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  1. As this has been all too serious. For some comedic relief I found this.
  2. I don't mind hitting any of my irons truly. The confidence better hitting my 9 and 6 I would say are the same. What i do try to avoid is going hard at a club to get the extra distance. I would rather try to have a bit too much, this is also something with arccos where my miss was always short vs long so taking the extra club proved beneficial.
  3. I have them noted and written down somewhere... however where is a whole other question!
  4. Yes, for sure. I think i could have worded my response better Knowing and caring what they are at are in two different buckets.
  5. I'm always going to suggest one of the cobra lines going back to the F7. The rails I am a big believer in, they have some great stock shaft options and are usually at a great price point. I am not a slow swing speed player, but always struggled with 3 wood till my F7 and it's stayed in the bag since and still has great distance and versatility. At the very least they are worth a look and consideration.
  6. Really hit a great balance this year with golf and culture which has been fun to see. CPH is a great city and do much fun to walk and explore. Im glad they went into that a bit. The course looked on point and stupid firm! Another great episode in easily one of their best seasons to date.
  7. Always like hearing stories like this with tested equipment getting more use! Glad the irons found a great second home and looking forward to another update as to how they perform for him going into next season and beyond!
  8. It isn't something I have ever heard of to be honest. However most all the courses I play here people nearly only walk. It is rare to see a cart. There were courses I played in Canada which were cart only and for good reason. The distances between holes were too great and the one that I did walk was exhausting even with a push cart so typically nobody would walk those courses anyway. I get why they are doing it, but also I don't. I can't help but think about maintenance costs for carts and how encouraging more while should make more money would also increase costs of repairs or gas or electricity and so on. Just my two cents, but i guess an added question is how "walkable" is the course? Is it set up more for carts or more for walking?
  9. This. My 659 TC were sent to me with standard lofts and I actually don't even remember what exactly they are. What I ended up doing was a gapping session and tweaking the lofts a bit up and down to get the dispersion I wanted. I actually don't even recall what irons are at what lofts. I also added some lead tape to the 5 iron to help get the height I wanted. This worked great for me this year and saving some rainy day funds for my own loft and lie machine which I will then look to tweak them once again in the beginning of 2023 with another gapping session. Lofts are what they are, I prefer to know and have the distances/flight windows for the irons which I want/need. Also try going from playing your whole life with yards and thinking club X is your 150 yard club to meters and stakes are still 200,150,100 but in meters and then you really don't care what the lofts are. You just want to know and make sure you have the right distances for each club. The conversion isn't difficult, but it still is an added calculation for each shot.
  10. Next up in the Ball Lab Series: Titleist Tour Soft! We all know Titleist has scored well with most of their others. Does this one follow suit? Check it out and let us know what you think? Is this your gamer? https://mygolfspy.com/titleist-tour-soft-ball-review-2022/
  11. Funny for many it's either putter is a definitely lock for maybe life or always on the block. Not as much in between.
  12. We have a really cool portion at several of the Migro Golf Parks which have 6 hole par 3 courses for learning and training. It is normally $25 for the day and you can spend as much time as you want on it. We did 4 laps a while back and was just great fun and a good way for new golfers to really get into it without being intimidated with long long holes.
  13. Really it was incredible to see the 0211 products go for as low as they did are still are. I haven't given mine a fair shake yet, but kinda a no brainer to even test out and try at the very least.
  14. For me another area of focus is going to be the golf ball. I think I want to stay in the Vice family, however narrowing down which one may be the trickier part. I played AVX, Tour Response, TP5 and Vice Tour last year and the Tour Response was probably my slight favourite, however the Vice Tour was solid as well especially for the price. I am still very curious about the Zero, as if it is basically the old nike golf balls I would be pretty happy with that!
  15. There were and still see so many good deals, however just don't feel like getting into anything more right now with but being able to play for the next month. Maybe boxing day I'll splurge a bit. Vice had me very interested in their bags.
  16. Hopefully you're able to get some resolution to your issues. Must be very frustrating! Wish I could give some input. Not sure how often he still posts, but @thechrisgibbs has one and maybe he can lend some insight to his.
  17. Anyone else just having a awful Fantasy Football season? I am in 4 or 5 different leagues and think I only have 1 playoff contender. Previous years I maybe would miss one league and the rest be good playoff teams... yikes
  18. @Golfspy_TCB For next year we may need to find a better spot for the leaderboard (maybe the side) I can just see this taking off and having 400 or so participants and us having to scroll for 8 minutes before we get to the comments haha!
  19. Most here are 3 wheel options, however there are several 4 wheel options to check out. https://mygolfspy.com/best-golf-push-cart-2022/ I am a clicgear fan, but again 3 wheels. Haven't used many 4 wheel or seen many around me, but either way let us know if any of these may suit you or how you make out!
  20. The next article in the series is out! Footjoy Tour Alpha Dual Boa (thats a long name!) I am lazy so I am a big fan of the BOA series. I also have been so happy with my Footjoys which are in the waterproof series. One of the best pair of shoes I have ever owned. What do you all think of these? What is your go to or all time favorite shoe? Enjoy the read! https://mygolfspy.com/we-tried-it-footjoy-tour-alpha-dual-boa-golf-shoe-review/
  21. The results from this years one word survey should be out soon and I am very curious if those trends stay. I know it was discussed in another thread, but the "negative" words I found hard to select a brand for in many cases as did others. Hopefully we see that soon and will determine how PXG's brand perception has changed or remained much of the same!
  22. Could you imagine trying to hit a good shot after being that worked up haha? It would either be dunked or exactly what happened completely awful. Poor clubs... poor playing partners too! Have to deal with that nonsense. We played with a younger guy years ago who joined in our morning group. Good player, but mainly for distance vs accuracy. Anyway he was having a off day and pumped 6 or 7 OB through the first 9 holes. You could see the blood boiling and finally on 11 a really short par 3 he bladed one into the weeds/lake and lost it. He was last to go, started storming around the tee box cursing, slamming his club while the rest of us walked to the green putted out and moved on. About 10 minutes later he ran to catch up to us and was shouting why we left him behind. One of the guys in the group simply said, because there is no need for your BS, we don't want don't enjoy and you are ruining our round by doing it. He played as a single behind us the rest of the round and we could continue hearing the swearing and kicking his bag the final 6 holes. The marshall saw his tantrum as well and passed it along the the club manager and he got a good talking to after that. It is a shame when stuff like that ruins someones golfing experience. It is suppose to be fun... hard, challenging and frustrating a lot of the time, but fun. We aren't pros making millions, so why let stuff like that get to you and lead to that sort of blow out?
  23. As for who they sponsor and not highlighting them. I actually don't mind that. Last big name was Reed and that didn't go well... but I respect the brands that just let the pros play their kit without any pushy endorsements or adverts. It is like the Brooks Mizuno JPX line. They created that line for him and he played them at his own free will, not because he was sponsored by them. As much as OEMs will pay tons to get big names into their gear I will always appreciate the players who are free agents and play those OEMs in their bags by their own free will and because they perform the best the most. Kinda goes with the MGS saying of Be Your Own Brand. I know several players who are using the pxg equipment and not because of promotions or commercials, but just because I notice it when watching golf. For as loud as PXG can be, I think letting the product speak for itself and do what it does goes a long ways. I will add that here in Europe I don't ever see any of the PXG ads that can be offputting for many and I was able to take advantage of the great deal on the club so that makes me happy! I like what they have done and hope they continue gaining traction in the golfing market!
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