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  1. I JUST upgraded to the F6 from the r1. Testing F6 vs F7 would be fun. Handicap: 13 Province: Ontario Swingspeed: 108 255~ carry Preference: F7+ lower that spin.
  2. Extra 20$ codes if people want em'. http://i.refs.cc/40d3yurm
  3. For me it all depends on the condition of the tee box. If I can't find a perfect enough lie at the angle I want then I'll tee it up.
  4. Swing:105 Handicap:13 Really would like to test the ball. Might help me lower my handicap to a luckier number 😁
  5. Tyler Ontario, Canada Nike VRPro Cavity Dynamic Gold S100 11 Handicap Would be perfect, my birthday is in 2 weeks.
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