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  1. Here in Colombia you have to pay a fee tof get a handicap with the golfers association. Since I did that just two months ago the scores they had to measure where 90's. I believe my handicap will drop drastically after this month (since they update it every month)
  2. Thanks for all the replies. I'm getting fitted this summer when I travel to US. I'm son excited playing golf. Last weekend I played my first tournament and got first place. Adding my handicap, I shot 72 (86 gross) first day, 71 (85 gross) and the last day was the day I played with the leaders of the tournament and all the pressure made myself focus so much. I felt like inside a bubble. I shot my best score so far a 61 (74 gross) and can't wait to keep getting better. I will post to this group once I get myself fitted to see how much it works.
  3. Hello, I started playing golf about 3 months ago. So far my best score has been a 79 and I am pushing it to get this score better. I practice around 3hours a day ( I was omw to become a pro baseball player but had an injury and ando had to do something with the energy I use to put on baseball). I currently live on a small town where there are no stores to do a fitting to my clubs. Is it worth the trip to get my clubs fit? How much would this improve my game?
  4. Yeah I think it was all mental. Fist round I did 43 and went on to play the same 9 holes expecting to get a better score. First hole I missed a birdie then next two holes I missed two pars. This just dropped my confidence and my game went down from there. I will take a look on the forum, loving this page so far.
  5. Yeah it was a really good day when I did 79. Today, however, I did 91 a little more of what I am used to. Too many puts.
  6. I'm 19 and have been golfing for 3 months know. I used to play baseball, however an injury in my rotation cup left out of the game. When I started playing golfor I had picked it up really fast. The feeling I get when I hit a ball in the sweet spot is what attracted me to the sports. I usually practice 3 hours a day, around 500 balls daily and pay a lot of attention to golf channel school of golf. I started my first month doing 115-120 strokes on the course. Yesterday I did 79 and it was the first time I hottest under 80. So excited to keep practicing and keep getting my golf better. Love mygolfspy.
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