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  1. I found all the topics informative. I have been interested in replacing my driver but I am reluctant until the current situation is more stable as I want to get fitted. I’m sure people that paid full price for drivers aren’t going to be happy to see prices dropping. The golf balls have always had some degree of tolerance, but with marketing price and people like you doing independent testing and calling them out they may tighten things up. Here in Maryland our courses have just opened up with all the usual conditions. Some of the private clubs were trying to recruit new members before the  pandemic. It will be interesting to see what’s next. Like you said it’s having required dining fees when no dining is being offered. The cart,bag storage & driving range fees that would be losing. Keep up the good work.


  2. Here in metro Baltimore the county run courses are closed at least until April 4th. The city courses have gone to lesser tee times so everyone has their own cart. As always walking is an option. I don’t know how long that will last.

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  3. Steve, Baltimore 

    I already have 2 devices. One is a bushnell watch which is primarily used. My other is a golf buddy range finder, which is backup (I tend to forget to charge watch) or on par 3’s or where certain hazards come into play. Also most of my buddies also have devices. It would be interesting to see how close they are. 
    as far as technology is concerned, It’s the user and the time taken. 

  4. If you stayed in London, what was your mode of transportation? My wife and I go to London/England countryside often. When in London I am limited to public transportation. I have played a local municipal course and take the tube and bus to get there. The course is nice, they do have a animal problem digging on some greens and bunkers. The loaner clubs are so so. I have also played in the Lake District, Cornwall and a nine hole municipal course in Tumbridge Wells. We plan on returning to the south of London and while my wife is with a women’s walking week, I’ll be playing golf. No plans confirmed yet, but will report after we get back.


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