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  1. Update: Testing Tabs Although we have one small kink to work out it seems as though our dev has sorted the previous issue out. For reference we know that when you select pretesting comments and go to a different page within that tab it won't view/show those comments. That being said those are most of the pick me pick me comments. Within this new system, when Signup is closed that is when it will split comments and pretesting comments and also lock the pretesting comments section. The other tabs at this time seem to be working as intended and we are able to scroll through and view the content as we like. Testing info is easier to follow and not having to wade through pages and pages of other comments before getting to the goods of the testing. We will work on the other tab to sort it away, but it may take a little longer to get that fix. Thanks for everyones patients with this and if you haven't we have several reviews that are well underway so if you go check them out give them a like and some added attention it would be awesome!
  2. Reminds me of a time a few years back. Was in another province for a camp coaching and wanted to get a round in before it started. Never played the course before and it had been raining all morning. So rain stops I go to the proshop and say I'm ready to go and attendant mentions there is a 4 some that just went out as well. I ran to try and beat them to the first tee, but they had already hit. Played the first hole waiting on all my shots and managed to catch them on the par 3 2nd where they let me through.... Skip through to 18 (Hole 9 and 18 have shared green) as I'm finishing up my last putt the 4 some I passed on hole 2 was finishing up their putts on 9. They all looked at me stunned, went into the proshop and thanked the attendant for getting me on and he asked if I wanted a refund for 9 holes. I said what do you mean I played 18! He just looked at me in shock said well then, have a great morning! Slow play hurts and just kills so much momentum. Dare I ask how the round finished or did you call it a day after waiting for a few holes?
  3. TESTERS ANNOUNCED! Testing and reviewing the Spornia hitting golf net will be: @revkev @RichL85 @Ben_Howell34 @TR1PTIK We have a couple of veteran testers and a couple who will be doing their first reviews. Looking forward to following along with their tests! ___________________________________________ For the second year in a row, California-based Spornia claimed a spot on the podium in our annual Best Golf Practice Net Buyer’s Guide. In 2020, it was silver. This time around, gold. We loved how easy the SPG-7 net was to set up and take down while maintaining a stable platform for both indoor/outdoor use. But hey, that’s just us. Pandemic or no pandemic, at home golf practice gear continues to strike a chord with golfers. Here’s a chance to find out for yourself. We are looking for 4 testers, international included! To get signed up please use the Signup link top right --->
  4. Please congratulate our testers with 3 first time testers to MGS testing! As well as one veteran tester to the Duca Del Cosma Shoe test @fozcycle@CWilson216@Dragon3@MsFitz
  5. Just to add on what Jlukes said. We have made the update to default content so that ALL new content in the updated testing section will now appear in Recent Content. This means equal exposure for all and although CC5 has a pre testing chatter thread, the official reviews of all the clubs and product will still be going into the new system. Because CC5 also has the challenges that is one reason why it has another thread, because it is somewhat separate to the review. With the new system review will be significantly easier to find because the search function within it great. Although we are still troubleshooting a bit with the new tabs this will also streamline it for all to see. Separating reviews, pre signup (pick me pick me please please I would be great for this test comments) and the real content we want to see and follow along with much easier. Yes, we are still working through things a bit to ensure it is working as intended, however it has come a LONG ways in the last month and I am much happier with this as is now and looking forward to how it continues to develop. I appreciate your concerns and we will do what we can to bump the tests and maybe we can look to feature a few of them to get some more traffic through to them for a week or so? Trouble shooting and working on it!
  6. Certainly things I'll keep an eye out for. Although I will be using an ipad rather then a phone. I wonder if the shot tracer being low has something to do with the camera angle/lower positioning of the device?
  7. Big big congrats on 5 years Rob! I mentioned it before when you stepped away as a mod, but you have done so much for this forum I don't think any of us will truly be able to thank you enough. 5 Years in a big milestone and it has been great to get to know you over the years as well as see all that you have brought to the forum. Thank you and can't wait to see what the next 5 have in store for you!
  8. I've taken screen shots and done some other troubleshooting and searching for a few issues with the second tab and sent them to the Dev. Hoping we get a update soon with fixes to the issues we have found.
  9. That process started hours after sign up opened. Don't you worry we are on it and have been working on that consistently throughout the days as signups have come in! As the previous 76er's teams would say "Trust the process".
  10. If I had the tech skills to fix it myself I would... however although I am learning a lot within this new system and my capabilities are growing that is still outside my area of expertise. Plus as has been pointed out by several in the Titleist Tseries thread we have just a few applications to go through haha
  11. I've just been going through it and taking screen shots along with some explanations to pass along to our dev to work on. I'm happy we have the new tabs and this will certainly help, but just need to get a few of these things sorted. Hopefully we will have updates for you later today.
  12. Waivers and timely trades. I also drafted pretty well. Had Spieth, Morikawa, Hovland to start.
  13. Some may be considered discarded players, but if we have a reserve or IR spot to use there are several names that I would have on my roster... sadly they are just a bit too short of making the cut. Maybe next year? That's what @xOldBenKenobiX chart is for! It will have all that right at your fingertips
  14. Of course preferable. But in a League this size sadly it's all but a guarantee to happen.
  15. Exactly this! I worked at a course and on most days it was fine with no real long rounds. All the regulars out for basically the first 4 hours then often with the evening rush it would slow down to a crawl on the course. The issue was 8 minute tee times. So for all the members its fine, they play every day and know the course and where their balls land so all good. However when you get newer people or just guys looking for a fun round, searching for balls, enjoying their time and not exactly playing slow, but always having a group right behind it compiles. Sometime nerves kick in and it gets slower. When I would Marshal I would basically go to 3 spots on the course. These were spots where either balls often ran out and could get lost or be hidden and on a few blind shots where often players would wait longer then needed because they needed to wait to be sure they didn't hit into the group infront of them. This helped keep things up to pace a little better, but rarely would I ever say get a hurry on because there is nowhere to go! It wasn't because of the players, but because of the bosses pushing in that extra 2 or 3 tee times to make that extra bit at the expense of slower rounds on busy days. I mean I don't blame them for trying to make some extra money, but when it's that slow all I would prefer to do is stop and call it a day. I can sit, wait and enjoy time outside at home rather then being frustrated with slow play.
  16. So basically don't have it attached to you while wearing white and don't eat it.
  17. Intro is live! With the new testing format the main post will be updated with unboxing, important updates and of course the final review! Check it out and stay tuned!
  18. I am a Android user, however I have an ipad that I use for work/language apps which will be using for the purpose of this test. I do have a old iphone too, but the Ipad will be the main device used for me.
  19. I'll see what backdrops I can give you... at the moment i live in farm land, but just maybe I can get a few shots of the mountains for all of you to see. We all know at the very least the dogs will be around and in some of them!
  20. Love the Cobra AMP irons. I had a set years back and will always have a affinity for them. Welcome and thanks for sharing your story/WITB!
  21. I'd agree with you there. It doesn't have much appeal to me either. However I did watch the 72 hole and playoff which was entertaining enough. Just wish the format was different or something that wasn't just another 72 hole stroke play event. Have teams, matches, alt shot or something to keep it more entertaining then well as I just said another 72 hole stroke play event. That being said congrats to the medalists on becoming Olympic champions and the forever memories that come along with it.
  22. It's a rainy day, kinda cold... but for the first time since June 3rd I don't have to go into work (yes that includes my wedding day June 25th where I worked before the wedding). Going to enjoy some chill time with the dogs, celebrate the Swiss National Holiday and for us personally celebrate moving here 1 year ago today! All in all going to be a great day regardless of weather... rain won't stop a good bbq! As for a little side note because it is the Swiss National Holiday there are tons of fireworks and Lys and I decided that we are going to see them as everyone celebrating us moving here and that they are for us
  23. I think we have a pretty good format here. I would like to see us drop to 60 so we can do full field like last season. With a good few mia players this year I don't see that being too hard of issue getting the field cut down. Then I wonder (pretty sure they tried and looked at this), but if we could have some sort of selection. Not so much pick 4 and those are the 4 that score, but have a roster of 8 and pick 6 and your best 4 from that score. Adds a bit more skill too it. I wonder if Fantrax would allow us to have 2 injury spots with no restrictions on who can go on it. Then we have our 6 starters and the best 4 of those score? 2 players you don't start go into the injury spot.
  24. Send me a PM and try and upload them there within that. We can see if we can sort this there as I check to see what the error code is.
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