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  1. Anyone else tried the Cobra Carbon CB? They have it at a local golf superstore for $400, and they have a realllly good feel. Not really interested in buying, just curious.
  2. And I'll bet he still couldn't putt!
  3. Maybe the strong Japanese tradition of samurai sword forging? I dunno. It doesn't help that Ping (one of America's largest clubmakers) doesn't forge clubs (until now, i guess).
  4. That's an awesome putter, and GSS, nice!
  5. Yeah, the price they charge at golf stores is crazy. It can actually be 5X the price.
  6. Playing in the rain can be tough, but it's also a lot of fun, and can be relaxing.
  7. One plane v Two plane is just whether or not you lift your arms off of your chest at the top of the backswing, not really much to do with height if your clubs are fit correctly.
  8. I went with the closest one I could find, and I also went with him because he was open all year. I guess I made a mistake though, he was terrible, I'm not going back.
  9. There is a course in Boston called George Wright golf course that I can play for $8 and it is a Donald Ross design. Probably my favorite course ever.
  10. Half Samurai sword, half putter, nice!
  11. I'm Jamieson, Jamo for short (hence the username) and I'm a high school senior (for about more 2.5 months). I played on the golf team in high school (in the fall) and I play junior tournaments in the summer. I'm a member on other forums and looking to see how this one stacks up. So far so good!
  12. I prefer to change the swing. My swing is constantly changing, and I like being able to tweak something and improve. Staying static is no fun.
  13. I'll use these sometimes to make sure my alignment is correct. Anyone else?
  14. I have a push cart, but I carry. It is just a little more satisfying to hit a good shot, pick up the bag, and trudge to the green. Less so with the cart.
  15. Occasionally I'll use No Friction tees because they don't break, but they get all bent and in the MA fall and spring that can cause a problem.
  16. jamo


    Yeah, that certainly comes in to play. On another forum, they are trying to get a site-wide tourny going, and it would be interesting just to see whether everyone's handicap's hold, haha. Basically, everything on the internet needs to be taken with a grain of salt. I think people are smart enough to police themselves. So, i guess we agree.
  17. jamo


    Is there anyway that a poster's handicap could be shown under their avatar. Not to be rude, but if someone posted a video of their swing (another suggestion) they would take the critiques of a scratch golfers for more worth than those of a 25 handicapper.
  18. How exactly does Nike has the leverage for it? Tiger is a billionaire. Today, Tiger does not need Nike. In the past, maybe, but not now.
  19. jamo


    Yeah, I've seen this work on other forums, but there needs to be a large population of highly skilled players, otherwise you're getting advise from 20 handicappers. Not that that is entirely bad, but it could be better.
  20. Titleist. They have the best putters, the best wedges, very solid forged irons, and pretty good woods.
  21. I disagree a little with that. The Futura you are right about but I've seen a lot of Red X's. They are really solid putters. I'm not a fan of the Kombi, though.
  22. Does anyone use any type of golf application/program that isn't for the iPhone/iPod or another smartphone? I use a program called Scorecard. It lets me put in all of the information for every course, and I can input all of my scores, which it uses to calculate my handicap and lots of other important stats. Plus, it has an iPhone/iPod app that acts like an electric scorecard which you can sync with the desktop version. Anyone have another desktop app?
  23. The Golf Pride New Decade Multi Compound is the best I've found.
  24. I believe S&T advocates a 1 plane swing. Either way, mine is slightly 2 plane, but I'm working towards 1 plane.
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