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  1. My device just crapped out on me. Stopped tagging midway through my round Monday. When I got home a cycled it on and off it started beeping at me. Wouldn't stop until I plugged it in, hit the reset button, and power all at the same time. Finally got it powered down and now it won't power back up. Or even charge. Any suggestions for a different device? Might be time to move on.
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    Hello, My name is Rich. I've been golfing since I was 7 years old when my dad took me down to the municipal course here in East Lansing and we'd play, he'd swear, we'd be upset and it'd all finish nicely with a hostess apply pie. About 3 years ago I decided I was tired of hitting in the 90's... if I was lucky. I wanted to break 90. Fast forward to last year and I was playing consistently in the 80s even after having double hernia surgery in May. It all started when I bought these cheap game improvement irons black ice from Orlimar. The purchase came with the whole bag, literally. Driver, putter, pw - 5iron, 4, 3 hybrid, and 5,3 wood.... and the bag. I actually hit these irons really well. The hybrid and woods decent, and have since added and R11 and lob and sand wedge from Cleveland, used. Between the clubs, buying an Optishot and installing an indoor basement range, complete with full bar, and learning a brand new Swing Machine golf swing from Paul Wilson, I've come a long ways. Monday, I start my first golf league, which I'm doing for two reasons. I want to plan a course consistently and gather data on my Game Golf device so I can start analyzing my swing and improve using the Shots Gained method. I'm also contemplating having a set of clubs made for me at Miles of Golf Ypsilanti, MI. Since my new found passion to not suck, I've noticed my clubs don't lie flat. Since spraying them with Dr. Scholz, not be cause they stink, but to see where I'm hitting the ball on the club, I'm noticing a patter of hitting it closer to the hosel. I'm wondering if shaft length and lie angle might help with this. That and I have some gaps to fill in from 180yrds to 230 yards. Thoughts?
  4. About 3 years ago I became tired of sucking at golf. While I haven't made great strides, I broke 90 and am close to breaking 80. This is the summer. I'm contemplating new clubs to go with my new swing.

  5. Richard - Michigan, USA Orlimar Black Ice with regular flex 15 handicap
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