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  1. I actually have several! F7 - 3 wood T series irons LAB MEZZ Max Putter
  2. It is interesting to see the jumps in club head speed. Something I guess which can be tossed out and as the rest seemed to be pretty darn consistent!
  3. There will be a newsletter that goes out promoting it, however all of those who made commitments prior and did the "sign up" are expected to follow up. We have an announcement up on the site so I would hope that if anyone made the commitment to purchase and we had given a general timeline that they would be checking in every so often.
  4. The best 2 rounds I have ever played were with Nike golf balls. One was a 2 over 72 and the other a 4 over 76 with the Nike RZN Black. Very very fond memories.
  5. Unfortunately I know this issue all too well and struggle with this same miss. If you do find a certain fix or solution I would love to know and maybe it could help me!
  6. Another reminder to all that the order end date is October 1st! Be sure to get your orders in before the deadline closes!
  7. More just a reminder I need to Upload the test!
  8. I do really want them, but my need for them is zero so I'll go to have them in my cart and just never do anything about it.
  9. When you're struggling or not having your best game do you try to swing harder and go after the ball more or do you back off and try go slow things down to get into a rhythm again?
  10. I know the other guys for Titleist raved about theirs, but my experience was not same. It was not bad! Working through the shafts was great and we found one that works really well. It was when we got to the heads where I was underwhelmed. He seemed hell bent on fitting me into the T100s. When we looked at the numbers they were pretty short and I had explained on general what I was looking for. The 7 iron was going 140 yards and I was used to getting a good bit more. I had also explained that the 50 degree spot was giving me trouble and I wanted to address that if possible. I did hit the T150 and T200 which were stellar and felt immediate jump and boost in distance. Not that I hit T100 poorly, more just felt weaker in terms of ball flight. After hitting everything we didn't even really go through many more numbers he simply wrote up and set me into T100 P-5 iron and T150 4 iron. Distances with that set would be an issue and it didn't address the 50 degree spot either. Ultimately I left uncertain about what set I should go with and relied on my own gut and ordered the head setup I preferred and am very happy. We also didn't address length or lie. I am normally Standard length and play 2 flat. We didn't even talk about that other than him saying I should be Standard Standard. Every ball went right (I'm a lefty) so the order I placed was 1 down. All of this to say is my expectation going into the fitting was to come out certain with set makeup and confidence in what I was going to order. This did not happen and ultimately is why I was underwhelmed.
  11. Sorry our main call had ended and we had moved to another meeting by then!
  12. Thanks all for joining the call!
  13. Have whitelisted your account. Due to your VPN and IP association it was flagged in our system.
  14. Date 09/21/2023 Course Name Otelfingen - Weiss Gross Score 81 Course Handicap 11 Gross Strokes over/under par 9 Net Score to Par -2 Net Score 70 Net Birdies or better 4 Longest Drive 270 VCT Match Play Designate as Week 3 Match Score Sorry crew just didn't have this week. Tried but to be honest just got burnt out and next to no energy. The tee shots were great minus one hole but just didn't find the rhythm with my irons or wedges. Being back on familiar greens made a world of s difference and had 3 or 4 lip outs. Taking a break for a little while and will pick up a club again next week.
  15. Looks like you'd be in a medium.
  16. I should be able to after matchplay ends. before I am getting limited rounds in so it's much tougher to do.
  17. Not to mention getting a fitting is fun and it often gets you more excited about the products you end up ordering or gives you some added knowledge to make a better informed decision about you and your game.
  18. For US Orders use this link! https://redroostergolf.com/products/mygolfspy-glove?utm_source=copyToPasteBoard&utm_medium=product-links&utm_content=web For Canadian Orders use this link! https://ca.redroostergolf.com/products/copy-of-the-sussex?utm_source=copyToPasteBoard&utm_medium=product-links&utm_content=web
  19. Okay all now is the time! Links will be posted here shortly as they are going live for you to place and pay for your orders directly from Red Rooster. We have named the glove after the idea creator and one of our hardest working Forum Staff Tim Root - The Root. There will be two links posted. One for those in the US and one for those in Canada. Please ensure you use the proper link! Didn't sign up here originally? No worries! You can still purchase yours even if you didn't sign up. Want to add a few to your order? You can do that too! Spread the word and let's make this a big success and maybe we can bring it back again sometime next year. To all who made original orders you will need to place your order before October 1st as this is a limited time and limited run!
  20. I'll be mia most of the day today. Slept for 2-3 hours as the kids had other plans. Was up at 430 for work then played my tournament round. Went okay, but man it is a tough course. More on that later. Back to work then home to help with the kids and what I hope is a nice Long family nap.
  21. I think I'm going to start retiring most shoes after a season. Maybe bring them out for wet or fall but my feet while okay do get more sore the longer I have worn most.
  22. TM putters are ones I've always wanted to like but never got on well with. These don't seem to move the needle for me. I much preferred their Spider GT series as far as looks at least. However there is little dispute how well these have performed for so many others!
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