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  1. I have been playing golf for 40+ years but my handicap doesn't show it. I usually shoot in the 90's but sometimes over and under that. For me, golf is a chance to be outside and enjoy a round with friends. I have been a member for a while but just started looking in the forums. I do read the reviews and listen to the pod casts. I am from Northern California and I really don't have a home course right now. The course nearest to me was purchased a few years ago and they have let it go down hill. I decided to start playing other courses in NorCal. I belong to a traveling club in which we play a different course every month. I really enjoy it. The best thing about golf in my region is we have plenty of courses. The worst thing is the closest course is about 40 minutes away. I am retired but I was in Information technology for 40 years. I have been retired for 9 years now. I play as much golf as possible. My user name is JPin. It is the first letter of my first name and the first three letters of my last name. I know, not very creative but it works.
  2. I wear New Balance because they are about the only brand out there that offers 4E shoes in a size larger than a 13. Why do companies think people with long feet do not have wide feet? I will have to look at the new Striker 2.0. Love the reviews!! JP
  3. John / Valley Springs, CA Right handed 1st - Hybrid - VKTR+ 18* Recoil ES 75 F3 Regular 2nd - Driving Iron ViHi 18* KBS Tour 90 Regular 22 handicap Cobra Utility Iron Thanks!
  4. John P. Valley Springs, CA USA I am currently using the Taylormade Spider X. I would really like to try the Tomcat 14. Thanks!!
  5. John Pinola Jr - 65 Valley Springs, CA Pull hook with just about every club..
  6. Average number of rounds: 95 Your current handicap: 16.1 Your Current Putter: Cleveland TFI 8.0 I owned a Rife before but this putter is very nice looking and would love to test it..
  7. John - Valley Springs, CA USA Cobra Max - Regular Flex Current handicap: 15
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