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  1. Played a big 2 day tournament this past weekend, and got my MB's (7-PW, Modus 120s shafts, golf pride midsize multi compound grips +4 wraps) delivered last Thursday (7/25). Decided to game them at least in the shootout on Friday (7/26), and see what I thought. Well let me tell you... I won the shootout with 16 guys in my group, and leaned heavily on my scoring irons. Decided they were good enough to stay in for the tournament (7/27-7/28), and my team won our flight AND the Calcutta. Again, relying heavily on my scoring irons. These things are good. I mean, really, really good. I'm a forme
  2. Well, I took the plunge, and decided I’d add the 639mb to my existing 639cb’s! Decided 7-PW would be the sticks I’d add in. Same Modus 120 shaft, and MCC grips. I wanted to do it because I absolutely LOVE blades irons in the short irons. And, while the CB’s are phenomenal across the set, I feel like the MB’s may give me some more workability when I need it. I have told everyone that talks golf to me, about how good the Sub 70 stuff is, and it truly is. Said it before and I’ll say again - if you’re in the market, you owe it to yourself to check them out. When I started working o
  3. Wanted to show a pic from a range session today. This is a 60* wedge. Feels amazing. Spins like crazy. This was after about 5-6 shots. And, all the shots were able to be played. Flop, pinched runner for a quick stop, low piercing shot for a windy day, chip and run, you name it. Not sure what the bounce is, but, it’s feels fantastic. Seriously, I was spinning range balls like they were Pro V’s. I’ll play tomorrow and see what they actually do with a real ball, and report back. Hit the hybrids as well, and I really enjoy those. ProForce V2 shafts, absolute bombers. The wedges though.
  4. I have discovered the same thing, actually. These things are fantastic. They feel VERY good. The rust is showing up, and they’re spinning nicely. I suspect the Modus Tour 120 shafts are helping, but, they are wicked saucy if you’re a pincher, which I definitely am. And, they look good. Leading edge is still something I’m getting used to after years of Edel wedges. But, they definitely perform.
  5. I've been talking with Jason about these. Unfortunately, I'm a S, and 1.5 flat. So, I'd have to field adjust that one. I can swing an X too. I can ask what he thinks as well?
  6. Sweet mother Mary and Joseph! Those look AMAZING!!! I'm literally drooling. Wow!
  7. I am absolutely DYING to try a set of the MB's. I bought the 639 CB's and really love them, but, I am more of a blade player than anything. I, for some reason, cannot see your pics, @Waazzupppp but, I would love to!
  8. So, I’ve been lurking around here for 2+ years. I don’t really comment a lot, but I LOVE to read, and then I stumbled across this thread, and felt compelled to comment. I recently had my ENTIRE BAG stolen. Driver, 3, Hybrids, irons, wedges, putter, rain gear, balls, etc.. all gone without a trace. Extremely disheartening. I mean, take my wife, but, you leave my clubs alone.... Needless to say, I was in the market for, well, everything. My first purchase was a driver, the new TS3 fit that bill. Then came the irons and wedges. While I was looking for a set of irons on eBay, I stumbled
  9. Daymon Mile High City - both figuratively and literally. Weed laws in Denver are pretty lax..... Taylor Made SLDR 430, Matrix Black Tie 7M3, X flex 113mph-115mph pretty consistently, currently averaging well over 300 Facebook: Jaymon Dohnson iPhone 7
  10. Tell you why I'm a good candidate - because I have tried other balls, from smaller manufacturers, and have yet to find one that performs as my Pro V1 does... I'm looking for something to convert me!!! I play to about an 6 handicap, and would give you real feedback, with real world comparisons, in an unbiased form. Daymon in Denver 5-8 rounds a month Pro V1, Callaway Chrome Soft I've tried: Vice - Vice Pro, Vice Pro Plus, Vice Tour MG - C4 3 Up - 3F12 Monsta So, as someone looking for a cheaper, tour level option, I would be a good candidate! Thanks in advance!
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