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  1. Lou/Arizona 11.2 Callaway Steelhead w/graphite shafts 135 yds
  2. catlo


  3. Lou/Tucson, AZ Do not use any device. Really do like carts that have the yardage info on their displays as carry yardage and actual pin locations can deceive your eyes. Would enjoy testing and reviewing for you and other golfers.
  4. Lou, Tucson 90 mph Titleist Pro V1 Never played Snell golf balls.
  5. Lou - Arizona 11.2/90 Titleist Pro V1 Yes, both and prefered the XV
  6. Lou/Tucson, AZ WINN Dri Tac Tour Velvet Plus 4 (rubber)
  7. Lou, Arizona. Your first name and home state-US Only 14.2; 90mph Callaway BB Fusion, 9.5 degree, Senior flex G410 Plus
  8. Lou, Tucson, AZ Handicap: 12.3 Callaway XR AW, Ping Zing SW, Titleist Vokey Lob 60 degree Desired set/lofts: 50/54/58
  9. Lou, Arizona Handicap: 12.3 Current Ball: Titleist Pro V1 Looking for more of a soft feel
  10. Lou, Arizona Use yardage marked on sprinkler heads and/or the 250/200/150/100 plaques in middle of fairway.
  11. Lou Tucson, Arizona Callaway Steelhead/Callaway stock graphite shaft/senior flex 135-140
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