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  1. I have sweaty palms, malformed thumbs, some arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome in my right (dominant) hand, so grip and wear are SUPER important to me. Have tried most of them and found that COPPERTECH gloves are superior in grip and wear... I can get at least a month if not 2 or more out of a pair (I have to wear L + R)... washable (they are synthetic). I have very wide hands and shorter fingers... the one-size-fits-all really does. I call them my SPIDERMAN gloves because they really are. NOT CHEAP, but they have sales and 2 for 1 deals periodically. Second place: BIONIC gloves. They aren't for everyone as they have padding on the knuckles, but THEY LAST. Leather, so not as long as COPPERTECH, but they are reinforced in the right places. Can wash them and restore them. Hope this helps.
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