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  1. It definitely can be too much information as there are some many variables in a swing. Also often what you feel you may be doing and what you actually are doing can be two entirely different things. I know many can be helpful and at least provide insights for many searching, but hopefully those also video their own swing to see what is happening.
  2. Thank you all for the kind words and recognition for all the Staff. It has been so much fun seeing the community thrive especially to start 2023. Lots more to come and thank you to all the members and staff that make this forum what it is!
  3. Really enjoyed watching yesterday. As someone who often plays in the rain i really like that the pros struggle as much as I do (relative to skill) in those conditions. Also incredible how different the 9s play. Front is hold on for dear life and just try to get through it. Second 9 is seemingly the only real scoring opportunities.
  4. As much as the 201 are smaller and listed as a cb type I do think the 101t would be a better fit. You'll still get workability, playability and added forgiveness maybe even a touch more distance. I recently moved to a players distance from the Sub70 659 TC as misshits are just so much more punishing. Golf is hard at the best of times, having a set of irons which will continue to help make the game easier is more beneficial than maybe some think. Also maybe as you get super confident you could go with maybe P,9,8 in the 201 and 101t in the rest?
  5. Good topic. The course I use to work at had this same thing. Few nets which could be used and just try to feel or make contact. I think the key (for myself) in that situation is that I'm loose and have some good practice swings both hands to get some of that flexibility worked in and not feel tight or restricted. Then I think it is key to find a club you are comfortable with off the first tee. One you trust and make good shots with as a good first tee shot can really get the confidence flowing. I think that's about the best you can do?
  6. Membership has grown, forum activity is way up, new members are joining and getting involved, new features are being introduced, engagement is way up as well and Member Testing is at an all time high. The Forum is in a good place and I want to give a big shoutout out to the Forum Staff. @GolfSpy BOS @GolfSpy TCB @Golfspy_CG2 @GolfSpy_BNG @GolfSpy SAM The amount of work and efforts this team has put forth over the last 8 plus months to provide the membership with all of these features, tests and just making the forum what it is today cannot be understated. Not only that, but the behind the scenes time they commit to everything on the forum is fantastic. From our weekly meetings, to special meetings with OEMs to get member tests, to goodness knows how many emails every day they all put in so much time it is kinda hard to repay them properly. It has been such a pleasure to work with them and gather their input and ideas and put them into practice. From simple, but engaging threads such as Tell Us Your Best Story thread to Forum changing features such as the MGSVT and not to be forgotten Archived BST all of it has truly helped The Forum become a thriving place each and every day. When we were looking for staff members we wanted those who would be engaged and be active members on the Forum, not just staff members working in the background. I am extremely proud of this group for taking on that challenge and being leaders in the community. You may have also noted I am using the words Forum Staff versus moderators. Of course we all moderate and take care of those duties, but in truth these guys do a whole lot more and as such I do want to somewhat move away from the term Moderator and move to Forum Staff as it significantly better describes the job they do. These guys have truly rocked it and again just want to give a big thanks to all of them here on the forum. It has been and will continue to be a pleasure to work with all of you as we see what is next for the Forum and its Membership. I guess really I want to make this post and maybe today (May 20th) Forum Staff Appreciation Day... can we make that a thing? I think we can. Fwiw I want to exclude myself from this and recognize all the staff above. I have said things like this in other threads and posts, but truly believe it deserves its own thread. Have a great Saturday all and if you see this thread please drop all of these guys a thanks as they do a whole lot more than anyone can really imagine!
  7. Courtesy of @GolfSpy TCB and his hard work we will have another fun and unique member test coming tomorrow morning! which as i write this i am beginning to think i should write a whole new thread for a topic... And will! Good morning all and hope everyone can enjoy some golf this weekend!
  8. It's because the PM system is only open fully to members after 10 posts. This is due to high spam complaints. New members can message forum staff, but not members until after 10 posts.
  9. Was great to watch the cut line last night. Rahm going back and forth but managing a couple birdies to get the job done. Spieth with a must make putt on 18 to make the weekend. Fitz with a similar putt and missed. The middle of the day was a little dry but very much enjoyed watching the later stages of round 2.
  10. Thinking of taking all three and taping them to the putter to make the Garsen UltraMiteMAX Grip? haha
  11. Forum favorite Golf Ball! These have a but of a following here on the forum and great to see them getting another lab! Check it out in the link below https://mygolfspy.com/labs/ball-lab-srixon-z-star-ball-review/
  12. Can't wait to see photos of this setup! Welcome to the forum!
  13. I am pretty steep with my woods so don't mind have a bit of grass around. That being said if the rough is that bad a hybrid isnt going to be much help either so it would be a hack or iron out anyway. I rarely find a time where I could use the hybrid distance or wish I had one. I much more often wish I had wood. Maybe it is the way I play or just the courses I am one, but I have yet to play or need a hybrid this season through nearly 30 rounds.
  14. I read that and am aware. Just simply saying it could also be something else. Yes it is what was said or told to him, however without the grip being removed we dont know 100% for sure. The 100 series my friend had when I regripped them did not have any weights and some did have a bit of excess tape in the ends. Just saying. Of course I could be way off base, but to me seems we don't have 100% clear picture is all.
  15. I can understand the disappointment. Especially where it works in some and not in others. Maybe we are missing a few pieces of the Puzzle and maybe it could also just be added grip tape? There are solutions to make the sensors work without having to replace the irons etc and being custom orders it is not a simple replace and or refund. Hopefully some of the suggestions and advice to enable the sensors to work with the existing Clubs works for him and he can be happy with the he current clubs.
  16. Sign me up in the 5 wood category. Good versatility, little better for options and at least for me a higher ball flight along with some added forgiveness!
  17. Not unplayable, but 20 out of 10 for difficulty. Mainly just greens were way too quick and while a slower green would have been fine this made it truly as difficult as it could possibly be.
  18. Not something I can or am willing to pull off. Good on the pros tho!
  19. Should be a great watch today! Good story lines and hoping to see an angry Rahm take revenge on the course!
  20. I had to do this with arccos sensors in my stroke lab putter, but can you clip the sensor screw to make it shorter and then it would work? Always tricky with custom orders and I will say I am bias as I have s good relationship with Takomo and a close friend who well in all likelihood bought his with the wrong shafts and practices on a mat too much bent the shafts just had his whole set replaced and this is 3 months after purchase.
  21. Sorry all Computer died! It was fully charged prior Next week it is then! Thanks all for joining!
  22. Very impressed. I'll have more details soon, only played a couple rounds but been able to make a lot of shots. The one big difference compared to my ping is i can more aggressive with the swings. Meaning they just fly different. I felt with ping I had to be very gentle and count for a good amount of roll. The Mizuno seem ton fly softer and have a bit more spin? It's different for sure. I do still prefer the ping for bunkers
  23. Making it a goal of mine for this weekend along with a laundry list of other things to do to do a proper WIMB update here with some photos. I did update a bit, but some things are being played around with and tweaked while others will be locks for the next little bit. However doing this update is a priority as I am quite enjoying the bag setup and performance, just need a few smaller adjustments to really make it tick!
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