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  1. Your question is vague. As I post scores, I play it as it is. You get relief from casual water, gru, temp. Immovable obstructions,etc. In the northern areas there are posting seasons due to mostly weather conditions. Then you’re playing for fun/practice. Then do whatever you want.
  2. My set of Titleist AP3’s came with a pw & 48 (which I love) and I currently use Titleist 52 & 56. I’m probably going to at least replace the 56 as it gets a lot of use.
  3. A long, long time ago I was in situation where a driver in my hand I would freeze over the ball. And when I did swing the would go everywhere but the fairway. So I went and got a 2 iron head, a standard true temper iron shaft and put it together with one change and that I cut it to a 3 iron specs since I was hitting my irons. It served me well,not long but back in the fairway. Fast forward, much older, swing much different,I hit my driver great and I have Dr,3W,3,4,5hybrid. I don’t use the 3wood much on the local courses. It’s there if the driver is gone awry. I also do have to consider replacing them as they were used when I got them and they have gotten a lot of use. When I do maybe a utility iron might replace one of them.
  4. No preference. A tee is a tee. I have so many tees, that I haven’t bought any in years. Some courses that I play I have almost found a perfectly good tee on every hole. Some players are too lazy to pick them up. Each year I go through the tees and end up donating some to junior golfers.
  5. I feel bad for those of you have not gotten the clubs the way you were fitted. I read all the posts and the one topic that hasn’t been mentioned is life style changes ie age, injuries and flexibility. I myself was fitted for irons I think 6 years ago indoors at a stand alone store. The fitter and I discussed what my ball flight was and what I wanted to achieve. When all was said and done I ordered a set of irons. The first couple of years were just fine. Year three until now my iron play has gotten progressively worse. Before I go out and replace them, I’ve been taking lessons and contact has improved, but ball flight is not what I’d like. This comes to my current situation and that I have aged and I’m not as flexible as I once was. I am active (skiing,biking,hiking,kayaking and exercising) but I feel the change. My next move is discussing whether I need to replace the irons or maybe change shafts. Also I would like to replace my two wedges.
  6. Because of golf spy I changed from Srixon Q star ball to the Maxfli pro. I plan on replacing and recapping wedges. I plan on talking to a fitter about either changing irons or reshafting. I feel I’m better informed without the advertising hype. I’m not sure as I’m working with a coach on my irons. I’m comfortable with the Maxfli balls.
  7. I think that I’ve answered this question before. But I’ll repeat myself. I would rather have no music and enjoy the peace and quiet as well as the nature. The people who I’ve played with and have music have been respectful and kept it down for their enjoyment.
  8. The county course that’s closest use pinnacle range balls. Small $5.00 for 40 balls and medium $10.00 for around 80. Not always in the best condition. The city course has the same pricing and they’re primarily Mizuno range balls. They both have the option to buy a range card and more you spend the more credit you get, so technically it works out cheaper. I would like to see a even smaller warmup amount that you could get before a round.
  9. I have been paired up with those who have music and they have been respectful, some ask and those that don’t do keep it low. My preference would be to enjoy the round without.
  10. I look at the yardage of the course and determine from what tees to play from. I’m of an age and ability that having fun and enjoying the game is most important.
  11. 3 including my putter. driver thru 48 degree wedge 52 & 56
  12. I have waited to comment after confirming that it was real and reading comments. I’ve come to the conclusion that the lawsuits and the courts had something to do with it. As far as better for golf, my take that that statement has to do with the pro tour (tv revenues, manufacturers ad and such). The USGA an R&A sets the rules of the game as well as the open championships. It doesn’t affect the average player like me. I’ve watched less golf and have never seen the LIV tour.
  13. Yesterday (5/31/23) in between doctors appointments I went to the local course and worked on chipping and putting,then went to the range and went through the bag hitting 3/4 shots with irons first. Primary on stance,posture and tempo.Then hitting driver and then returning to some of the irons full swing. I normally take thee irons and driver for practice or wedges and putter.
  14. Good morning i have been up made coffee let the dog out watered the plants in the front of the house before the sun comes over the houses across the street (we have no shade trees I front). On my second cup of coffee, going to do a lite workout as I’m going to be shoveling wood chips that we use for mulch. No golf today,playing tomorrow morning early. Next week is three days of golf. I hope everyone has a good day.
  15. I like to hole everything out. I get a little annoyed when after a long putt they decide if it’s a gimme. I always thought the standard length was the club grip, but with the newer grips and longer putters that’s not the case. I insist on holing out birdie and par putts.
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