we have talked about as well and get a fair number of responses to. I will be set to close this poll likely middle of the next week. We have had good response so far, but traffic seems to get a bump Mondays (all of us at work missing golf seem to come here haha) therefore I want to leave it up through that and after I'll close it up and we can continue discussion simply in the thread itself. At some point we are going to send out a mass email with similar questions to do a complete Survey on the forum and various functions and so on. With that if there are specific questions you feel we should need to have answers to or want to see some info on please add them in here and I'll catalogue them. I cannot guarantee they will get asked, but we will do our best to cover any and all aspects in the survey. Finally I think we had a record number of tests this year as we are closing in on 30! opportunities with more then 120 testers this season!
  6. Should be at the very top... I just signed up to triple check that its all up there at the top of the page.
  7. Just seems to be a default setting.. I'll look into it, but not something I'm too concerned about unless there are options that are missing? Edit: Confirm it is a default setting that cannot be changed... If there is a specific option you want I can add it in.
  8. Titleist irons were a little different because Titleist needed everything asap to get the irons to the testers for launch. So that was a bit of abnormal circumstances. This is how it works in general: Test is Announced published (usually a Thursday/Friday) and left open for roughly 1 week. Test closes and we have our "short list" made for selection within a day or so of Sign Up Closure. Mods provide feedback on short list over the next few days and after agreement we announce. - Depending on the test short lists are easier or harder to do and certain requirements have to be met from the OEM. So from Signup Closure to Announce is usually 4-6 days or about 2 weeks from when the test is first posted. As you all know we have jobs and real life outside of MGS so sometimes schedules can be a bit harder to coordinate as we need at least 3 of us to agree on all the selected testers to ensure we are not playing any bias or missing out on any good candidates that would be good for selection. Following that a PM is sent to all the testers asking them to accept the test and get any info we need to send off for them to get the product... if fittings are involved this takes a bit more time.
  9. I won't disagree there were several bugs within the new system and as we fixed one more were found out. Included in the previous forum testing update thread I discussed a LOT of those things there. Whether it was timing of it rolling out or whatever I hope we don't ever run into any of those situations again. For what it is worth there was a test site created, however none of the bugs were present there. Added to that it was the forum testing update thread that lead to a lot of the changes which have now been implemented and were suggested by the community. These being the tab format - Members didn't want to see the pick me pick me comments hence why we added the Comments and Pre Testing comments. @greggarner the "Leave Feedback" is only available for testers. Anyone commenting on the thread will have to do so under the regular comments as they do not have access to the review tab. This is exactly like the old placeholder posts just in a newish area... rather then being at the top/beginning of the thread its under its own tab. I thought I had mentioned this a few times before in previous threads, but I'll have to try and make it more clear for the future. We also manually change all the titles for the testing threads as to show when they have signup available, closed, testers announced, in progress and upon completion we send out an announcement to get more eyes on it. Part of the issue with fewer pages on the first few reviews on the system was they were not in recent content and unless they were followed it was less then ideal for users to find. Again this was something we worked on and moved as well as renamed as per the memberships request to make it more user friendly. Since then we have been able to get more eyes on them and had a better system for getting the tests more views and gain more traction within the forum. As we work on some newer changes/optimization we will continue to update the thread (in posts much like these and the previous one I did) to educated and inform the members of whats going on and be there to answer questions that may arise.
  10. As nearly all of you know we have had some changes to the forum this year and it has had its ups and downs, however I am happy with the progress we have made so far... key being so far. First I want to start of by saying I know the changes haven't been accepted by all, but I continue to get PM's and the like about the site and how we can adapt and improve it these messages are important and always taken into consideration. Before going any further I expect conversation in this thread to be productive. I am more then willing to listen to suggestions as well provide feedback as to why things are what they are, however if this just turns into constant complaining then well.... lets just hope it doesn't come to that. We all want to see the site grow and do well so lets keep comments in a productive manner. Also we know about ads... there have been a lot of discussion on it already and we have sent messages out to the powers to be and hopefully at somepoint we will have a permanent fix for that. Headed into the off season we will continue to take a look at everything and how to improve on what has been implemented and what is dated and should be improved on. A few highlighted features that have been added this year are as follows - New testing platform - AMA!! - Thank you @GolfSpy_TCG - User Groups - @tony@CIC with a great suggestion that has been used a fair bit within shotscope and arccos and will likely see growth with more devices coming out. https://forum.mygolfspy.com/forum/91-mgs-user-groups/ Keep in mind the Forum is always evolving, we have had several features come and go and the site continues to grow. A few more things to keep in mind before you comment - You can always PM me privately to discuss a specific topic. Trust me you would not be the first nor the last and again I am happy to discuss a situation or topic that may be on your mind. - The testing section will continue to be worked on. We recognize it isn't perfect and want to continue to improve with it. That being said I know it is signifcantly better then when first launched and based on traffic reviews are getting a lot more attention. - Added to the testing section we will be revising and adapting some of the procedural processes to steam line the reviews on the frontend and backend. This includes some work on the templates for reviews and more. Part of this will be to keep things a bit more consistent across all reviews. Including the new star rating system which is there. - We have had a big change over this year with the mods (myself being new included) and there was a pretty steep learning curve to start off. Added in this with a near record number of tests so far and Covid delays/issues it has been a trying season to say the least. We are very appreciative of all the testers and feel for all those who have had to wait or are still waiting for their equipment to come to test. Okay I think that is all for the moment. I will be trying to respond to as much of these as quickly as possible and watching/reading all the comments, but feel free to tag me in it so I get to notification if its overly important that you feel it needs to be read. Last last point, please please fill out the poll as it helps us get an idea for use within the forum and we may send out a survey later on via email for everyone to fill out, but this is the start for now.
  11. I'm willing to part with Knox.
  12. As the season winds down for many in colder areas and we start to get jealous of all those who are able to golf year round I wanted to ask and hear some stories about what everyones highlights were for the season? This of course can range from watching the tour, playing or your own game highlights, MGS highlights from testing to simply joining the site and anything else for this golfing season! For me the breakdown of highlights is pretty easy... my golf season this year on a playing side was low which was expected, but I made up for it by watching more golf then I have ever in my life before. I had a great run at the MGS Fantasy Golf League with a 2nd place regular season finish and a top 10 finish after the playoffs. This for me was a huge highlight as it gave me the chance get to know some of you through trade talks and the weekly highlights posts. Of course the other big MGS highlight was becoming a mod, which has been a great privilege and again another great way to get to know a lot of you more and to contribute to the site which has already given me so much. So in short MGS has definitely been my golfing highlight and all that surrounds MGS. I have got a new net for training and practice and my folks brought my backup set form Canada so all my clubs are now here in Switzerland. It has been a unusual golf season for me, but still one I really enjoyed and looking forward to welcoming a new member to the family in February who will hopefully take a liking to golf like I have.
  13. Although I haven't read the specifics for it I do know there were a few new apple devices they were adding to the list for Net Compatibility as well so this may be part of it.
  14. Just a quick shoutout to all the testers here. It was a great group to work with and having 3 new testers to the forum and two wonderful ladies that provided us with some awesome reviews. Good work all and please keep us all informed on how these perform over the rest of your season!
  15. Don't be sorry at all! The questions are a part of it and we are all happy to share the experiences so far independent of the reviews. We are still awaiting access to the Connect Coach feature which I hope will be shortly. After this we should have more updates. So far it has been a lot of fun to use and a great product for what I want it for. I'm sure there are some that give more, but this has been a great experience so far and looking forward to the other features that are invovled with the coaching aspect.
  16. For those pondering some moves over the next week. I'm going to have Hock on the block as well as Lockett and any and all bench players that I'm rostering. Including AJ Brown and Jeudy. Not looking for another TE, but rather another RB or WR. Feel free to send some offers!
  17. So far I haven't had my issues with mine, its been pretty good for setting up and haven't any hiccups. That being said I've also used an ipad which I think has been better as well.
  18. Me first me first! We all know you like to run through clubs and have a ever rotating bag... but what is the one singular club that you miss the most? Also Why? I also wanted to ask what the value of the TXG fitting was for you and how you found that whole experience... especially knowing it was going up on youtube for all of us to see?
  19. So many points left on my bench
  20. Spy Chat seems to be working just fine on my end... worth taking screenshots so we can see what the issue is.
  21. I'm not sure if this answer will answer your yaa or nay, but here is my advice (this comes from a coaching background in other sports, but holds true for golfing as well). Whether you take practice strokes or not or in whatever fashion, just make sure you have a routine and that it is consistent. Do the same thing (other then maybe tap ins) for each putt. Have a process (and not a long one... nothing is worse then slow play) that is consistent which you are comfortable with. We often get athletes to write it down. This helps make some trickier putts more comfortable and higher pressure putts more relaxing as you are simply just staying in your routine. I know what I do and what I prefer, but it isn't universal for everyone. However I do have my routine and I do my utmost to go through it on every putt so that I'm consistent and in the end it has turned in to the best part of my game by far. To answer the bit of yaa or nay and where or how.... I'll ask another question back. What for you would help you best visualize the putt and see it going in? I think if you can answer that you will have your answer as to what you should do and hopefully get into a routine that will help you drop more putts.
  22. You beat me to this post! Was very interested in what some of these updates are and was happy to see that they are continuing to update for more devices.
  23. This is just from what I recall, but it takes all your "normal" shots as part of the average and such, this means that tops and some others are not counted. They grey are the ones that are not being used and the green are.
  24. The box for equipment for the event is 10 by 6 by 4 (feet) and that didn't include the painting equipment, scraping machines and blades so it is quite a lot and probably 50k US worth of gear. Just too much, normally places rent equipment from us (world curling federation) but they wanted to buy it. Apparently the stones are okay though! Because that's another 80k of "equipment" haha
  25. Keep in mind Kaz has only been independent for the last 25 or so years so there is still corruption and well shady stuff. As I've been told much of it from the previous event is broken, stolen, lost or who else knows. I mean I had to use a garbage bin and sub pump to mix and spray the paint last time haha I'm hoping to have a call and catalogue what is there and bring everything I can, but who knows. I will have 6 days (5 after TV takes a day for setup) from when I arrive to take it from a hockey arena to full curling arena with all the dressing and good stuff! It will be enough time, but bound to loose a day or two to stuff not being there, needing to build something or who knows what else. I should say although this is a rant/vent these experiences are incredibly unique and provide funny stories, new friends and travel to incredible places. However in a normal event I'll do 12-14 days at 12-14 hours a day and this will be closer to 14 days at 16-20 hour days... just needing to mentally prepare for it and appreciate all those listening to me vent away.
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