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  1. But then would't you feel like a putter striking king!! Joking of course, but I think what I was trying to convey is the really mooshy feel was not so well received and I think if it did go that route it wouldn't be as well liked. Having a firmer feel, but maybe a more audible response could be the preferred formula. Just my thoughts.
  2. @cnosil definitely agree with the face thickness part. Most certainly has something to do with it. Given how the whitehot insert is (this is also assuming it is in fact a white hot of sorts as Rahm has said many times how much he likes it) if there would be much of a different feel between the thickness areas. I know the microhinge white hot was super soft and pillowy while the whitehot regular felt more normal so to speak.
  3. Which is more interesting as looking at the putter face in those photos it doesnt seem to have any grooves or anything other than being another white hot insert.
  4. Honestly good, very impressed. The feel is there to know where you hit it and there is normal height loss which in turn means less distance, but Line is normally still solid.
  5. Good morning all! Was a late night with meetings and calls and early morning for work and then some private lessons (coaching for curling) however I managed to sneak over to the course inbetween and get 6 holes in at the 6 Hole Championship course at the course I have a membership at. I wasnt sure what to think, I had heard some decent things about it, but 6 holes is not a lot... just the thought of only playing 6 while not bad was a bit of a turn off. I was wrong. What a fantastic set of 6 holes. Maybe my favorite 6 holes on the property. This is the first tee shot. Not that inviting at all truthfully, but managed to be in the semi rough and hit it to 6 feet before missing the birdie putt. Greens are still in some shape after being punched so I take the good with the bad. Either way a nice easy par on the first hole. Next hole is par 5, I did push my drive into the hazard which sucked but dropped, played a 7 iron to 115 yards before stuffing it to 3 feet and making the putt. So another par! Hole 3 is a sweeping dog leg right where you have to carry over some marshland area. Really fun and a choice of how much you want to chew off, played a bit conservative and ran through the fairway into the semi about 140 yards out. Hit a bad 9 iron and ended up short, but made a nice chip up and down for yet another par! Hole 4 par 3 with elevated green, awful tee shot good pitch and 2 putt bogey. Oh well. Hole 5 another par 5 and hit a good drive over some bunkers and was 220 yards out, played a 5 iron to the front right, pitch and putt for the first birdie and back to even par. Final hole is the toughest. Cant hit driver as there is a hazard and trees about 250 yards right across, so hit 3 wood to 165ish yards just in the fairway infront of the trouble and then hit a skinny 7 iron to 2 feet for another birdie to finish at -1 for the 6 holes. This set offers so many other challenges vs the other main course and was an absolute delight to play. I had a great playing partner Beat who gave me some good german lessons and really enjoyed the hour we spend playing the 6 holes. What a great way to play the game of golf with a fun, challenging 6 hole course that only takes an hour ish to play. A good lesson with some people afterwards and now home to spend some time with the kids before coming back to work for the evening!
  6. Congrats to the selected testers! This should be a fun test and looking forward to when your builds arrive and you start rolling some putts!
  7. https://mygolfspy.com/we-tried-it/g-fore-g-112-review/ Now sure exactly what it is about these, but I really like the look of them! Read Conner's full review in link above!
  8. Also toe strikes for the win! screen-20230918-234912.mp4
  9. https://golf.com/gear/putters/jon-rahm-odyssey-putter-wall/ Some interesting stuff and it apparently looks like Callaway is starting to put some AI tech into the putter faces. Will be great to see when they come market!
  10. Testers Announced! @GolfSub70 Putters Just because the seasons are changing doesn’t mean there isn’t still ample time to test and review golf clubs. In MyGolfSpy Most Wanted Testing Sub 70 has performed well year over year and claimed third overall in 2023 Most Wanted Blade with the Sycamore 005 Wide Blade. Bolstering an impressive lineup of 16 putters they have an option that will surely appeal to any golfer. Sub 70 says “Every Sub 70 putter is milled from a billet of 1045 carbon steel which leaves no welds, castings or inconsistencies in the head. This is the best way to make a putter head and you will not find a more solid, great feeling putter. Aesthetically each of the Sub 70 putters offers a clean, classic black and white color scheme with traditional alignment lines. We have purposefully made the heads slightly heavier than the industry standard as we feel it allows a more natural pendulum like putting stroke. “ Sub 70 also introduced a new graphite/steel putter shaft this year that offers more technology, feel and stability. Add in these Sub 70 putters will often cost half of what major brands sell for and there would seem to be perfect balance of value and performance. Please welcome and congratulate our four testers! @Dweed @Mr Orange @BallsLeon @snoopy79
  11. @Golf2Much Just to note this. @StrokerAce no worries, just need to post in week 24, but we will take care of this.
  12. Very interesting to see ish how similar we are. Here are some Rapsodo screenshots to show my last gapping session. Keeping in mind I have T100 GW/PW then T150 9-6 and T200 5 iron. The T100 are bent 1 strong so they are 49 and 45 degrees vs the stated 50 and 46 degrees to help with my blending into the 54 58 wedges and 40 degree 9 iron. So I have 2 different SW (54 degrees) a ping glide 2.0 and Mizuno S23. I really like both, but there is a good 8 yards difference between them with the Ping being a lot more powerful. Since I struggle so much with the top end (between longest iron and 3 wood) I often only have 12 or 13 clubs in the bag so for the time being I may actually carry both. These were all with range balls, but there is something to say about the consistency though that I am seeing. In all the clubs minus PW and GW (which is likely more strike vs anything) I am between 90 and 93 apex height. The gaps are also pretty darn good seeing 11-14 yards between each club. The gap between the 5 and 6 is tighter, but I can chalk that up to absolutely being dialed with the 6 and the 5 just having a fewer missed strikes. It is likely closer to a 10 yard gap with some more consistency. Still working on the ball speed figures, dont quote understand those, but overall very happy with the gapping and how the set has turned out thus far!
  13. Week 3 pairings for Distinguished Gentleman @Jnoble89 and @CB Lobo 4 Life @Berg Ryman and @GolfSpy_APH Best of luck crew! We are still in it!
  14. SEASON 2 - WEEK 24 VIRTUAL CHAMPIONSHIP TOUR IS NOW OPEN FOR SCORING!!! Picture of the Week from last week's VCT Thread: (Image Credit: @buckpillar) And remember..... Use this week's VCT thread to enter your Round 2 Match Play Scores (use the custom field to designate the score) Enter your scores, post your card, click on the custom field. We'll take it from there! Also if you haven't already check out the main site article about the VCT and be sure to leave a comment on the main site please! Helps us gain some traction with HQ https://mygolfspy.com/news-opinion/mygolfspy-virtual-championship-tour/ Tell us your experience, get the word out so we can make this even bigger and potentially bring more new and exciting things to the VCT!
  15. Can't possibly do it for me. I just love my 3 wood too much!
  16. There were new releases for Rapsodo and SkyTrax this season so dont think anything new on that front. Trackman released a teaser of something new, that is tbd. What are you looking for and what is the price you are looking to stay in?
  17. Check out the first few posts in this thread and they will have some intros and first impressions as to how things are going! So far there seems to be a pretty good learning curve, however it has worked or shown signs of life for several of the testers.
  18. Had a great session today which I will upload a bunch later, but so far I've only played a handful of holes and a lot of practice. Any of the testers try out the combine and what are your thoughts on it?
  19. I'm very interested in your gapping session. It's something that the mixed sets could struggle with and seeing how it works between your 150-200s will be interesting!
  20. I can use my eyes as a general guide and do okay. However there is little doubt in my mind that taking the 10 seconds to shoot the flag or front or back of the green has helped my game immensely. The course I play are decent with marker placement, but due to angles and large greens distances can be off as much as 20 yards with how things are playing. That's a pretty big guess and the rangefinder eliminates that. I will say I am practice and more than half the time I shoot the flag and my Ball ahead of time do I am walking up to the ball with the club I need in hand.
  21. Going to hit the range for another gapping session later this morning. While my first one was okay I didn't hit the ball well and with a tournament coming up I want to have some better set numbers with T series. Changed out my 58 back to my ping glide 2.0 es as it's just better out of bunkers and seems to be more versatile than the Mizuno. 54 is still up on the air. Both play well and feel great. So a little chipping practice is in order as well.
  22. Another early morning here. Tomorrow is a good day off finally. A fun week ahead though! Hoping that rest of the morning hits as well as this second coffee does!
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