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  1. Played a big 2 day tournament this past weekend, and got my MB's (7-PW, Modus 120s shafts, golf pride midsize multi compound grips +4 wraps) delivered last Thursday (7/25). Decided to game them at least in the shootout on Friday (7/26), and see what I thought. Well let me tell you... I won the shootout with 16 guys in my group, and leaned heavily on my scoring irons. Decided they were good enough to stay in for the tournament (7/27-7/28), and my team won our flight AND the Calcutta. Again, relying heavily on my scoring irons. These things are good. I mean, really, really good. I'm a former Miura player, and this may shock you, but, the MB's feel like a Miura. They feel, to my hands, unbelievable. To say I'm stunned at the performance of these irons, would be an understatement. I think I'll hold on to the 7-PW 639 CB's, which the MB's replaced to create my now combo set. But, I don't see any of my Sub 70 stuff leaving the bag anytime soon. Not the hybrids, not the wedges and most certainly not the irons.
  2. Well, I took the plunge, and decided I’d add the 639mb to my existing 639cb’s! Decided 7-PW would be the sticks I’d add in. Same Modus 120 shaft, and MCC grips. I wanted to do it because I absolutely LOVE blades irons in the short irons. And, while the CB’s are phenomenal across the set, I feel like the MB’s may give me some more workability when I need it. I have told everyone that talks golf to me, about how good the Sub 70 stuff is, and it truly is. Said it before and I’ll say again - if you’re in the market, you owe it to yourself to check them out. When I started working on replacing everything stolen from my truck in March, if you told me that I’d have 2 hybrids (3 & 4), 3 wedges (52*, 56* & 60*) and a full set of sticks (4-PW 639CB), I would have told you you were crazy. And now to think they’re good enough that I’ve gone back to the well to try the new stuff?! Unfathomable, lol!! Once they arrive, I’ll post some pics! I’m loving this stuff though. It’s so good. So, so good!
  3. Wanted to show a pic from a range session today. This is a 60* wedge. Feels amazing. Spins like crazy. This was after about 5-6 shots. And, all the shots were able to be played. Flop, pinched runner for a quick stop, low piercing shot for a windy day, chip and run, you name it. Not sure what the bounce is, but, it’s feels fantastic. Seriously, I was spinning range balls like they were Pro V’s. I’ll play tomorrow and see what they actually do with a real ball, and report back. Hit the hybrids as well, and I really enjoy those. ProForce V2 shafts, absolute bombers. The wedges though. Wow. If I can get to where I’m truly comfortable with them as I was my Edel wedges, I’ll be elated.
  4. I have discovered the same thing, actually. These things are fantastic. They feel VERY good. The rust is showing up, and they’re spinning nicely. I suspect the Modus Tour 120 shafts are helping, but, they are wicked saucy if you’re a pincher, which I definitely am. And, they look good. Leading edge is still something I’m getting used to after years of Edel wedges. But, they definitely perform.
  5. I've been talking with Jason about these. Unfortunately, I'm a S, and 1.5 flat. So, I'd have to field adjust that one. I can swing an X too. I can ask what he thinks as well?
  6. Sweet mother Mary and Joseph! Those look AMAZING!!! I'm literally drooling. Wow!
  7. I am absolutely DYING to try a set of the MB's. I bought the 639 CB's and really love them, but, I am more of a blade player than anything. I, for some reason, cannot see your pics, @Waazzupppp but, I would love to!
  8. So, I’ve been lurking around here for 2+ years. I don’t really comment a lot, but I LOVE to read, and then I stumbled across this thread, and felt compelled to comment. I recently had my ENTIRE BAG stolen. Driver, 3, Hybrids, irons, wedges, putter, rain gear, balls, etc.. all gone without a trace. Extremely disheartening. I mean, take my wife, but, you leave my clubs alone.... Needless to say, I was in the market for, well, everything. My first purchase was a driver, the new TS3 fit that bill. Then came the irons and wedges. While I was looking for a set of irons on eBay, I stumbled upon Sub70 Golf, and was immediately intrigued. Did some research and found the demo program. So, I ordered the demo set of both the 699 and the 639. When they showed up, I was immediately impressed. Really impressed. You could see that these weren’t your average “off brand” club. They were beautiful. Clean. Simple and dare I say elegant. They looked the part. First chance to hit them was at my TopGolf league, and every one of the guys on my team put them through their paces, myself included. We’re all single digit handicap players, and one of us is a plus. We can play, and we know what a good iron will allow us to do. And, all of us to a man, we’re VERY impressed after that league session. The performance of these irons left me speechless, because they feel and perform like a set of sticks that should be about $2k. They were so good in fact, I made up my mind within about 3 days of testing that the 639CB against everything, that they would be my next set. So, I ordered my set. 4-PW, 48, 52, 56, 60 shafted with Modus Tour 120s shafts all to my specs. They showed up, and looked great. At least the ones that UPS didn’t absolutely wreck with their questionable handling techniques. More on this later. Anyway, coming from Miura CB57’s with Paderson shafts, my expectations were extremely high. I’ve since had a chance to get in 3 range sessions and one round. And I will tell you right now, you WILL NOT find a better set of sticks at this price point, and dare I say 2 or 3 times this price point. They are absolutely unreal irons, and again, feel, play and look like a $2k+ set. When I tested these, I put them against everything on the market basically, well, at least stuff I was interested in gaming. They went head to head with Titleist, Mizuno, Callaway, Honma, Srixon, Bridgestone, you name it. And they held their own and then some, besting every iron I tested against them. The ONLY iron I tested them against that they weren’t as pure or true as, was a Miura. But, I just didn’t want to spend another $3k on a set of sticks, insurance $$ or not. Today was my first round, and they played great. The turf interaction was brilliant, the performance was fantastic, and they are accurate as maybe anything I’ve ever played. Going back to feel, the best feeling irons I’ve ever hit are: CB57, MP14 then MP32. And surprisingly to me, these fit right into that MP14-32 range. They feel soft, and are rewarding on well struck shots, and even those you don’t really “get”, you’re NOT going to be punished like you would with a Miura or Mizuno blade. The forgiveness is that of a GI club, but performance on a players iron. The profile looks great at address, and they look easy to hit. Which is a real advantage for folks. Typically I take several sessions and rounds to get familiar with a new set of irons. These though, just fit. Like a glove. My comfort level is like that of an iron I’ve gamed for a season or two. I cannot state enough how good these actually are. I don’t know who’s forging them, or what exactly D4T steel is, but, they’re absolutely a top notch iron. The wedges, for me, are a little different than what I’m used to from a profile standpoint. However, they seem to fly nicely and have plenty of spin (maybe too much, actually) and accuracy. I need more time to get used to them before I can give you a real read on what they actually are and how they perform. Early returns seem positive though! Now, when these irons were shipped, UPS damaged 6 irons badly enough that I requested a return, and Jason obliged and was happy to make it happen. We ended up making a deal that works well for both of us. But, the fact he was willing to step up, really makes me respect and appreciate him and Sub70 as a whole. Not a lot of companies are going to give you 60 days no questions asked, because no one stands behind their stuff like that, at least not in the golf world. They do that, and that’s a testament to who and what they are. For me, I can’t see these things coming out of the bag anytime soon. It’s going to take something really special to get these out, and even then, I’m not sure it’s it’ll happen. When the blades come out, I will buy a set of those as well. And, if they’re anything like the 639 CB, I’ll be in heaven! If you’re looking, and you want some serious sticks, without breaking the bank, you owe it to yourself. These are fantastic and second to absolutely none!
  9. Daymon Mile High City - both figuratively and literally. Weed laws in Denver are pretty lax..... Taylor Made SLDR 430, Matrix Black Tie 7M3, X flex 113mph-115mph pretty consistently, currently averaging well over 300 Facebook: Jaymon Dohnson iPhone 7
  10. Tell you why I'm a good candidate - because I have tried other balls, from smaller manufacturers, and have yet to find one that performs as my Pro V1 does... I'm looking for something to convert me!!! I play to about an 6 handicap, and would give you real feedback, with real world comparisons, in an unbiased form. Daymon in Denver 5-8 rounds a month Pro V1, Callaway Chrome Soft I've tried: Vice - Vice Pro, Vice Pro Plus, Vice Tour MG - C4 3 Up - 3F12 Monsta So, as someone looking for a cheaper, tour level option, I would be a good candidate! Thanks in advance!
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