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  1. None off the top of my head. They were really good with working with us to help the league run smoothly. The draft was a issue, but they worked to resolve it which was great. Although the system was a little different it worked well and was pretty straight forward to work with. I'm sure something will come up, but until then I was very happy, impressed and had a lot of fun.
  2. Just finished reading it. Although they didn't perform great on the test I would say for some golfers they will still be a go to ball. Looking at the ERC it would be ideal for my father-in-law. I think regardless of it's performance or lack there of it will still perform for many.
  3. Burned by burns... Going to be a rough week. Here is to hoping the other 3 get top 10!
  4. Awesome! I am going to go see what the local shop sells them for first before I get them online. It's a good deal, but the 45us shipping to Canada hurts big time!
  5. Welcome to the forum and good writeup! Love your course even though it got the better of me. Glad you liked your stroke lab putter. Can't wait to get a hold of mine and put it through some paces!
  6. Oncore elixir is a ball that seemed to do well in a lot of areas or at least be pretty decent, but not get mentioned too much. Big thanks and appreciation to MGS and crew who did this whole test. A ton of info and going to definitely help a lot of golfers. Now to try and wait and see how many shops introduce ball fittings into their stores.
  7. Just finished watching the stream. Was definitely well worth the hour and change to watch. Now time to dive into the data and see what's going in the bag for the season!
  8. It was an amazing movie and a great way to end off phase 4. Loved every moment of it from start to finish. For those who haven't seen it you are in for a real treat and a great movie!
  9. Love the set up MPR! Also like the additional tidbits to go along with it. Really cool that regardless of look you are able to recognize hope much the g700 are helping and working for you. I'm sure many of us would be too stubborn to go through with that haha Thanks for the update and the extra insight always cool to see these the definitely some of my favorite reads!
  10. They certainly do and rightfully so. They are very easy to hit and just great clubs overall. I do like the shape of the f9. Also by and far the easiest 3 wood I've ever hit off the fairway which is where I think they earned their reputation.
  11. I don't know... I know there are two clubs in his bag which will be hard for him to give up! Srixon driving iron and the older f7 3 wood. That's something I'll be very curious to see is @Nunfa0 how you enjoy the f9 3 wood vs the f7. Tried the f9 last night and was pretty darn good, but not a massive difference between the two.
  12. No idea... I love my 3 wood and my driver. I would lean towards driver though. Lots of the courses here aren't very long so it could be cool to try out in that spot.
  13. Haven't been a launch monitor recently with driver, but it would be closer to 255 260. I'll try and get some other numbers in the next couple days and really give it a good work through to see really what the difference between the g400 and mini is.
  14. Okay so I demoed (briefly) the TM mini Originial driver and I am pretty darn close to sold on it. Solid 240 carry with super low launch and spin. Could likely tweak it to get a bit more out of it but have to admit I'm a huge fan!
  15. I for one am in the camp of embracing it! Have yet to find anyway to avoid it so I just got with it and wear it proudly.
  16. Holy this is entertaining! Definitely going to have to keep close tabs on this! From everything I've seen on the f9 irons they are hot and long... Anyone care to chime in based off their fittings?
  17. If it was me I would definitely do it. I have never volunteered for golf events but I have for several curling events which are normally 10 or so days and typically 12-20 hour days. Thankfully now I get paid to do those events, but it was the volunteering experiences that are some of the most enjoyable!
  18. Mark another f7 user here. Thing is a go to club all the time. I will be giving the f9 a good run soon enough as well to see if it keeps up!
  19. Solid week overall... Got some luck with DJ shooting 6 over and have slowly worked my way back up the standings to the middle of the pack. Still a long road Ahead but things are looking a bit more promising
  20. Have to say going from the trusty Rusty's which dont have a whole lot of bounce to the glide wedges which have a significant amount it made a huge difference. So much easier ... Still have the cobras, but can't see myself going back anytime soon unless I have them bent to give more loft and more bounce. Thanks for posting the video, very informative
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