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  1. Not that I am aware of, but I will check the Marketplace. Is it the obvious thread?
  2. Hello all! It is back again! We have another opportunity for our members to get a behind the scenes look and discussion with MyGolfSpy's Phillip Bishop (HARD GOODS/GOLF CLUB TESTING MANAGER). With 2 of the iron categories just releasing in the last few weeks there is plenty to talk about! Haven't joined one of these calls before and want to know a little more? Here are a few quick points below! - We know many of the MyGolfSpy readers have questions about Most Wanted testing and we want to provide you with answers! This is a great place to do that, right here and get immediate answers! - Hop on the call for 5 minutes or the full hour as we work through your questions and discussion points for the Most Wanted results that have just happened. (This week is Players and Game Improvement Irons). - Myself and Phillip host the call and anyone on is free to ask questions either by video or write it in the video chat. - This is not only a great way to meet some fellow spies, but also get a behind the scenes look and results of how and what goes on with Most Wanted Testing! - Calls normally last an hour, they are also recorded for you to view after if you cannot make it! If you have more questions you would like answered and can't make the call, write them in this thread as we try to get them all answered! Follow the link below for access to the video call (open at 3:50 PM EST). JOIN HERE TO ACCESS CALL! Want to check on the results for the Most Wanting Testing that is going to be discussed? Go to the links below! https://mygolfspy.com/buyers-guides/irons/best-players-irons-2023/ See you on the call!
  3. Um there is a whole other thread 10 pages long that is going on about it.
  4. For me I am going to hold all true opinions and written thoughts until a lot more information comes to light. I think we are still so early in this and the dominos to come are far greater than we may know. A true watch this space.
  5. As we as staff Monitor this thread I am going to ask membership to also aid in our efforts to hold up our moral code and posting policies. If you see something that is out of line or does not Lineup with our moral Codes please report the post and we will take action from there. Thank you, Forum Staff
  6. Not sure what the issue or bug was, however was able to edit and remove the photo on question no issues (on mobile).
  7. Actually my biggest question is where is the NLU pod.
  8. Only two weeks? This is wild. So many knock on effects... What do I do with my fantasy team? Should I be running to the waiver wire to grab brooks and cam?
  9. They are blowing up on social media. Tons of posts and ads hyping up the release. Something about them doesn't quite grab me... Yet. Curious to see if that will change as we see more of them in action, but personally the relaunch isn't as exciting as a new DTC brand and story. Hopefully they pull a Wilson and come out with a few banger products that get a lot of praise!
  10. Let's fire this up again as it was great to see some questions from the community answered! @Tony Covey MGS - does a colored putter help a golfer make more putts? - what happened to MLA putters? Seem to have fallen off the map. - I see a ton of Adams ads everywhere and looks like they are doing a massive social media push. Do you think their lineup will continue to be a simpler Idea line or will they expand their lineup in future years. - how many coffees will be drank during the Golf Ball test this year? Can you give us a over under to make a fun bet on?
  11. No discount code, but they were running a special on the grip pack where you could get the 3 grips the testers are using for a discount. Not sure if it is still running though.
  12. Testers Announced! Sub70 TAIII Wedges! Sub 70 Golf was created to give golfers access to the highest quality and newest technology golf clubs available in the market, and to do so at a fraction of the cost of larger companies. They don't have an advertising budget, and there is no third party selling our clubs and marking up prices to ensure their own profit. Sub 70 Golf is located in Sycamore, Illinois, and the people that started Sub 70 are also the people that build your clubs, answer your calls, and play a lot of golf. Those same people believe that golfers should not have to feel the need to spend a small fortune on new golf clubs every six months in order to feel like they can keep up. Sub70 take pride in their clubs, and stand for their values. If for any reason you're not satisfied with your clubs, let them know and they will make it right. The TAIII wedge is an addition and complement to the award winning TAIII irons. Created with both reliability and versatility in mind, the TAIII golf wedge can play every shot: high, low, high spin or low spin. Meant for those with creativity around the greens, the Tommy Armour III Tour Milled wedges are the precision made tools of a short game artist. Please welcome and congratulate our testers! @MaxEntropy @DonnieGolfs @ZMendle10 @CB Lobo 4 Life
  13. Date 06/05/2023 Course Name Otelfingen Gross Score 82 Course Handicap 11 Gross Strokes over/under par 10 Net Score to Par -1 Net Score 71 Net Birdies or better 5 Longest Drive 313 Crumbled the last 3 holes... ... Well back 9 kinda. Good scrambling par on 1 2 missed easy birdie putt 3 made birdie 4 duffed tee shot bogey 5 lipped out birdie 6 lipped out birdie 7 near chip in birdie (made par) 8 bogey after blading one into the hazard from 100 yards (so gross haha) 9 3 putt bogey 10 okay bogey from Bunker 11 bad par being hole high after 2 in some rough 12 good bogey 13 missed birdie putt (one ball) 14 okay bogey 15 solid par 16 bad bogey from 100 yards 17 double from nowhere (shit tee shot) 18 splashed double Count them up 82 and crumbled the last 3 holes. Had so much fun and hit 3 drives over 300. Putter is just not doing the trick and missing really makeable putts
  14. I have 22 and enjoyed the first few hours, but again just another thing I don't have time for.
  15. Don't exactly know the retail price in the US, but Srixon Q Star Tour is up there for me.
  16. There are so many options available it's tough to truly say. I do think Cobra and TM have done well in the past most wanted.
  17. Great finish and very happy to see Hovland pull this one out. Been so good for a while now and getting this win where other top names couldn't quite get it done should be a big boost to his confidence!
  18. When this thread popped up again...
  19. So what did you order??? Lets hear all the details. Well it is arriving soon so I will do a full Unboxing and everything when it arrives!
  20. Update for APH division. Also update for all. The prize for the season end winner will be a limited Golden Ticket for member testing. The restrictions will be explained to the winner. I am also working on something small for division winners.
  21. No discount codes unfortunately. Between the testers success and @GolfSpy SAM raving non stop about his there was simply too much evidence saying it would help my putting. Which is going through a bit of time right now. Bottom line theme really seem to be onto something with their tech making putting a lot more simpler. as this is also a data heavy review I am more intrigued and will give me an excuse to get on SAM Lab to see some other real world results
  22. Definitely agree... However with baby 2 about a week or so away i will be happy with practice putting and taking care of the family!
  23. Things are getting spicy! Rory with a lot of struggles. Scottie in the mix and the clubhouse and Denny leading the way with 9 to play. Should be a fun finish and one that I won't be staying awake for.
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