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  1. This thread isn't about member testing and those who are taking part in that. It is about anyone trying or testing any equipment that they are interested in! Whether thats being in a shop rolling a few putts or hitting a driver in the bay or buying something to go head to head!
  2. Definitely think there is merit to the Mevo and it being non subscription.
  3. Recording - The Stack Community Call Recording is up and ready to view for those who couldn't make the call last night. Ends abruptly due to some technical issues however was a fantastic call and thank you Sasho for joining us!
  4. Utility Irons are a favorite of mine and it was interesting to see the feedback from the Caley 01X after it had performed so well in Most Wanted Testing. Incredible at how important certain components are to making a golf club work properly for many.
  5. You can also find then on Spotify!
  6. https://mygolfspy.com/we-tried-it/forum-member-review-rapsodo-mlm2pro/ We did post this early for our Forum Members to see in the Forum Staff Articles Section, but nice to see it up on the main site! A lot more of these to come!
  7. I have started to see a lot of these around and they are really interesting to me. Nice to see HQ do a full review on one! https://mygolfspy.com/we-tried-it/puttr-smart-putting-green-review/ https://www.puttr.co/ - For more information about the product itself!
  8. Call has started, but still time to join! This is one you will not want to miss!
  9. I hope they have a good supply built up because it is going to be crazy with the hype. However typical Tiger effect.
  10. I remember Brandon Grace hitting one over the tracks right during the US Open. He was playing well and had just a horrific tee shot.
  11. Feel free to post all the LIV content here. It's what this thread is for. As the topic is still very polarizing we have no need to inject the controversy into other areas of the forum.
  12. Any new threads that are created will just be merged with this one. So just comment here please. There are many that like LIV and many that don't. To make the forum more tolerable for all any LIV centered discussion will remain here.
  13. The Testing Opportunity - Part One: Unveiling Caley Golf's 01X Utility Iron Caley Golf, a rising star in the Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) market, has swiftly carved its niche as a brand to watch. In a saturated golf market, breaking through can be challenging, making our opportunity to organize a MyGolfSpy Forum Member Review of the Caley 01X Utility Iron all the more exciting. After a commendable top three finish in Most Wanted Testing with their driving iron, the forum community's anticipation was high, and what better way to see how the product really performs than by placing the product in the hands of our forum testers. About Caley Golf Founded in 2019 by Ryan Atha, Caley Golf initially offered budget-friendly box sets. Wanting to take the next step forward, the brand elevated its game by introducing premium-level clubs like the 01, 01T, and 01CB iron sets—a notable leap forward featuring a hollow body player distance iron and a fully forged cavity back. These innovations mark a stride toward Caley Golf's overarching mission—to enhance golf accessibility by providing premium-quality clubs at affordable prices. What Underwent Testing? In a departure from conventional single-product focus, the Caley forum opportunity encompassed a set from each of their three offerings and two of their MyGolfSpy Most Wanted 3rd place Caley 01X Utility irons. This article, part one of our coverage, delves into the Caley 01X Utility Iron's performance, scrutinizing how it fared in the hands of our testers. Caley 01X Utility: Initial Impressions While the utility arrived in less-than-ideal box conditions, the testers noted that improved packaging would be beneficial. Despite this, the clubs emerged unscathed and in pristine condition. Our tester, AndySP, shared mixed sentiments about a few details. The overall look and aesthetics of the club were graded well and impressed, but he found the shaft's upward logo-facing installation somewhat perplexing. Another tester, Vegan, initially had concerns due to the box's condition but was pleasantly surprised by the club's immaculate appearance upon unwrapping. Raving about the look and clean lines he couldn’t wait to get the utility to the range and golf course. Tester Feedback on Performance Both testers commended the club's aesthetics, but how did it perform? One minor critique centered on the shaft—although of good quality, the 65-gram stiff shaft felt slightly light, particularly for Vegan, causing timing issues and an extended break-in period. This was not so much an issue with the shaft which is provided, but more the lack of options available to those who may require a heavier or stiffer shaft for their swing. Despite this, both testers achieved favorable results with the Utility. In terms of forgiveness, AndySP acknowledged its limitations as a large 2 iron but highlighted its superior performance compared to his other irons, especially with low and toe strikes. He also added that there was one particular shot he wished to be able to play with this club, which was the stinger. Here is what he said. “To hit mean low rockets to impress my instagram friends…I mean to stay under the wind. Perhaps surprisingly… I had no problem putting this a little back in the stance and keeping it low on the range. Addicting, but still a little scary on the course for me.” On distance, he remarked, "It's a bomber that creeps up on the distance I get out of my 4 wood." Vegan, while experiencing ups and downs on the course, praised the Caley 01X for its versatility in various situations, with the only drawback being its challenge in the rough. The Final Verdict Although both testers encountered a learning curve with the Caley 01X Utility, they eventually gave it scores of 72 and 78 out of 100. While not the highest in our member tests, both plan to deploy the club situationally. Reshafting is on the horizon for both testers to optimize the club's fit to their swings. Navigating the nuances of driving irons or utility irons is inherently tricky, and the Caley 01X Utility received praise for its aesthetics, sound, feel, and height of ball flight, coupled with solid distance. However, points were deducted for weighting, limited shaft options, forgiveness traits, and an unusual situation where excess metal emerged from the grooves during cleaning, as noted by AndySP. It was a challenging test at times for the testers as this was not an easy plug and play club. There were several great shots recorded and highlighted during testing, however there were also struggles which were well documented. With the stock components testers had to adapt their swings and timing to get the most out of the club. While they both recommended the golf club for various reasons, they did specify it should be for those fit better into the stock specifications and shaft options. Despite these considerations, both testers lauded its reasonable pricing, affirming that the Caley 01X Utility delivers commendable performance for its cost. The testers final reviews and data they collected can be found in the following link: Forum Member Review: Caley 01X Utility
  14. Been a bit, but this is one of my favorite courses that I have never played. https://coursepreview.golf/chambersbay/?hole=16 Great way of viewing the hole on their site. How are you playing this? Looks simple enough, but nothing is as simple as it seems!
  15. Welcome to the forum! You and I seem to have very similar situations with that portion of our golf bag!
  16. This often ends up being the check in thread regardless of time! One of the best things about this thread in my mind. Was supposed to be a day off, but volunteer called in sick so back to work and now going on 32 days in a row... Ugh. However home now with the kids and hoping to have a productive day before we get our winter wonderland started!
  17. All 8 are there! As others have said we there is another thread for the non milled testers. However to give a little background and reasoning as to why we do it this way. The reviews are long and in depth. When we have more than 4 reviews in a thread the reviews after the 4th see significant drop off in participation, views and reactions. This isn't fair to those testers that put in the work and effort for the reviews. The flip side is while same release time and similar technology there are very different putters and serve a different audience. Nothing against the white hot testers, but it is not a face I like or have really any interest in and I won't be chiming in there that much if at all. It is just a product that I don't want. The milled however has my attention. Splitting the threads and products like this will cater to our forum members in a more sensible way and allow readers to get to the information they want and avoid some of the clutter from the other putters. Hope that makes sense!
  18. Great review and thanks for sharing your experience with these irons!
  19. I haven't really swung a club in a while, but everytime I see these irons in my bag I smile. They have been such a great addition to my bag and continue to be impressed. Others have also made many comments on them and their looks as well as flight when I have played with them. The final thing that gets noticed a lot is the shaft. The Project X IO shaft is one that I had never tried before and really come to like. The look for many think it isn't steel which is also kinda cool!
  20. Excited to see these reviews. Another question for the testers in the milled group. Have you used many milled putters before? Why did you decide to apply for the milled vs the white hot insert?
  21. Would actually love to try the VF in whatever the lowest spinning head with lowest loft and see if I could get the thing off the ground!
  22. Watching this closely. With the new house we will have room to make or build something outside or even do a shed and make a true little sim cave. Hopefully your ideas translate to what I can do.
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