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  1. George Taussig, DC Longwood, FL, USA ( outside Orlando) Hogan Apex Plus/ steel stiff- Hdcp - 15 Game trending up - I am a feel player but Love what you are saying about these new Cobra irons Wow! I just got a used King Cobra Grey stiff graphite shaft 3 iron lost my Hogan Apex Plus... Might be my favorite club🏌⛳️🏑
  2. George Taussig, DC. Longwood, FL , USA Hogan Apex Plus Stiff 15 Handicap... Just got a used King cobra oversize 3 iron with a grey graphite stiff shaft that might be my Favorite club... My game has been trending better lately I am a feel player... But love what you are saying about these awesome new Cobra irons Wow!
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