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  1. They should ban you for repeatedly hitting the POST button and posting the same thing 6-8 times.   GET A CLUE! 

  2. I have a 7 handicap, SS 104-107, I have been playing chrome softs, any see the extra yardage gain from the Bridgestone B X? I love the feel of the chrome soft, but I would love some extra yardage and the ball go straighter.... any info would be great thanks
  3. Jonathan PA-USA 12 Ping G Stiff AWT Ping I-500 Please looking for new ping irons! Thanks
  4. Jonathan Pennsylvania Ping G / AWT stiff 158-162 Love my ping g but would love a chance to hit these. Just on a school teachers budget, but I play everyday!
  5. I just picked up a srixon combo set 545/745 on tgw for $399, they will be here tomorrow. Can't wait!!
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