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  1. Morning Hayes! I had a nice little sleep on and now going to get my coffee and breakfast to start the day.
  2. Deadline fast approaching! Get your orders in now before it's too late!
  3. https://meet.google.com/zat-zbnx-kno We are live folks!
  4. New contender coming in Tuesday to try to knock off the Ping G425 Max. Positive notes on the Max - Now that I have found a loft setup and shaft that is suitable the thing has been hitting its stride. I hit 8 fairways today, with all drives being in fairway or maybe semi, but nothing worse than the semi outside of one truly bad OB ball. That is on me and the follow up was piped down the middle. It is as if it knew I had another one coming. Negative is that it does spin a little much, just a little though which has meant a loss in distance compared to the G430 LST. The sound is also not my favorite as it is loud, but things could be worse. The contender is one I have been wanted to get my hands on for a while. That is the Callaway Paradym TD. I fell in love with this thing during a demo and am super excited to see what it is like.
  5. @GolfSpy MPR so incredibly happy for you! This will be a great new challenge and adventure for you and one we are all excited to follow along with. We know you'll be busy there but don't be a stranger!
  6. When you had your virtual fitting with Brian did he have any further advice for this? Could be worth a quick follow up with him and maybe he has some additional advice.
  7. Since it has been about a month since reviews were posted how are these going for the testers and for those that have continued to use them how has the wear and tear been?
  8. How are the putting sessions going? Anything that stands out now that you are all a few weeks into testing? Has the speed control gotten any better?
  9. Date 09/28/2023 Course Name Otelfingen - Gelb Gross Score 75 Course Handicap 7 Gross Strokes over/under par 3 Net Score to Par -4 Net Score 68 Net Birdies or better 7 Longest Drive 282 VCT Match Play Designate Week 4 Match Play Round Apologies as this is going to be a long post, but wow this was a round! Let me set the stage for a second to begin. Yesterday I played a warm up round. I kept score just in case weather went sideways, but yesterday we were fog locked. And by fog locked I mean couldn't see past 100 yards until 14th hole? Truthfully it wasnt that much fun as it was so hard to tell where the ball was going and it took my biggest weapon out of my hands... driver. Move forward to today... or more specifically last night. I think I slept for 3 hours, maybe 4 if you count rocking the little one to sleep in her chair and dozing in and out of sleep. Alarm went off at 5am with tee time being at 8am. It is Thursday so range isn't open till 9 and I had to work before going to the course. Out the door by 5:40 with clubs packed, work done by 7:15 off to the course and fight through some traffic before arriving at 7:40 for tee off. I was paired up with someone I had never played with before and he actually asked if it was okay if he could play with me. He is a 33 handicap and saw mine at 6.9 (more on that in a second), he was a bit nervous and I told him to not be as we are just here to have some fun and enjoy what ended up being perfect conditions. So the 6.9 - I have been playing off an 10 most the whole season. My official handicap according to the Swiss system was an 8.9, however this was based off my Canadian handicap record from 4 years ago. My app and so on which I have been using has had me at a 9.9-11.8 this season. However I played my first tournament last week (Stableford) the scores were input and when I booked I saw my handicap dropped 2 full points down to a 6.9. Do I believe it? Well in the interest of being the most possibly fair for the playoffs this is what we are going to go with. I don't know how it dropped, but it did. Next quickly, the course is going through a ton of renovations and there are a ton of bunkers being redone and are GUR, I did not thankfully hit into any of them. However the tee boxes are mixed because they are redoing a bunch of those as well. Again for the purposes of this the difference between course handicap from Yellow and White is a 7 and 10, for this I am going to take a 7 as the majority of the tee boxes were yellow. Only seems fair. Now onto this beauty and what could have been of a round (Yes you will get a hole by hole) Hole 1: Yellow Tee box - Took 3 wood and stripped it down the middle. Roland the gentleman I played with asked why 3 wood not driver and I explained that the trees I normally aim towards with driver puts me in a lot of trouble, where 3 wood leaves me at worst 135 yards out and avoids any tree issues. Nice tee shot, slightly toey approach, but safely on the green and what was a theme a slight misread which lead to an easy 2 putt par. Hole 2: White Tees - Not a ton of difference between white and yellow, but ripped a drive... right into the bunker. It rolled up close enough to the lip that I had to take a wedge, play out and hope to get up and down from 70 yards. Spoiler it didnt... wasn't far off and had a 12 foot putt which just fell as it neared the hole. Another easy 2 putt, but for bogey. Hole 3: Yellow Tee Box: Drive of the day, maybe? Right down the middle and was left with 220 to the green. Played 5 iron and had a chip with a good angle which left me 4 feet straight for birdie. Putt made and first birdie on the card! Hole 4: White: Been a nemesis for me as there is hazard all right hand side. I play a draw which seems to be a magnet for that hazard. Pin was at the front and stripped a 7 iron with a tiny draw, landed in front of the flag... hit the flag and rolled back to the pitch mark. Yes, devastating. Put what I thought was a perfect putt on and burned the edge for a par. Ugh. Hole 5: Yellow - Tee shot driver when into my bunker like I always do, its a par 5 so not the end of the world. 6 iron out and unfortunately over draw to the right hand side blocking my vision to the green. I hit a wonderful 9 iron to 15 ish feet over some trees to the middle of the green and once again another 2 putt par. Hole 6: Yellow: Back into the sun and hit the most toey shot I have ever hit. Neither of us saw the ball, but felt like it was okay. Hit a provisional and put that one in the perfect position. Thankfully as we walked up we found my first left semi. Caught a PW fat and ended up in the front bunker. Made the up and down and was my first real adversity of the round. Hole 7: White: Another fantastic drive, but into right semi. Had 150ish in and took 9 iron. Now as I was about to swing I thought maybe I should grab the 8 to clear the front bunker for sure and go right at the pin, but maybe if I just go after the 9 and draw a little I will be right of the bunker and use the slope a bit... that is what happened. Maybe caught a little thin, but worked. Middle of the green and again great pace and just off a bit on the read which mean a 2 putt par. Hole 8: White: Hardest hole on the course, but also my favorite. Took my 3 wood smashed down the middle to 140 yards to the green. Pin was tucked back right and once again had my trusty 9 iron which was flushed and hit to 4 feet. Made the straight birdie Thats 2! Hole 9: White; Double crossed myself on a fade and hit into the bunker, hit a decent bunker shot given how crummy the bunker was and didnt make the putt. Oh well move on with a bogey and even par after 9. Hole 10: Yellow; Back into the sun and thinned a 5 iron so hard... lol it was terrible. Ended up being 180 yards to the green and flushed my 6 iron into the sun. Felt amazing, a little right but neither of us saw the ball. So we walked up and Roland was in the front right bunker and there was mine middle of the green pin high. Super cool! 20ish foot putt was a little short, but again simple par on the cards. Hole 11: Yellow- Par 5 reachable in 2 which a good drive, which I had. Was left with 200 or so to the pin and hooked the living crap out of my 5. Left myself 40 yards or so in the rough to chip on. Thankfully made the chip and putt died about 5 cm from the hole. Ugh... another easy par but really wanted better. Hole 12: Maybe the hardest hole on the course I think? Yellow tees and hit a simple 3 wood to the middle of the fairway leaving me about 170 into the pin. There was a greenskeeper working in the right hand bunker and I would be lying if it wasnt a distraciton. I pushed my approach a little left and thankfully stayed out of the hazard which allowed me to have a relatively simple up and down for par. Approach was perfectly pin high, just about a yard too far left which took the slope a bit. However difficult hole, par is great! Hole 13: White: This is the hardest hole. No question in my books. I proceeded to essentially wiff a driver OB. Yikes... second drive was annoyingly good and approach was to 155 ish to 15 feet again. 2 putt, but walk away with a double. Had I not had the wiff which was just a complete mental block ... anyway. Hole 14: Yellow: Par 3 which I don't get along with. Hit an okay 6, but pushed a bit and left me with a chip, didnt get up and down but made a really poor effort at the putt. Another bogey on the card and almost felt like it was getting away from me as it has in the past. Hole 15: Yellow - DRIVER again! just a great shot. Was into the semi, but still good. Tried 3 wood, but caught a bit thin and ended up being more of a lay up. A great 50 yard high chip over the bunker to 18 feet and another close but not close enough putt. Hole 16: White: Another good drive which left me 130 into the flag and pumped a 50 degree over the flag and missed the green. A complete shotty duffed chip and 2 putt for another bogey. That chip I really wanted back. Hole 17: Yellow: Drive of the day, so straight and split the hazard on and over the new bunker. Had 100 yards in and put it to 5 feet and made the birdie. Hole 18: Yellow: I will admit I knew I was having a good round, but wasnt paying much attention to score. I just knew I had 3 birdies and I have never had 4 in a round. Played 140 to a left pin and hit a nice draw from middle of the green working back towards the flag which left me with another 15 ish foot putt... which proceeded to stop less than a full turn short for my 4th bridie. All said and done even on the front, and 3 over back with an OB ball and 2 bad par 3s for a 75. Just incredible and truly am so freaking pumped that things went this well.
  10. Send an email to Kerry or customer service there and maybe there is some possiblity.
  11. Both have been very well received and have good reviews. May come down to looks in many cases or desired specs. Not sure if price is much different, but that could play a role if you have very unique specs as the price can go up with Takomo when needing various loft and lie adjustments.
  12. Am I allowed to day it depends on the day? In the end I just enjoy golfing and being out with good people and hopefully decent weather. So most of the time fun, but I do take it seriously.
  13. I'm excited too. Ping g430 lst was so good. Ping g425 Max is good, but it's spinny.
  14. Few quick things with this member test which are important to let everyone know about. 1. Henry the founder reached out to MyGolfSpy Forum via the contact us to discuss and chat about an opportunity. He was actually surprised how quick we responded and after exchanging a few emails back and forth we scheduled a call and soon after had this all locked in. It was really cool for the Forum as it shows our mission to make member testing more visible and for it to be a benefit to different companies in either promoting their product or getting their name out there. 2. The hoodies are of a new batch. I haven't actually see them yet, but they may look slightly different. I am excited to have a chance to work with Henry and crew because I think they have done a fantastic job and truly hope that being part of the member testing program will boost them and their company forward. If we can be a platform that elevates companies and gives them more credibility, exposure and sales all while being able get our members free equipment to test and review then this becomes that much more powerful of a platform.
  15. Finally brokedown and ordered a Paradym TD. The used site here is running a 15% off Sale and it's was only 330 shipped so tool the 15% and couldn't say no! Shaft is s reg, but I have enough that I can swap out and try others so no big deal there.
  16. In person would have been great for matchplay. Ended up shooting 43 on the front and 40 on the back so not great, but not terrible.
  17. Lost 2 balls and both were instant known to be out. Weather started to turn and had a solid Finish for a fun irons only
  18. Playing a warm up round for tomorrow... turned into an irons only round. On hole 11 and it's not much better...
  19. https://mygolfspy.com/we-tried-it/swingu-app-review/ SwingU Crew your recap is up and posted! Also read the article and there is a little surprise 40% off code there! Also for the LAB testers, sorry I missed it, but yours was posted last week! https://mygolfspy.com/news-opinion/lab-putter-review/ If you want to check out all of them here is the quick link: https://mygolfspy.com/?s="forum+member+review"&submit=Search
  20. Kinda sounds like driver testing may also be a requirement.
  21. Just my own opinion, not something I'd be interested in. Cost is likely going to be very high and factoring in lost balls on course makes it only usable into a net where there are optimal Systems and Personal Launch Monitors which are so much more affordable than they used to be.
  22. MyGolfSpy HQ is looking for a full time staff writer. If you are interested in joining the HQ Staff follow the application link below! https://app.workello.com/a/mygolfspy-content-writer-1?tab=job-details
  23. We are at 90 or so, which means a few orders still need to be placed. Hoping we get a lot more than 100, but thank you to all for submitting your orders who have so far and looking forward to seeing what everyone thinks when they get them a few months from now!
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