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  1. Matt Alpharetta, GA Titleist TS3 10.8 108 - 112 range TSi3
  2. Matt - Alpharetta, GA USA Wellputt 13 foot fast in addition to Wellput, have the Puttout mat and pressure trainer. I had a first generation birdieball (reversible). I got rid of it because stepping on it would cause the ball to move. Would like to see how they have improved. Fast speed.
  3. Matt / Alpharetta, GA A minimum of three times a week, 20 to 30 minutes per session. ~1 three putt a round. Long distance control is my biggest issue. The ability to simulate longer putts, at home, with immediate feedback is very appealing. Have been close to purchasing. Would love the opportunity to put to the test and report on my experience.
  4. Anyone know the shaft tip size Carbon uses?
  5. Matt Georgia 12.1 Srixon combo z 965/765 n.s. pro modus tour 105 i500
  6. Matt Maryland (Annapolis), USA Bridgestone J40 DPC Nippon Modus 120 x-flex 12 hdcp
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