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  1. The original bulky watches from ShotScope just at a glance had me turned off for no reason other than the watch itself. I ended up going down the arccos route and now have ditched that. I miss the data and enabled sole arccos Sensors again yesterday to try. To be determined, but my overall distain for the difference between Android and Apple on Arccos just doesn't have me excited. Really need to look more at ShotScope.
  2. With the 2 young ones, work and forum it'd truly been hard to find time to watch much however I did finish off Foundation. Really like that series and hope it continues as there is so so much story and ways it can continue. The one show my wife and I watch together as our date night show is Only Murders In the Building. It's fun and has some good story arcs making it entertaining for both of us. Apparently there will be one more season and then they are wrapping up which I also think is appropriate.
  3. I have a tough time throwing out and of my golf shoes. I do normally get a new pair each season, but often rotate around. My current go to footjoys are probably at the 100 round mark now and are good, I will be changing out the insole however other than that they still perform. Part of my issue is they are my best wet weather shoe and since I essentially only play early mornings I it is wet and damp so my mesh shoes just don't cut it.
  4. Registered for my first tournament in years. A little nervous truthfully. It's on a tricky course (but one I do really like) and is stableford which I have actually never played. It's only 18 holes, but should be a great Challenge and put the bag setup to the test!
  5. The SLDR was a rocket... but so unforgiving. The irons in that series were very underrated too. I'm impressed it works well enough to continue gaming!
  6. The biggest of big congrats on hitting this personal best! I know how long you've been striving for this and just so pumped for you!
  7. Superstrokes are a little more difficult to pull without damage, but it is possible!
  8. Pretty sure the 6 iron T150 is my favorite ever club.
  9. The course I would call my home course is going through some massive renovations this off season. Here is a list of them. - New double decker driving range (right now single with covered and non covered bays) - 6 Hole championship course into 9 Hole Championship course. - 18 hole course all new bunkers on the entire course. - 18 hole course some green and hazard rework (extending some water hazards) The course already plays tough and is long enough even from golf tees. From white (back) it is s true challenge and only 1 of the par 5s is possibly reachable in 2. The challenge of the course is in two main areas hazards off the tee. There is OB and Biotope (hazard) ok every hole do lost balls are always looming. OB is however only on the left side of any hole (8 holes in total). The fairways are large enough but the real challenge is how the greens are protected. Almost every green has a looming bunker and danger around the green that requires either a higher shot in or appropriate good placement for better angles in. The par 3s are rated easier, but I find them exceptionally difficult. With 18 being essentially an island green (longer is okay) and 9 being tree lined left to water hazard and bunker right side of the green. Both play 160ish yards from white. The ratings from white are Course Rating: 73.4 and slope of 133 at 6864 yards. Rating from yellow is course rating: 71.3 with slope of 134 and 6467 yards. So what does all this rambling mean? This is not an easy course and from the changes I have seen (screen shots below) it is about to get a lot harder... off the tee which was maybe it's one easier part. It's both exciting and frankly scary. It will change how the course plays and make course management even more important. What do you think about all these changes? Do you wish your course would do the same? Both on course and practice? Have you had your course go through any of these major changes and what was the experience like?
  10. Was thinking about this with the matchplay and other topics I have read on the forum. There is most definitely gear that makes its way into spys bags more than others. I think namely in putters, but had it not been for this community and their influence one way or another I would have never had or tried a LAB putter. I think prior to LAB Evnroll would have been a good shout out for this too. Throw in a lot of DTC brands like Sub 70 which have had a great impact on the forum and I believe you could start building out an all spy bag. What do you think that would look like top to bottom? What products do you think we lean towards vs others and are found in a spys bag more commonly?
  11. Having gone through this with my newest putter, pull it off and get a new grip installed properly. It will save you a ton of second guessing and adjustments which are not natural. It is such a small thing, but having a grip that is on right, especially putter, is essential to making better scores.
  12. I am looking forward to a true gapping session with mine next week. I did do one earlier last week, but between poor strikes and some setup issues (ground wasnt super level) it just wasnt great and I look forward to having a better go at it next time around. For those of you who have the original MLM, the MLM2Pro is such an incredible update it isnt even funny. The product is so so much better and useful. Now if I could just get my ipad reset I would be all set and ready to go!
  13. Out of my own curiosity how much distance what the front to back that you noticed with the 525? My own experience is they (many hollow body) are they are pretty darn consistent, but because of the added forgiveness often golfers have strikes that stray more toe and heal which go distance x but when they really catch one out of the middle they do go further. It's not so much the irons problem, but quality of strike. This is related to the golfer by a flyer or hot spot because the feeling isn't as precise. It's also a result of the category these irons see designed for. The 430 may not feel that same way due to the just larger sweet spot. I had P790s and while they were great O actually felt my ball striking worsened during my time using them because I could get away with more poor swings. Moving back to the sub 70 659 TC and then T series I am definitely having better swings and better shots but due to quality of strike vs the semi lazy swings I could get away with when using the p790.
  14. Just good team management there. In a good way as well this will make the future weeks more challenging because once again the handicap is dropping!
  15. Date 09/15/2023 Course Name Otelfingen - Gelbt Gross Score 76 Course Handicap 9 Gross Strokes over/under par 4 Net Score to Par -5 Net Score 67 Net Birdies or better 6 Longest Drive 302 VCT Match Play Designate as Week 2 Match Score The back 9 of this course has been treating me really well. There are a few important notes for this round. One is that the course is starting its major construction for the 2024. All new bunkers, new back tee boxes and much much more. This meant that I had to play Yellow because the white tee boxes are closed off. The other thing is that the greens were punched on Tuesday and the ball was bouncing! It made line very unpredictable and it was all about speed. I was fortunate to have some great chips and only made a couple putts outside 6 feet. This was also my first full round with the new Titleist irons (played a quick 9 yesterday and shot 42 on the front) and I am truly blown away. I still suck on par 3s, but between the irons doing well and getting a great consistency in the front to back dispersion. I also found a great combo with driver and had one bad tee shot. With the previous few solid rounds it has meant that my handicap did drop and where I had been getting 11 strokes previous I only get 9 now. However it still should make for a very interesting round for our Matchplay!
  16. I do think that this often course dependent. The old home course I had played at we played as normal it would be 4.5 when it was packed and when we played the back 9 first that usually went down by 20 minutes with the same people just because of the way the course played.
  17. Witches Ridge in Nova Scotia and not because it is really a bad course. It is and was cheap if it is even still running. The bugs were awful and the course itself was super bogged down with being wet. This was not mean to be a premium course or anything like that. Unfortunately there wasn't much of a layout and seemed more like a random course was plunked in the woods. Greens were uber slow and tee boxes were not great. Again it isn't meant to be great, it was down some random dirt road side track. I would like to try it again if it was still in business, but kinda doubt it is.
  18. Thanks all for joining! Next week I have a few more structured talking points but as always encourage questions etc!
  19. https://meet.google.com/zat-zbnx-kno Call is live!
  20. Took an hour and a half but finally got the little guy down for a nap. Now it's time for me to get one as a late night and early morning in store.
  21. We are still working on this and hope to have something in the works soon!
  22. The labs are definitely something I pay close attention to, but the big ball test is where I do most of my research and decision making. Sugar is the one that really made me think twice, well that and vice Zero. I had been considering both golf balls however their lab scores caused me to back off purchases.
  23. I forget who exactly, but someone who sub 70 sponsors made the open too. I think that rise are the next big break through for DTC brands.
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