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  1. John Walton live in Thomasboro, Il, United States. 7 handicap Using a Bushnell laser range finder. Interested too see what it does. Does it measure face angle, open, closed, ect.?
  2. John Walton from thomasboro, il I ride more than I walk Currently using an old title is stand bag been in the market for a new bag just haven't found anything that caught my eye.
  3. John W. Thomasboro, IL 8 handicap Taylormade Aeroburner 10.5 stiff Matrix Speed Rulz-50 shaft Swing speed 100 to 105 mph Actually just found a hole in the sole of my driver due to manufacturer defect just a weak spot in the metal. Didn't really expect this to happen seeing that it's less than a year old. Hoping to find something a little more durable seeing that I play at least 3 rounds a week.
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