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  1. Winwone, I'd love to test this new alignment aid and compare the new method to mine...when i draw a curved line on my Titleist balls.
  2. Roger Williams yes! I bought one of those plastic molds and used it for a while, but recently have purchased the Callaway ball with the 3 stripes...love the stripes, but not the ball; primarily use Titleist Pro V 1, AVX or the new Prototype ball. play 3-4 times a week, Florida resident all year and belong to A Club in Sarasota. Would love to evaluate some new prototypes..with stripes. driver speed around 90+ thanks!
  3. Roger Sarasota, Florida...where we golf 24...7...365! Driver speed approx 90 currently playing the Titleist exp-01 winwone@verizon.net
  4. Love to participate in a Cleveland putter evaluation. I am a 78 year old golfer, my handicap is 10 and I am using a 20 year old Cobra mallet putter. Time for something new! Count me in!
  5. I’m currently looking to upgrade my hybrids. Have already tested Pings and Callaway’s and don’t see major differences from my current TM hybrids. Would love to test the Exotics! I’m an 11 HCP, live in Florida and play 4-5 times a week. love to hear from you....
  6. Roger Williams Osprey, Florida HCP 10 Currently do not have a tracking system. Have evaluated Arcdos, but too much with iPhone need!
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